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The Ceadrtown Standard
September 13, 1917

Legal Whiskey Making Stopped Saturday Night---Throughout the United States to save grain for Food Purposes
Saturday night at 11 o'clock whishey manufacture ceased in the United States under the provisions of the food control law, and the millions of bushels of grain heretofore used in making that form of drink will be diverted to food.
Importation of whiskey was also stopped.
Experts say about 100,000,000 bushels of grain are used by the distilleries each year, of which about 40,000,000 bushels are used in whisky manufacture. Distillers may continue manufacturing alcohol for commercial purposed, and many of them have arranged for this work, others turning their distilleries into manufacturing plants for yeast, vinegar and by-products.
Stocks of whiskey in the country undoubtedly are larger than they ever have been, because of active preparation by distillers and dealers in anticipation of the law. Distillers have been working at utmost capacity and imports have been larger than ever.
Officials estimate the quantity of whiskey in bond in warehouses to be about 190,000,000 gallons. Stocks not in bond will bring the quantity on hand in the country up to almost 230,000,000 gallons. The annual production of whiskey has been about 116,000,000 gallons.
The stoppage of manufacture will continue throughout the war, and a strong effort will be made by the temperance forces in Congress to see that it is never resumed again.

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