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The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga,
May 16, 1876
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Mrs. Frank Campbell, wife of Wm. Campbell, who lives about eight miles from this place, died on Wednesday, 16 inst. We are informed that about twelve hours before she died, she went into what was supposed to be a trance. When she recovered, she stated that she had been to heaven, and had seen many of her old acquaintances who have been dead for some time, among them her grand father, Joseph Morgan, who has been dead about two years. She asked him if he wished to return to earth, when he replied that he did not. He told her to tell his younger daughter, Mrs. Ella Parham, to repent and be baptized, take up her cross and come to him. He also told her that she would be with him soon, and at the same time showed her a crown and harp, which was to be hers when she got there. He pointed out her little sister, who died when about two years old. She represented heaven as a very bright, pleasant place, and inhabited by millions of happy people, all wearing crowns as bright as the sun, with harps in their hands. A great many children were there. For several hours before she died she repeated many times the verse commencing. "How sweet the sound of Jesus name." She talked a great deal in her last hours to her relatives and friends, giving them advice and asking them to meet her in heaven.--Cedartown Record. (Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta , Ga, Saturday Morning June 26, 1875)

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