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The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga,
July 1876
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Cedartown Record   ---Mr. Jerry Isbel, of Esom Hill district, from six bushels sowing of wheat made a little over one hundred bushels.

  ---Mr. H. D. Griffin, in the same neighborhood, made fifty-one bushels on three acres. (The Constitution, Atlanta, GA, July 10, 1876)

The Cedartown Express says that these pestiferous insects seem to be increasing, and when they strike a corn or a cotton field they almost riddle it, Mr. L. H. Walthall, who lives in town, has a corn patch containing about two acres, which if these destructive creatures leave unhurt, will make more corn than many a fifty acre field in Polk county. Mr. Walthall informs us that around about the patch he thinks there are enough grasshoppers to fill a good size house. He had a hand employed to keep them driven from his corn patch. (The Daily Constitution, Atlanta, GA, July 25, 1876)

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