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"Rahner, Jos." at W H Goodrich's factory
"Rainwater, M.G. " "printer," bds Kollock ar Green
"Rainey, Mrs. M." "boarding house," cor Cumming and Fenwick
"Rainey, Wm. F." "finisher at G R R," bds at Mrs. Rainey's
"Ramsay, David," h 9 Jackson
"Ramsay, Jas." bds 96 Ellis
"Ramsey, J.B." "city constable," h 3 Broad
"Ramsay, John D." h 10 Campbell
"RAMSAY & LABAW," "clothiers," 308 Broad
"Ramsay, Mrs M.J." board house 9 Jackson
"Ramsey & Story," "grocers," 275 Broad
"Ramsay, Wm." h 96 Ellis
"Ramsay, W.A." "of R & Labaw," 179 Green
"Randall, Daniel," carpenter h 11 Ellis
"Randall, Mrs. W." h 67 Reynolds
"Rappold, Geo." "grocer, cor Centre and Calhoun," h same
"Rappold, John, " grocer and bar 116 Broad
"Rarden, Jas." laborer at G R R
"Raridon, James," "at G R R," h Alley bt Calhoun and Fenwick
"Rascover, Hammond," "clothing merchant," 144 Broad
"Ratcliffe, Jas," "clerk," h 402 Broad
"Ratcliffe, Mrs. M." h 402 Broad
"Rawlins, Chas." h Jones nr Mill
"Rawlins, Isham" N side Talcot bt Campbelll & Cumming
"Ray, Nathiniel" h S side D'Antignac bt Pine and Kollock
"Read, Miss Lucy J," "superint. Grover & Baker's sewing machine," h Washington bt Walker and Telfair
"Read, Mrs. Martha," "boarding house," 320 and 322 Broad
"Read, Miss Mary," h 208 Broad
"Reagan, Thos. W." "shoe dealer, 181 Broad," h over 181 Broad
"Redfern, Mrs. Margaret," h 23 Green
"Redmond, V.V." bds 44 Walker
"Reed, -----" h S side Ellis bt McKinne and Marbury
"Reed, J." h Broad
"Reed, Mrs Alice," h 71 Reynolds
"Reed, Robt. N" "of Baldwin & R," bds Planters' Hotel
"Reed, Wm. J." at Wm. H Goodrich's Factory.
"Rees, John C" "of R & Linton," h 148 Reynolds
"REES & LINTON," com merchants Jackson bt Bay and Reynolds
"Reese, Elizabeth" h S side Miller bt Kollock and Cumming
"Reese, Enoch," stone cutter cor Cumming and Walker
"Reilly, John," h Reynolds bt Jackson and Campbell
"Reinhart, Julius" "dry goods, 390 Broad," h same
"Renkle, Gregor," "grocer, 160 Broad," h same
"Reppard, Jas." at Wm. H Goodrich's factory
"Reynolds, Bridget," h 234 Green
"Reynolds, Charles," S side D'Antinac bt Pine and Marbury
"Reynolds, Jas." at Wm. H Goodrich's factory
"Reynolds, John" superintendent paint shop G R R
"Reynolds, Thos" at Wm. H Goodrich's factory
"Reynolds, Thos." "blacksmith with J H Lowrey," bds D'Antignac nr Marbury
"Rhiphart, Jas." "bds Mrs Franklin's, Talcot"
"Rhoden, Elisha" h Pine Row nr Augusta factory
"Rhoden, William," "carpenter G R R," N side Baines bt Cumming and Campbell
"Rhodes, Chas." "carpenter," h 44 Reynolds
"Rhodes, J. H." "clerk 308 Broad," bds 154 Broad
"Rhodes, Thos." "grocer, 160 Broad," 154 Broad
"Rhodes, W. P," "clerk," 154 Broad
"Rice, L." carpenter at Wm H Goodrich's factory h 391 Broad
"Rice, M." "plainer at G R R," h Jackson bt Fenwick and Calhoun
"Rice, M. Jr," h Jackson bt Fenwick and Calhoun
"Rice, P." h N side Calhoun bt McIntosh and Jackson
"Rich, C.T." "bridge keeper," h over 121 Broad
"Rich, Wm." "carpenter," h 20 Calhoun
"Richards, Edwear," "book-keeper 265 Broad," h 67 Ellis
"Richards, Thos." "of Jas. M. Dye & Co.," h 165 Reynolds
"Richard, Thos & Son," "books and stationery," 262 Broad
"Richards, Wm. T." "of Thos R & Son," h 87 Reynolds
"Richardson, J.L." "clerk at Holman & Turpin," Broad
"RICHMOND & REED," "grocer, " 318 Broad
"Richmond, W R." "of R & Reed," h Woodlawn
"Rickman, John," "clerk at S C R R," h 22 Reynolds
"Rigby, H." of Quinn and R.
"Rigney, Thos." "stone yard, cor Cumming and Walker," h Fenwick nr Cumming
"Riley, B.C." "clerk, 205 Broad," bds Augusta Hotel
"Riley, James," "grocer," cor Taylor and Twiggs
"Riley, Richard," "blacksmith G R R," h McIntosh bt Fenwick and Walker
"Rion, John," "painter," h 21 Broad
"Roath, D.L." "clerk City Court," h 219 Green
"Roath, Mrs." h 102 Green
"Roach, P." h Fenwick bt Campbell and Cumming
"Robbins, Wm." "clerk 220 Broad," bds S side Ellis bt Cumming and Kollock
"Robbins, S. B." "proprietor Planter's Hotel," 305 Broad
"Robert, Augustus," "book-keeper at Carmichael & Co," h 80 Ellis
"Roberts, Coakery & Co," grocers at 270 Broad
"Roberts, Geo." "printer at Constitutionalist office," h Macartan and Reynolds
"Roberts, J. M." "clerk at Roberts, Coskey & Co," bds Globe Hotel
"Roberts, Joseph," "bds at Mr Franklin's, Talcot"
"Roberts, N." bds 9 Jackson
"Roberts, T.H." office 270 Broad
"Roberts, W.J." h cor Taylor and McIntosh
"Roberts, W.S." "of Roberts, Coskey & Co," h Harrisonville
"Robertson, A.P," h 85 Broad
"Robertson, George," h 48 Green
"Robertson, James," "carpenter," bds 149 Washington
"Robertson, William," "stave maker," h over 128 Broad
"Robinson, S." clerk at Jas M Dye & Co.
"Robinson, Tyre," h S side Factory
"Roche, P." h N side Walker bt Jackson and Campbell
"Rodgers, E." "gun smith," h 118 Reynold
"Rodgers, Z." h Bay bt Mill and McKinne
"Roe, A.H." h N side Fenwick bt Twiggs and Washington
"Roe, Mrs," h N side Walker bt Campbell and Cumming
"Roe, Mrs," h S side Ellis bt Washington and Centre
"Rogers, Alphus," "solicitor, and of Walker & R," bds 87 Broad
"Rogers & Bowen," "gun smiths," 224 Broad
Rogers E.H. "of R & Bowen," 224 Broad
"Rogers, Henry," "carpenter, shop Jackson bt Green & Telfair"
"Rogers, J.H." "clerk at Barret & Carter," bds 87 Broad
"Rogers, Mrs. C.A." h 87 Broad
"Rogers, Sam'l T." "clerk 225 Broad, " bds Aug Hotel
"Rogers, T." "keeper city cemetery," h 21 Green
"Roland, Wm. J." h Jackson bt Green and Telfair
"Rolan?, Jno." h S side Factory
"ROLL, LUTHER," "carriage factory, cor Reynolds and Washington" h 155 Broad
"Rollins, Jas." laborer at Geo R R
"Rooney, Eliza," h Factory
"Ronney, Francis," h cor Barnes and Cumming
"Rooney, Horace," fireman Aug and Sav R R
"Rooney, Jas." "shifter Aug and Sav R R," h 33 Taylor
"Rooney, Mrs. Ann," h S side Fenwich bt Campbell and Jackson
"Rooney, Morris," S side Miller bt Carrie and Cumming
"Rooney, Thos." "grocery, " 18 Centre
"Rosenfelt, Isaac," "of R & Simons," bds Globe Hotel
"Rosenfelt, & Simmons," "merchants," 157 Broad
"Rossignall, Henry," "physican, office 193 Broad," h 189 Broad
"Rossingnal, Paul," h over 127 Broad
"Ross, John" "grocer 357 Broad," h same
"Ross, Jno." "grocer Jackson bt Ellis and Green," h Broad nr Kollock
"Ross, Wm" "clerk Geo T T," h cor Telfair and Campbell
"Ross, Wm." h S side Ellis bt Cumming and Kollock
"Rosseter, Jas." "clerk Jas Bowen," bds 341 Bro??Jr?
"Rottman, Wm." at W H Goodrich's Factory
"Rowe, N.W." "grocer and bar," cor Fenwick and Twiggs
"Rowland, Chas A." "of Fleming & R," bds Mansion House
"Rowland, Sam'l H." "clerk Geo R R," h N side Walker bt Lincoln and Elbert
"Rowley, John," "grocer, cor Walker and Jackson," h same
"Royal, Wm. S." "of Clark & R," h 88 Reynolds
"Ruddall, Mrs A." h 32 Campbell
"Rumley, Edw." "carpenter Geo R R," h 14 Ellis
"Rumsey, W H." "book-keeper 6 McIntosh," bds J Davison
"Rupp, J.C." "sewing machine works," h Lincoln bt Ellis and Broad
"Russell, B.B." "book-keeper and notary public, Union Bank," h 66 Green
"Russell, H. F." "agent excel line steamers, cor Bay and McIntosh," h 64 Walker
"Russell, Jas." h 64 Walker
"Russell, J. B." "apothe. And druggist, 271 Broad," bds City Hotel
"Russell, J.C." "of Garwood & R," 327 Broad
"Russell, Thos." "manufacturing jeweler," 30 McIntosh
"Ruxsell, Miss Nicy," h Reynolds nr Mill
"Ryaus, Jas." bds Mrs. Keys
"Ryerson, J.E." "pastor Baptist Church," bds City Hotel


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