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August 17, 18, 19, 1962

(photo of Anthony Pryor, Sr)

Descendents of

Anthony and Marissa Pryor

Charles and Fannie Pryor



The facts listed below are based on a group of assumptions and statements of various members of the Pryor family group.

Little is known regarding the origin of the Pryor name other than we began a long line of direct descendants from Anthony and Marissa Pryor.

Anthony Pryor was born to Lemb Weaver prior to the Civil War. His mother passed when he was three weeks old. He was then reared by his aunt and uncle, Mary and Dennis Pryor—from them he assumed the name Pryor.

It is stated that he made the first and last payment on a farm for his uncle Dennis. This later became known as Pryors Station, Georgia.

He was married to Marissa West, who was born in Floyd County, Georgia in 1859.

To this union was born nine sons and three daughters. The sons: Earnest, Anthony Jr., Frank, Jack, Eugene, Luke, Max, Claude and Robert. The daughters: Emma, Mary Bell and Sally Joe. Of these children, two sons and three daughters are living today. They are Jack and Max; Emma, Mary Bell and Sally Joe.

Most of Anthony Pryor Sr. life was spent on a farm near Cedartown, Georgia. The chief product of this farm was cotton. The waning years of his life was spent in Columbus, Ohio, and he returned to his farm in Georgia where he passed this life.

As of 1962 it is estimated that there are 219 descendants of Anthony Pryor.

A brief look at the information indicate that the Pryors are engaged in the following occupations and vocations: School Principals, College professors, School Teachers, Social Workers, Federal Employees, Caterists, Ministers, Farmers, Secretaries, Nurses, College students, Salesmen, and factory workers.

The religious affiliations of the Pryor family are: Baptist, Methodist, Holiness, Catholic, Episcopalian, and Lutheran.

Of the early descendants of Anthony Pryor some settled in Tennesee, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. At later dates other children went to Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, Florida and Washington, D. C.

Since the orgin of the Pryor family the migration has been nation wide and travel experiences have been in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, England, France, Africa, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Korea and Australia.

At present the focal point of the Pryor family is Ohio.

The Pryor re-union of 1960 set the precedence for bi-annual family re-unions.



Mamie Pryor was born in Polk County, Georgia, November 2, 1891. She was the second child of Fannie and Charles Pryor.

May 27, 1906 she married Eugene Pryor and to this union was born 10 children, eight boys and two (strike through) 1 girls.

Her children that are still living are: Fred, Milton, Walter, Louis, Ralph, Eugene, Charles and Edith.



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