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The Ceadrtown Standard
Thursday Morning, February 13, 1902

An Interesting Record

Through the kindness of Squire J. H. Jordan, of Lake Creek, The Standard is this week enabled to give its readers the following record of the muster roll of the officers and men of Co. D, 21st Ga. Vol.. One of the Confederacy's best fighting aggregations:

Capt S. A. Borders, resigned Nov. 1861.
H. T. Battle, made captain Nov. 1861.
1st Lieut T. J. Verdery, killed in battle 1862.
2nd Lieut B A Atwood, resigned and went to 1st Ga Cav.
3rd Lieut L Branch, resigned and went to 1st Ga Cav.
1st Sergt W D Wright, promoted to 2nd Lieut and wounded once.
2nd Sergt J R West, discharged.
3rd Sergt Ed Branch, discharged.
4th Sergt E R Dunaway, discharged.
1st Corp Myer Johns, promoted to 2nd Sergt; died from wound in 1864.
2nd Corp Jackson Cambron, killed in battle 1862
3rd Corp James Crutchfield, died in hospital 1861.
4th Corp S J Crabb, discharged on account of age 1864.


B A Adderson, wounded once.
George Adderson, wounded once.
L T Atwood, made 4th Sergt, killed in battle 1862.
A O Alexander, killed in battle 1862.
Ben Adkins, killed in battle in 1863.
Wm Beck, wounded once.
John Brown, died in 1862 from wound.
J H Bales, made 1st Sergt in 1863; wounded once.
Van Bobo, killed in battle 1864.
Jesse Battle, died in hospital 1862.
Wm Bridges, wounded twice.
John Bridges, killed in battle 1862.
James Bridges
Nelson Bridges, died in hospital 1962.
I V Chesser, wounded once.
Alex Crutchfield.
Wm Cooper.
J R Cooper.
J W Crabb, discharged.
J B Crabb, wounded at Fredericksburg, Va, Dec 13, 1862.
Richard Collins.
John Copelin, killed in battle 1863.
Jesse Copelin
Jack Cambron.
H. H. Cambron.
E B Cambron.
E D Carter, discharged.
L R Davis, made 4th Sergt in 1864; wounded 3 times.
L B Dilender.
T R Daniel.
W A Darden, killed in battle at Manassas 1862.
Geo Darden, transferred to artillery 1864.
Nick Dudley, discharged.
James A Davis, killed in battle 1862.
Thomas Darough.
W. J. Dukes, promoted to Sergt-Maj of Regt.
John Dukes, wounded once.
Richard Daniel, died in hospital 1862.
Robt Early, killed in battle at Manassa 1862.
Marian Early.
George Fennel.
W D Fennel, wounded once.
Wm Frix, discharged.
Ben Frix, died in hospital 1861.
James Gravely, died in hospital 1862.
W A Gresham, promoted to 3rd Sergt; wounded once.
Emanuel Gantz.
John Goggins, killed in battle at Manassas 1862.
Wm. Goggins, killed in battle Summit's Point 1864.
Frank Gilpin, wounded once.
W S Green.
Gus Garrison.
Jas Garner, died in hospital 1862.
T M Hightower, promoted to 1st Lieut 1862.
J F Hightower, died in hospital 1863.
R B Hayes, discharged.
James Holcomb.
John F. Hackney, died in hospital 1862.
Thos Hackney, wounded once at Cross Keys, VA
Joseph Hackney.
Dock Hackney.
John T Hackney.
John W Hackney.
James Isbell, made Sergt in 1863 wounded once.
James T. Johnston.
J N Jordan, made Corp in 1862.
J H Jordan, wounded twice.
Wm Jarrell, killed in battle at Richmond, Va. 1862.
Gus Jarrell, killed in battle at Richmond, Va. 1862.
Lump Jarrell, died in hospital 1862.
Marshal Johns, discharged, was killed in 1st Ga Cav 1864.
Chas Knighton, killed in battle 1863.
Wm Logan, killed in battle at Manassas 1862.
James Logan.
E K Logan.
John Mann, discharged.
W D McDaniel.
James Maxey, transferred to shoe factory 1861.
John Mobley, died in hospital 1861.
      (S/o Alexander Mobley & Sarah Meadows Mobley)
Rance Mobley, killed in battle at Manassas 1862.
     (S/o Alexander Mobley & Sarah Meadows Mobley)
Henry Motes, promoted to 3rd Sergt in 1861; wounded once.
E R Mabry, discharged.
W L McCormick, promoted to 3rd Lieut in 1862 wounded once.
Joseph McCormick, discharged, was killed in battle in 1st Ga. Cav 1864.
J K Morton.
John Maddox.
Sanders Maddox.
John W. Powell.
G. L Powell.
John Phillips.
James Price.
M A Poole.
John B Richardson, died in hospital 1862.
M B Richards, wounded once, (Color Corp.)
Joseph Roper, made 5th Sergt. And killed in battle 1864.
W D Spalding.
James Tate, killed in battle 1864, Summit's Point, Va.
Bose Thompson, killed in battle 1864.
Chris Thurman.
B Taddy.
Jeff Wright, died in hospital 1862.
Jack Wright, killed in battle 1862.
Spencer Wright, killed in battle 1862.
E. T. Witcher.
Thomas Wiggins.
Wm Wiggins.
John Witzel, made Orderly Sergt in 1862; wounded once.
Marian White, died in hospital 1861.
George Williams, discharged.
T H Wade, wounded once.
Wm Wood.
Jack Witcher, Killed in battle Richmond, 1862.

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