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The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga,
March 23, 1876
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Death of Governor Lumpkin's wife

  Cedartown Record

  ---On the night of the 4th inst., at the residence of Mr. John C. Lumpkin, a mile from this place, his mother Mrs. Lumpkin, the wife of ex-Governor Lumpkin, put aside the cares of this life and passed over to shining shore. With the character and life of this noble and distinguished lady, are blended memories sweet to many of our older citizens, who in days gone by honored and loved her husband, who with so much ability filled the office of governor. Those were days of official integrity, and had her husband while he held the helm of state been guilty of that prodigality so characteristic of some of our officials of later date, pageantry and show might have surrounded her death and burial. So it was she passed quietly away, and those who honored her living may with equal pride, honor her memory. (The Daily Constitution, Atlanta, GA. March 23, 1876)

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