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Richmond County, GA

Family Group Sheets

These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through,
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Family Group Sheet for:
ANDERSON, Frederick
BISCHOFF, Charles Jerome
BISCHOFF, John Joseph, Sr.
BUCKNER, Daniel (wife#1)
BUCKNER, Daniel (wife#2)
BUCKNER, Martin Emanuel (wife#1)
BUCKNER, Martin Emanuel (wife#2)
CAWLEY, James (wife#1)
CAWLEY, James (wife #2)
CHRISTIAN, Columbus Hardin
COLBY, William
CONNER, Josh Whitaker
CORBIN, William Timothy
DAWSON, Brittian
FORD, Adolphus M.
FORD, John S.
GIBSON, Henry L.
GIBSON, John Clark
GLISSON, James Clarence, Sr.
HARRIS, Ezekiel
HOUGHTON, Michael F.
HOUGHTON, William Michael Seneca (wife #1)
HOUGHTON, William Michael Seneca (wife #2)
HOUGHTON, William Michael Seneca (wife #3)
IVEY, Francis Marion
IVEY, George Flavious, Sr.
JEANS, William Guilford
JOHNSON, Jeremiah
JONES, Henry Kilpatrick (wife #1)
JONES, Henry Kilpatrick (wife #2)
JONES, Henry Kilpatrick (wife #3)
KIGHT, Julian Henton
MARTIN, John Marshall
McCOLLUM, Jordan
MILLS, Robert Albert
MILLS, Robert Sutherland (wife #1)
MILLS, Robert Sutherland (wife #2)
MILLS, Thomas Joseph
MILLS, William S.
NEWMAN, Thomas Beck
NEWMAN, William (wife #2)
PAINTER, William
PERRY, Burwell
PRITCHARD, William Henry, Sr.
READY, Charles
ROOKS, Edward Bohles
ROOKS, Isaac (wife #2)
ROOKS, Isaac DeKalb
ROOKS, Thomas Francis, Sr.
ROOKS, William Ignatius Aloysius
SMITH, William
SPELLMAN, William Percy, Sr.
UTLEY, Frederick Clinton
UTLEY, Henry Clifford
UTLEY, Henry Y., Jr.
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