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The Cedartown Standard
February 12, 1931

Cedartown and Main Street
By Rev. C. K. Henderson

The one hundredth birthday of this noble city is near. May she live long and prosper.

Her valley is of purple and gold; she can boast of culture, wealth, beauty and bravery.

To the War Between the States went Major Blance, Judge William West, Captain Julius Peek, David and Luther Peek, Dr. Russell went from South Carolina.

Dr. Branch, Colonel Waddell and Major George West were veterans. Also Captain Tom Battle, all men of courage and renown. Main Street was the center of the city. The old Baptist church sat on it. It made a noble record by means of pastors and members of the old regime. Dr. Jesse Wood, Dr. Courtney Brown and Dr. Macintosh did great service.

A young man from Alabama preached for the church twenty-one year—so long, many, many have forgotten he was here. It is hoped his words found a stay in many hearts.

The deacons of this church were noble men: Marcus Brown, Raleigh Whitehead, E. Darden and Dr. Branch.

Rev. William Wood and the Gibsons were faithful members. The wife of Rev. Wood knew my mother, near Waverly Hall, Ga.

The Battles were noble members. Glory to all of them, and the others.

On Main Street was located the store of Galvin Philpot, a deacon of the Baptist church of long service.

The drug store of Dr. T. P. Burbank was on Main Street. He was married to Miss Mary Ward by C. K. Henderson in 1875. Her mother, Mrs. Georgia Peek Ward, her uncle was Julius Peek. William Peek, the father came from Green County, Ga., with his family, slaves and cattle, into Polk county in the early forties. He owned extensive farm lands in Polk. His ante-bellum home still stands near Cedartown.

The store of Hall and Barr was on Main street; also that of Pace and Stubbs.

Mr. Asa Prior came from Green county and was a distinguished citizen of Cedartown. The homo of Dr. W. G. England is in Cedartown. He hails from Virginia and Alabama. He is an early graduate of the flourishing Long Island Medical College. He is successful in the science and practice of medicine. A faithful deacon of the Baptist church. Also he was grand master of the Masonic Lodge of Georgia. He was married to Miss Nellie Ward by C. K. Henderson. She was reared in the home of her grandfather, William Peek.

There are four children of this marriage: W. G. England, Jr., Mrs. A. S. Hester, Mrs. Marie Gudgell, of Atlanta, and Mrs. S. A. Brough, of Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. A. S. Hester was married to Mr. Hester, whose grandmother was a sister of Col. James Graves, father of John Temple Graves.

The Hester name is of especial distinction in South Carolina and Georgia.

The second wife of Dr. England is Mrs. Emma Weeks Elliott, much beloved by all who knew her.

Dr. England was a veteran wounded at Seven Tines, Va. He was also a deacon of the Baptist church.

Mr. A. C. Cobb reared an interesting family in Cedartown. Ollie Willingham and Berry Sewell were deacons of the Baptist church.

Children of Mr. James Young were memebers and contributed much to Cedartown.

Dr. Charles Harris was a prominent physician of Cedartown. His father's plantation adjoined my father's in Macon county, Alabama. His sons and daughters have done well, and have attained honors and distinction.

Dr. Richardson, father and son, and Judge William Janes did much in the uplift of Polk County.

The Jones were prominent in Polk county as well as the Youngs.

The Houseals and Goods came from Newberry, S. C, and helped to build up Cedartown.

The Adamsons came from Philadelphia and did wonders for Cedartown and Polk County. Col. Charles Adamson still directs for good.

There are many unnamed ones entitled to honor in Cedartown. Cedartown has a great future, and a noble past.

Many delight to call it "Home" though in far away lands.

0 Cedartown Esto perpetra.

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