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Oakman, Thaddeus attorney at law, Broad  
Oakman, Mrs. Wm II   h 15 Reynolds
Oakman, Willington   h 37 Washington
Oakman, Wm II, Sr.   h 106 Green
Oates, Geo A. & Brothers booksellers, pianos, etc 240 Broad  
Obermuller, Mrs. Julia   h 411 Broad
O'Brien, Frank carpenter bds 204 Green
O'Brien, Patrick clerk at 178 Broad bds Burke House
O'Brien, David stewart at Globe Hotel  
O'Connell, Mather laborer at G R R Depot  
O'Conner, _____ laborer at G R R  
O'Conner, Francis   h S side Talcot bt Cumming and Campbell
O'Conner, J. laborer at G R R Cp h SS Fenwick bt Campbell and Jackson
O'Conner, Julia   h cor Campbell and Gardiner
O'Conner, M. laborer at G R R  
O'Conner, Mrs. D. milliner, 198 Broad h over 184 Broad
O'Conner Michael   N side Campbell bt Fenwick and Gardiner
O'Conner, Michael M.D. Doctor above Campbell S side Fenwick
O"Conner, Thos laborer at G R R  
O'Conner, Wm laborer G R R  
O'Conner, William   E side Campbell bt Fenwich & Gardner
Odam, John   h 41 Broad
Odam, R.   h Green
Oden, Wm Cabinet Maker h Ellis bt Mill and McKinne
O'Donoho, Mrs. Dressmaker 179 Green
O'Donald, M Wood agent at G R R  
O'Donald, M., Jr. omnibus agent at G R R  
O'Donoghue, D clerk at W Bridwell bds Broad nr Cumming
O'Donnell, Michael   h N side Baines
O'Donnell, E   h Jackson and D'Antinac
O'Dowd, M. Grocer and comm merchant 821 Broad same
Oettly, Geo tailor with J Conrad bds McIntosh opp Post Office
Offerman, F. dentist office Newton House, Washington  
Oglesby, G.S. agent, McIntosh Gin Factory  
Oglesby, J.J. mechanic McIntosh cotton and gin factory  
Oglethorpe Infantry drill room on Reynolds bt McIntosh and Reynolds  
Oldham, Jas   h N side Calhoun bt McIntosh and Jackson
Oliver, J.B   h 60 Broad St
Oliver, Miss Olivia   88 Centre
Oliver, S.H. agent Richmond Factory, cor Reynolds & McIntosh h 15 Broad
Olney & Metcalf McIntosh bt Broad and Reynolds  
Olophine, ______   h 52 Walker
Omnibus Stables cor Walker & Campbell, J D Mathew, Superintendent  
O'Neil, Jas.   h N side Calhoun bt McIntosh and Jackson
O'Neil, Michael laborer at A&S RR h 20 Centre
Orphan Asylum Episcopal Church 54 Green  
Osborne, H. J. jeweler, 236 Broad h 39 Reynolds
Osborne, J. F. salesman at 228 Borad h Hamburg
Osborne, John   h S side Market bt McKinne & Marbury
Orchard, Jos. butcher, Centre bt Reynolds & Broad h Ellis nr Centre
Oswald, Z. boot and shoe maker M Job bds nr Borad and Bridge row
Owens, D. W.   h S side Calhoun bt McIntosh and Jackson
Owens, W. J.   h 111 Green


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