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Cards of Thanks
Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, Ga.
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Card of Thanks

We wish  to thank all who were so kind to us in the tragic death of our daughter,  Jewell, and also return thanks for the beautiful floral offerings. May  God's  richest blessing rest upon each hand every one. --Mr. And  Mrs.  A. Crocker (Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, GA., February 7, 1921, page 11)

Card of Thanks

We wish to extend  our heart-felt  thanks and deep appreciation to those who were  so kind and helpful in  offering the service of their cars to meet  the remains of Mrs. C. H. Pittman,  who was laid to rest in  New Harmony cemetery on Jan. 22d--Mrs. S. J. Isbell,  Mrs. W.  M. Phillips, Mrs. W. E. Fuller, Mrs. H. B. McWhorter, Messrs,  J. E.,  S. A., and A. Pittman.(Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, GA., February 7, 1921, page 11)

Card of Thanks

We  wish to thank our friends  and neighbors for their kindness at  the death of our husband and father--Mrs.  W. M. Winkles and children.(Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, GA., February 7, 1921, page 11)

Card of Thanks:

  We wish to thank all of the good people for their kindness to us in the death of our little daughter---Mr. And Mrs. M.M. Hitchcock. (Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, GA., May 23, 1929)

  Card of Thanks:

  To all who so generously and so tenderly assisted us in the care of our mother and grandmother while sick, and to those whose ministrations and sympathies did so much to sustain us and lighten our sorrows after she had gone from us, we desire to tender our heartfelt assurances of appreciation, and to wish for you just such whole-hearted sympathy in your hours of grief and sadness when they come, as come they must to all of us. Insincere appreciation--Mr. And Mrs. B.C. Bradley, Mr. And Mrs. B.R. Ayers, Mr. And Mrs. G. W. Addison, Mr. And Mrs. H.W. Abernathy and family, Mrs. Lizzie Laminack. (Cedartown Standard, Cedartown, GA., May 16, 1929)

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