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The Garden City
Augusta-Richmond County Georgia




The purpose of The American History & Genealogy Project is to assist genealogy researchers in finding information about their Richmond County ancestors.  My thanks to Paula Franklin, the previous County Coordinator for her outstanding work, and for  permission to retain what she achieved. I will continue to build on her work.

We cannot do research for individuals. If you have information, documents, photos or anything of interest to Richmond County folks and are willing to share, please contact me.  We are always in need of help.  Copyrighted materiel is not used except with the permission of the copyright owner.

Join the Richmond County mailing list to post questions and make contact with other researchers. This is the best way to connect with people doing research in Richmond County.

Rootsweb's Richmond County Mailing List


From the 1854 United States Gazetteer........
RICHMOND is a county in the Eastern part of Georgia, bordering on the Savannah river, which separates it from South Carolina and contains about 340 square miles. It is drained by Brier, Butler's, McBean's, and Spirit creeks. The surface is uneven; the dividing line between the primary and tertiary formations passes through the county, near Augusta. Excepting in the vicinity of the river, the soil is generally poor. Cotton, Indian corn, oats, and sweet potatoes are the staples. In 1850 this county produced 1087 bales of cotton; 297,780 bushels of corn; 27,458 of oats, and 51,045 of sweet potatoes. There were 2 woollen factories, 1 cotton mill, 2 foundries, 1 car factory, 3 saddle manufactories, 1 machine shop, 3 flour mills, and 19 saw mills. It contained 14 churches, 10 newspaper offices; 720 pupils attending public schools, and 415 attending academies or other schools. Granite, sienite, novaculite, and burrstone are found here. The Savannah river affords extensive water-power at Augusta, and is navigable by steam-boats from that point to its mouth. The county is intersected by the Georgia railroad. This division of the state was formerly called Augusta District: the present name of Richmond County was given in 1777, in honor of the Duke of Richmond, a warm friend of American liberty. The capital city (county seat) is Augusta. Population, 16,246; of whom 8434 were free, and 7812, slaves.
{Taken from page 988 of the New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States. Baldwin, Thomas and J. Thomas, M.D., Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Grambo, & Co., 1854}



1859 Augusta City Directory Newspapers
1895 Cities And Towns Obituaries and Deaths
Cemeteries Organizations
Census Photographs
Churches Recipes   Share your old family receipes. Try the Peach Cobbler. It is my favorite.
Funeral Parlors Maps A great collection of historical maps of Richmond County.
Penny Post Cards of Richmond County Schools
Libraries Surnames 
Richmond County Marriages in McCormick County, SC  Includes marriages of Georgians of Wilkes County, Elbert County, Lincoln County, Richmond County.  The large number of Georgians being married at this time in SC was due to (1) no waiting period (2) no required blood test. Veterans
Vicki Betts Civil War Era Newspaper site  Transcript of the Augusta Daily Constitutionalist January 1861-December 1864 and other War Between the States Newspapers. Wills

Links to mailing lists and important resources for the Richmond County area. These links are offsite. If any of the links do not work, please let me know. To return use your browser's back arrow.

If there are any categories that you would like to see included on this page, please feel free to email me or submit the info for posting. All inquiries and information are welcomed.


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