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Found among my Grandmother Stark's papers was this handwritten account of A. H. Huddleston's Civil war record.

"My father, Abraham Huddleston York joined the First Georgia Calvary, Morrison Regiment in Cedartown, Georgia. Captain Crabb was their captain.  They were ordered to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where General Crittenden had headquarters.  When they reached Murfreesboro they found about 50 yankees in the second story of the Courthouse and they would not surrender. Therefore Captain Crabb's and Captain Seawright's companies charged the Courthouse.  After our men set fire to the building the yankees surrendered.  Jasper York and Sam Brown broke the door open.  While they were doing this some of our men squatted to keep from being seen.  After the doors were opened all of our men went into the courthouse.  A. H. York and Jesse Crabb were the first to go upstairs after the surrender.  The first thing they did after going up was to release our men who the yankees had imprisoned. Some of the prisioners were 'bush whackers'.  After they brought the yankees down one of them said to A. H. York, my father, "You fellows would charge hell with a cornstalk."

Their regiment of about 600 captured Crittenden and his brigade.  Two of our captains, Crabb and Seawright, were killed in this battle before our men entered the Courthouse.

After this the First Georgia Cavalry went to Kingston, Tennessee. From there made a raid onto Frankfort, Kentucky going by Big Cree (?) Gap Mtns. They surrendered in Greensboro, North Carolina."

Unfortunately both 'Hud', my great grandfather and Josiah the next oldest brother were both denied pensions since there were not enough witnesses to say they had been where they said, and brothers could not testify for brothers!

The oldest brother, the only officer, William Thomas, died 8/2/1864 in Barnesville from wounds rec'd in the Battle at Peachtree Creek...

The names of the children of Abraham Huddleston 'Hud' York and Emma Louise Wozencraft were:

1. Ola b. 11 March 1876 d. 15 May 1967, Clinton SC {md Acton N. Sewell 13 Jan 1897 in Polk County, GA } (she lived with my grandmother after her divorce from Acton N. Sewell)

2. Berchea b. 19 Sept 1879 married Lewis A. Barrow and moved to Clinton SC

3. Frances Gertrude 'Fanny' (my grandmother) b. 2 Aug 1882 Yorkville, Polk County married {27 May} 1907 Buell Stark d. 21 May 1973 Clinton SC

4. James Joshua (now this is strange because not even my uncle, James Stark, knew my grandmother had a brother!) b. Jan 1884 Polk County - no wife listed, just 4 children, James Oliver, 'Jack', Robin W., and Frances Louise (my grandmother's name and his mother's). I am looking for any information I can find about James Joshua York. I do have a photo of him, several in fact that I would share with any of his descendants.

5. Madge b. Apr 1886 Polk County m. Rhett P. Adair - 4 children, Madeline, Forrest b. 1916, Robert, Dorothy b. 1918

6. Iona b. 28 Aug 1888 Polk County m. Kenneth E. Burdette - 2 children, Kenneth Jr. and H. York (I guess it was Huddleston York Burdette)

7. Huddie Mae b. 2 Jan 1891 Polk County m Hubert Jones Pitts d. Jul 1979 Clinton (she took care of Ola and 'Fanny', my grandmother, in their declining years until their deaths)

Descendants of Abraham Huddleston 'Hud' York - 5 May 2003

1-Abraham Huddleston 'Hud' York (Jan 1843-1925)
sp: Laura Virginia B. Wozencraft (1842-1873)
        2-William Thomas 'Tom Bill' York (1871-)
sp: Emma Louise Wozencraft (Sep 1852-1934)
        2-Ola  'Auntie' York (11 Mar 1876-15 May 1967)
        sp: Acton  N. Sewell (-)
        2-Berchea York (19 Sep 1879-25 Jun 1952)
        sp: Lewis A. Barrow (-)
                3-Lewis A. Barrow Jr. (-)
                3-Lillian Barrow Barrow (-)
                sp: W.P. Parshell (-)
                3-Frances Barrow (-)
                sp: James Ferguson (-)
                3-Ralph Barrow (-)
                3-Virginia Barrow (-)
                sp: O.L. Mullis (-)
        2-Frances Gertrude York (2 Aug 1882-20 May 1973)
        sp: Buell Stark (18 Jun 1866-21 May 1953)
                3-LtCmdr.(Ret.) George Arnold Stark USNR (1 Nov 1921-17 Jul 1998)
                sp: Marjorie Elaine Bond (26 Dec 1922-14 Feb 2003)
                3-James Ferdinand Stark (29 Jan 1919-19 Jan 1997)
                sp: Bernice Ewton (22 May 1930-)
        2-James Joshua York (Jan 1884-)
                3-James Oliver York (-)
                3-Jack York (-)
                3-Robin W. York (-)
                3-Frances Louise York (-)
        2-Madge York (Apr 1886-)
        sp: Rhett P. Adair (13 Dec 1888-15 Dec 1971)
                3-Madeline Adair (-)
                sp: Ralph Dulia (-)
                3-Forrest Adair (15 Oct 1916-Oct 1976)
                3-Robert Adair (-)
                3-Dorothy Adair (3 Sep 1918-Aug 1970)
                sp: J.M. Hatton Jr. (-)
        2-Iona York (28 Aug 1888-Apr 1978)
        sp: Kenneth E. Burdette (-)
                3-Kenneth E. Burdette Jr. (-)
                3-H. York Burdette (-)
        2-Huddie Mae York (2 Jan 1891-Jul 1979)
        sp: Hubert Jones Pitts (16 Jun 1894-31 Mar 1963)

Prepared by: Diane Stark McConnell Sanfilippoo

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