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Saturday Morning Aug. 15, 1874


Baptist Church - Regular Services, 1st and 3d Sundays in each month, Rev. Courtney Brown, Pastor.  Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock, a.m.

Methodist Church - Services at 11 o'clock, a.m. and 8 o'clock, p.m. every Sabbath; Rev. Wm. H. LaPrade, Pastor.  Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock, a.m.

Presbyterian Church - Services 1st and 3d Sabbath every month, Rev. R F Taylor, Pastor, Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock a.m.


Caledonia Lodge, No. 121, F&AM - Regular communication, the 3d Friday night in each month.  J S Stubbs, W. M.   N. M. Wright, Secretary.


Cedar Valley Lodge, No. 303 I O G T - Meets every Friday night (except 3d Friday.)  
J. E. Houseac(sic), W. C. T.
J. A. Liddell, Secretary.


Colquitt Grange, No. 20 - Regular meetings Saturday before the third Sabbath in each month.

Our Agents
John S. Vann, Priors Station.
E. P. Featherston, Lime Branch.
R. S. Pattillo, Taylorsville.
W. P. West, Esom Hill.

The basket of peaches left at our house by Major Byrd, were the finest we have seen this season. The Major has our thanks and best wishes.

We learn that a protracted meeting has been held at the Lime Branch Baptist Church since Friday last week. Sixteen accessions up to Thursday, and the meeting still progressing at that time, with favorable prospects.

We learn that on yesterday morning R. M. Brown, of Haralson County, was arrested in town by the United States authorities, charged with illicit distillation. Mr. Brown was attending our court as a witness in the Yarborough and McKibben case.

The Hottest Day - Last Tuesday was, without doubt, the hottest day of the season, and is thought by some to be the hottest ever know in this valley, the murcury indicating 104 in the shade. Paper collars were at a fearful discount.

Col. Acton, the phat boy of the Constitution, was in town this week. The weather was so hot on Tuesday night that the Colonel lay in the spring branch, and it not being deep enough to "cover" him, he hired a night watch to turn him over every hour, and says even by this means he was not able to "keep kool."

Our Superior Court convened on last Monday, Judge McCutheon, of the Cherokee Circuit, Presiding. But few cases have been disposed of. We notice several prominent lawyers from a distance, among them Col. Waren Akin, of Cartersville; Colonles E. A. Broyls and Julius Brown, Atlanta; Colonels Alexander, Wright, Fouche, Yancy, Forsyth, Scott and others, Rome; Ex-Senator Brock, of Haralson county; Colonels Jones and Fletcher, and Capt. Dodd, Rockmart. The criminal docket will be taken up on Monday morning.

We are under obligations to Mr. M. A. Godwin for the largest beet we have seen this season - a 5 pounder. He brought in a few more of the same sort, only smaller, and sold them for fifty cents a dozen - a good price for beets in an out-of-the-way off-of-the-railroad town. We don't intend to tell who brought us the biggest water "million", just yet. But to go back to beets, one acre in beets at fifty cents a dozen would bring the pretty little sum of five thousand five hundred dollars! Who says Cedartown don't beat the world as a beet market.

A Lively Race - Amous Davis, colored, on trial for shooting another colored brother in Rockmart some time since, was locked up in the calaboose by our marshal on Thursday night, for some misdemeanor, but broke out during the night. Early Friday morning he was captured by deputy marshal Wilkes, and turned over by his bondsman to bailif White. Amous didn't seem to like the appearance of things about the Court House, got terribly frightened and made a brake, running over every one who stood in his line of march, double quicked across the square and into Wiley Hand's corn field. John Powell started in pursuit, on horseback, followed by Wiley Hand and others. He was soon caught and brought back and lodged in jail. During the race a stone, or something else, struck the negro on the head, cutting a considerable gash. Considerable excitement was created for a little while.

The New Presbyterian Church - The presbyterian Church in this place is about completed, and is an ornamnet to the town, and a credit to the projectors and builders. The building is capable of comfortably seating three hundred fifty persons, and with a little crowding, would seat one hundred more. This building was orginally constructed and used for an academy, but with the recent through overhauling it has received, no one would ever suspect, from present appearance, that it was ever internded for anything else but a church, and it has been done at a very small cost. The wood work of was done by Messrs Davis and Bradley and is well done, too. We recommend them to the public as good workmen, and two as nice, sober and respectable gentlemen as the town affords. John O. Waddell, Esq., was the moving spirit in the building of the church. By his liberality and untiring energy in getting subscriptions is mainly due its complletion so soon. But, then it is well known that when Mr. W. "sets his head" that a thing must be done, he goes at it with a vim.

We accepted an invitation and rode with Mr. Ake to his place on last Tuesday. His residence being situated on a beautiful eminence near Cedar Creek, and surrounded by native spreading oaks, makes it one of the most pleasant retreats on such a day as last Tuesday, that we have had the pleasure of enjopying in many a day. Being in possession of such a residence and plesant surroundings, and a most excellent and refined lady for a companion, and two interesting little boys he ought to be, and we believe is, a happy man indeed. Mr. A. and lady are both native Pennsylvanians; have been here but two years and he is making considerable improvements on his plantation - which contains eight hundred acres - has constructed new framed cribs, stables, etc., and in a year or two more will have his place fixed up in good style. He has about 500 acres in cultivation 160 in cotton and the balance in oats, wheat, rye, corn and clover. It is Mr. A's intention, we believe, to cultivate...... (rest in missing)

Mr. Editor: - The following officers were elected and installed at the last meeting of the Cedar Valley Lodge, to serve for the current term, beginning August 1st:
J. E. Houseal, W. C. T.
Miss Celestia Whitfield, W. V. T.
J. E. Liddell, W. S.
Miss Annie Noyes, W. A. S.
D. A. Harrison, W. F. S.
Mrs. Mary Crabb, W. T.
W. H. Ray, W. C.
Miss Jennie Harrison, W. D. M.
Miss L. E. Wright, W. I. G.
George R. Monroe, W. O. G.
C. G. Janes, P. W. C. T.
Miss L. G. Harris, W. R. S.
Miss Ella Vann, W. S.
J. P. McConnell, L. D.
J. A. Liddell, W.S.

Marion Oats, who was shot by a girl in Athens sometime ago, is still in a precarious condition, an abscess having formed on his lung.

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