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"The Cedartown Standard" Thursday, January 23, 1902

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Interesting Exercises at the Court House Saturday Basket Dinner Greatly Enjoyed.
The gathering of veterans Saturday at the Court House proved an interesting occasion, and the day was all that the Daughters of the Confederacy could desire.
The meeting was called to order at 10:30 o'clock by Mr. W.S. Coleman, who acted as Master of Ceremonies, and a program of more than ordinary interest was carried out. Following a fervent prayer by Rev. Fletcher Walton, the audience sang "America," and then followed a recitation by Miss Jessie Butler on "The Sword of Lee."
Dr. D.M. Russell sang "Dixie," the audience joining in the refrain.
Mrs. R.B. Parks paid a glowing tribute to Gen. Lee, and was followed by Mrs. A.D. Hogg who delivered some remarks on the objects and mission of the Daughters of the Confederacy. She was liberally applauded at the conclusion of her paper, and received many congratulations on its fervor and appropriateness.
The recording secretary, Miss Callie Byrd, called the roll of veterans on whom Crosses of Honor were to be bestowed, and the following came forward to receive their badges of honor at the hands of loving and patriotic women:--
Peter M. Agan, John W. Barr, Joseph A. Blance, William Bridges, J.K. Barton, T.C. Barnes, M.S. Barron, T.F. Burbank, James Bridges, John L. Branch, James Boling, W.D. Crabb, W.D. Crawford, J.B. Crabb, J.S. Carter, S.W. Green, William Griffith, Thos. J. Griffin, W.F. Hall, S.K. Hogue, S.C. Hunt, Thos. M. Hightower, John R. Hunt, J.H. Jordan, T.F. Jones, Wm. J. Jordan, G.W. Moore, H.B. McGregor, E.T. Millican, L.W. Pettit, G.W. Peacock, J.L. Perryman, D.M. Russell, L.M. Reeves, J.M. Scott, J.W. Spann, R.R. Thompson, J.A. Wilson, D.A. Whitehead, Geo. J. Weaver, A.H. York, Robert Worthington.
The president, Mrs. T.M. Hightower, and the vice presidents, Mrs. J.A. Wynn and Mrs. J.K. Barton, pinned the crosses on the breasts of the veterans, the interesting scene being witnessed by the large crowd in the court room.
Following the conferring of crosses, eloquent and appropriate responses were made by Maj. J.A. Blance, Col. J.O. Waddell and Dr. D.M. Russell. Miss Mattie Shelbey, of Rome, an enthusiastic daughter of a gallant veteran, was discovered in the audience and introduced by Col. Waddell; she rendered "The Conquered Banner" most impressively, and was warmly applauded at its conclusion.
A splendid quartette, composed of Judge Irwin and Messrs. J.E. Good, H.B. Johnson and Walter Good, sang "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground" and other appropriate songs, and Mr. H.B. Johnson favored the audience with two solos. The music was fine, and proved one of the most enjoyable features of the day's exercises.
After the conclusion of the Court House program, the veterans formed in line and marched up Main street in a column of fours to the old Treadaway store room, where a most bounteous spread awaited them. The ladies of the chapter had provided a basket dinner, and nothing was omitted from the array of good things. Everything was nicely prepared, and in the greatest abundance, and it is needless to say that the veterans enjoyed the dinner. There was enough to feed fully as many more, and the splendid hospitality of the ladies was deeply appreciated by the old soldiers. They all expressed themselves as highly gratified at the entire proceedings of the day, and were deeply grateful for the consideration shown them in this hospitable expression of regard.
The first occasion for the conferring of Crosses of Honor on Polk county veterans was a thoroughly enjoyable and successful one, and the ladies of the Cedartown chapter deserve hearty congratulations on the delightful way they handled this interesting event.

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