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Saturday Morning Aug. 1, 1874


Baptist Church - Regular Services, 1st and 3d Sundays in each month, Rev. Courtney Brown, Pastor.  Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock, a.m.

Methodist Church - Services at 11 o'clock, a.m. and 8 o'clock, p.m. every Sabbath; Rev. Wm. H. LaPrade, Pastor.  Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock, a.m.

Presbyterian Church - Services 1st and 3d Sabbath every month, Rev. R F Taylor, Pastor, Sabbath-school at 9 o'clock a.m.


Caledonia Lodge, No. 121, F&AM - Regular communication, the 3d Friday night in each month.  J S Stubbs, W. M.   N. M. Wright, Secretary.


Cedar Valley Lodge, No. 303 I O G T - Meets every Friday night (except 3d Friday.)  
C G Janes, W C T  J M Harris, Secretary.


Colquitt Grange, No. 20 - Regular meetings Saturday before the third Sabbath in each month.

Our Agents
John S. Vann, Priors Station.
E. P. Featherston, Lime Branch.
R. S. Pattillo, Taylorsville.

The “Green Rifles’ propose to have a re-union of Phillip's Legion, and offer a barbecue to survivors of same, at Greensboro, Ga., on the 11th inst.  The Polk Rifles are cordially invited to be present.  One fare only will be charged over the railroads.

A party consisting of Mrs. W E Hurst, Mrs. Susie Wood, Miss Willie Janes, and Messrs Frank Janes, Augustus Wood and others, left here on a pleasure trip last Monday, for Point Lookout, near Chattanooga.  We wish them all the pleasures imaginable.

Mr. J E Good, of the firm J P Hood & Co, of Cartersville, paid our town a visit this week.  Mr. G has been a citizen of this place, and while here made many warm friends.  We don't know, but are of the opinion that he has a particular lady friend in this section, that brings him down this way.

Dr. D M Russell, of this county, was badly crippled on Tuesday of last week.  He was on his way to Rome, driving a pair of mules, and they got freightened and ran away, and the Dr. was thrown out of the wagon and the wheels ran over his legs, bruising them badly.  No bones were broken.  We are glad to learn that the Doctor's bruises will soon be healed.

A young colored gent of this place was making preparations, not long since, to take himself a rib - everything progressing finely, time set, “wedding garments’ prepared, “papers’ fixed up, a minister engaged to perform the ceremony, cake and pies and other wedding “fixins’ all prepared, when the intended bride said she would'nt, and she did'nt - that's all of this piece.

A E P Albert, colored school teacher of this place, requests us to state that the report circulated to the effect that he had advised his race in a lecture delivered some weeks since, to make any demands of whites they thought proper, and to enforce these demands by taking up arms, if necessary, is utterly without foundation, but to the contrary, his object is to do everything in his power to elevate his race morally and religiously.  He also states that he is no political aspirant.

Our wide-awake Sheriff, Mr. Clements, has succeeded in re-capturing Ned Larkins and Nathan Stone, two of the prisoners who broke jail last week.  They were captured at Stonewall, by a Mr. Swords, and retained until Mr. Clements arrived.

Preparations are being made by young men, to organize a Military Company in Cedartown-and why not?  There is certainly enough good material here to make a large Company.  Walk up, young men, at once, and enroll your names!  We have taken stock, and if the Captain's position has not been promised, we want it.

We were placed under obligations, on yesterday, by our young friend E W Thompson, for a specimen of fine, large apples, and a “sample’ of Concord grapes, grown in his father's orchard, near Rockmart.  Young Thompson has been reading law, with Wofford & Wikle, Cartersville, for several months, but has recently came to this place, and is with his uncle, Ivy Thompson.  He will probably apply for admission to the bar next court.  We wish him success.

On last Thursday morning, after we had went to work in a great hurry in order to get the Record out in advance of our usual time, Esqr's Barber and Knight drove up before our door in a nice two-horse turnout, and insisted that we should take a ride, and we could'nt think of refusing, so we took position in a back seat, and were whirled along Cave Spring road for about four miles.  Cotton and corn on that road are looking well, in fact good enough to satisfy any farmer.  If some of our friends would insist on it, we would neglect our business long enough to ride out a few miles every week.

New Jail - Mr. John C Allen, contractor, has commenced preparations for the new jail.  The brick are being made near colored Methodist church, by Mr. E M Joonson, Rome, who has the contract from Mr. Allen for the brick work.  Lumber is being hauled and placed upon the site to be used for the wood work.  The building will be 200 feet north east of the court house.  It is to be 46x36, two stories.  The first story to be divided into four rooms, as a residence for the jailor.  The upper floor into two, and to have three cells in each, three of which are to be iron and three wooden.  We would have been glad if higher ground could have been procured, but we venture the assertion that Mr. Allen will do a good job, and that it will be an ornament to the town, notwithstanding the disadvantage of ground.

Dr. McClellan, of the United States army, has obtained statistics showing that during the last year the cholera made its appearance and gained a foothold in three hundred places in the United States.  He proposes visiting every place visited by the dreadful epidemic, which appears to have its principal hold in Tennessee.  The special object of his journey is to ascertain the cause which render the disease epidemic, and when he shall have gathered all the facts together, he is to make a report upon the subject, with such sanitary suggestions as he may deem proper.


On Friday morning last, the peace and quite of our little town was disturbed by rapid pistol shots.  Your Reporter soon coming in sight of the battle-field found some of the advance guard, from whom he learned the following particulars:  A few days since Thos Wiggins and John Pittman had a little disagreement.  On Wednesday or Thursday they sent to mill by the same wagon.  On the return of wagon from mill, through mistake Pittman got Wiggins' sack, and on Friday morning, about day light, W. called on P. for his sack, when a few hard words passed. In a few minutes they had both procured pistols.  They met in front of Pittman's house, and after some five or six shots Wiggins was found to be severely shot in two places --shoulder and arm.  The ball in shoulder fracturing the bone and then turned and entered cavity of chest.  Dr. J R Surry was called in and examined his condition, and thinks he will recover.  Pittman is still at large--has not attempted to escape.

On Sunday morning, as your reporter was taking a walk, he met Mr. E W Clements and others, with two of the prisoners who escaped from the Cedartwon strong house.  They were captured near the iron furnace.  They were on their way back to register the two for continuance of board.

Cotton is looking well in our section, considering the unfavorable season we have had this spring.  Corn is not looking as well as in the valley.  On monday night we were visited with one of the heaviest rain storms that we have ever witnessed.

Our people are much pleased at being able to get the latest news regularly now.  We have mail facilities enjoyed by few county offices.  I am much pleased at the prospect of getting the Record on Saturday, as I take great interest in my own county enterprise -- and a good paper is a good institution.   W P W


Taylorsville is situated in an elevation on the line of Polk and Bartow counties, about fourteen miles from Cartesville, eighteen from Rome and eight from Rockmart.  It is famous for nothing but the large amount of lumber that is shipped from from it to Atlanta and stations on the State Road.  There is six saw mills in successful operation around this place.  There is two shingle and two lathe machines which make use of all the refuse lumber, turning it into laths and shingles with a rapidity that is astonishing.  There is three dry goods and grocery stores, two bar-rooms and one drug store in this place.  The drug store seems to be the most thriving business on account of the great amount of sickness in this vicinity.  We have also a planing and grist mill in full blast, owned and run by Mess Rowen & Haney, and they will have a cotton gin in operation by the time cotton begins to open.

I attended a surprise party at the residence of Mr. A T Dent on last Thursday night, and it was a success.  Dancing occupied the greater part of the evening, of which  nearly all present took an active part.  All went away well pleased with their evening's enjoyment.

We have had an abundance of rain and crops are in no danger of being cut short for want of a good season.  The farmers are all busy __ying their crops.

There is to be a pic nic at Jones' spring, near this place on next Saturday, and a pleasant time is anticipated by all.  A platform has been erected on which to trip the light fantastic toe.

Owing to the suspension of the Cherokee Railroad for five days last week, we received no mails at this place during that time.

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