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The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga,
October 1882
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---Mr. G. Bauer, of the United States secret service, reached the city yesterday, having in custody two white men, D.W. Kellett and Henry May, who were arrested night before last in Cedartown upon the charge of making and passing counterfeit money. For some time past the secret service men have been aware of the fact that counterfeitin was being plied in that locality, and some time ago Mr. Jones, one of the force, was detailed to work the case. His work was well executed and the evidence so conclusive that the conviction is assured. When Kellett was arrested he was in the act of making a silver dollar. The mold was before him and the metal was upon the fire. With the men over one hundred silver dollars, four hundred and twenty nickles, several moulds and some Babbit's metal were found with them. They are both now in jail in this city. (The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, October 1, 1882)

  ---Mr. Joseph Vann was born in Chambers county, Ala., February 21st, 1839, and died in Cedartown, Polk county, Ga., October 11, 1882. He had but recently returned to this place, his former home, and had entered in to business in the strength of his manhood. He came in the buoyancy of hope. Kind friends welcomed him to the scenes of friendship of other years. His heart responded to the cheerful greetings. His wife and children remained in Alabama until he could secure for them a home. Letters--cheering letters--came. All was hopeful. But the wires bring a shade over the hopes of the letters. The wife hurries to the bed side of the sick husband and is met with the crushing intelligence, "He's dead!" How transient are the best schemes of man. While the fruits of our hopes are ripening, "the flower fadeth." for the breath of death bloweth upon it. Alas! This is the state of manliness, as readily as the shadows of night settles on the landscapes of earth. Thus it was with our friend. In him were found all the instincts of a noble nature--kind, sympathetic, ready to accommodate, liberal hearted. He responded to the call of friendship at any sacrifice. Cheerfulness abounded; his presence was sunshine. It is sad to see the flowers wither and die, but sadder still to see the brilliancy of the eye, the serene and intelligent countenance fade away under the touch of death. The endearing relations that tied him on to life were severed, and husband, father and friend paid the debt of humanity--dust thou are and unto dust must return.
  The deceased having been instructed from his youth by the example of a Christian mother, and in maturer man by the godly life of a Christian wife, his mind and heart were saved from the baneful influences of skepticism. The impression of his youth fastened the conviction of truth upon his conscience that followed him in all his wanderings. He gave a ready affirmation to all the demands of his conscience and when awakened to his condition, without any doubts to satisfy, or worldly philosophy to answer, he turned to the cross a repentant believing sinner, and God, the Father, for the sake of the world's redeemer, saved his trembling spirit. Taken violently ill, death marched steadily on the citadel of life, but the spirit was more powerful to save than sin was to destroy. He declared his faith in the readiness of Christ to save, and save him now; and while the preacher was leading in prayer--he following in the prayer of the minister--he said. "He does save me now," and clapped his glad hands in testimony of the truth of the power of Christ to save, sent gladness to the heart of his blind mother, to his brothers and sisters, and left to the broken-hearted wife the cheering consolation of his salvation. His death flooded the grave with the light of hope, and gave to the sad heart a blessed assurance of resting together beyond the grave. May the peace of God be the light of the pathway of the troubled hearts. T. (The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga, October 22, 1882)

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