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In order to protect the integrity of public records and library books, I am ethically bound and hereby agree:

That I will treat with the greatest care and respect all public records and library books which may be made available for my use.

That I will speak with courtesy to all employees of a vital
records office, or of any public library when requesting to see any vital record or library book and that when finished with such records or book, I shall express my thanks to the person attending my requests.

That I will not tear , erase, mark or remove any public record or library book and will refrain from mutilating, defacing, or otherwise destroying any part of such public record or library book.

Staffing the library

Cataloging and indexing incoming materials

Preparation, assembling, mailing, distribution of publications

Share research information/methods with others

Involvement in special projects

Encourage new memberships in the society

Abide by the Genealogist's Code of Ethics

Transcribe records, donate the compilation to the society for

We all have the responsibility to work amicably together for the attainment of our purpose and for the furtherance of the science of genealogy.

We all have the responsibility to work
together for the furtherance of the science of genealogy.

Member's Responsibility to the Society

The Society's Responsibility to the Community

Provide a good collection of genealogical and historical resource books for their use.

Provide classes to teach fundamentals of genealogical research.

Give talks on genealogy to schools, clubs, civic organizations, etc.

Preserve local history and records.

Stimulate interest in our heritage and our past.

Emphasize the importance of preservation of our precious records.


Family history not recorded is soon forgotten.

To contact us:

Savannah Area Genealogical Association

PO Box 15385

Savannah, GA 31416

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Genealogist Code of Ethics