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From Cedartown Standard 23 April 1903
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THE STANDARD is indebted to Mrs. J. W. Wynn for the roll of another gallant company, which went out from Polk to help fight the battles of the Confederacy. This is Co. D. of the famous 2oth Georgia, which made its record on numerous bloody battle fields, and on its roster are the names of some of our best citizens and of many who lost their lives fighting for their beloved Southland.

The roll of the company when it cheerfully shouldered arms and went forth to battle, only to return battlescarred and weary and with disappointed hopes is as follows:

J D Waddell, captain; S W Blance 1st lieutenant; David Peek, 2nd; R R Thompson 3rd; W C Spence, orderly sergeant; J L Carter, 2nd; J M Hughes, 3rd; J L Whaley, 4th; Pony Hopper, 1st corporal; Wm Vernon, 2nd; John Garris, 3rd; John Brown, 4th; P M Agan, Alf Adams, Wm Benson, Hiram Breedlove, N S Barry, Martin Baugh, J W Blalock, Wm Blalock, Josepg Burges, G W Chisolm, Milton Carroll, J L Center, John Caps, Wm Colson, Elijah Clyatt, J O Cheek, Melvin Cheek, W H Daniel, E G Doyle, F J Dean, W H Dyer, James Denard, Lewis Ezzell, Green Ezzell, Hutch Foster, Elisha Garner, James Garner, Richard Garner, Thomas Garner, Wm Garner, James Gholson, Thomas Gentry, Joseph Gentry, J W Hammock, James Hammock, Steve Hammock, J O Hitchcock, Wm Hobbs, Jacob Hilburn, John Junior, J W Knight, Clark Keelan, ____ Kelly, Bennett Lee, W T Lee, G W Lee, John Lee, D K Love, F Lancester, Elijah Lovell, Wm Long, Dock Lockleer, Joseph Leverett, W P Leverett, Wm Moore, Dave Miller, _____ Morgan, Smith Mosely, LaFayette Mosley, Robert McLean, Patrick McGraw, Wm Nettles, John Pittman, W H Prior, A J Perkins, G W Perryman, J L Perryman, John Quick, J L Rowe, James Rowe, Willie Rodgers, George Roach, Albert Rice, James Smith, John Smith, Green B Smith, Jesse Shaw, Elijah Shaw, W W Seay, Wm Stafford, Wm Sparks, James Savage, W H Stewart, Asa c Scott, Jeptha Scott, Kinion Turner, A J Turner, G W Turner, W J Taylor, Daniel Thacker, Wm Turley, James Timmons, F M Terry, James Talbot, Lindsey Underwood, John Voils, Mose Vernon, Robert Vernon, John Vernon, _____ Vernon, W B Watson, J D Williams, W W Webster, Flint White, W A White, Lewis Waters, P W Ward, Marion Whitfield, James Whitfield, B L Young.

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