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Spalding County, Georgia Churches

The Flint River Baptist Association

The above is a recently prepared map of the Flint River Baptist Association showing the location of the 43 churches in its bounds, and should be of much interest to the members of the denomination.  The Association was organized in 1824, and at that time included some fifteen counties in this section.  During the 89 years the body has met annually, and has been a great power in the civilization and religious life of Georgia.  Many times churches have drawn out and formed new associations, and the boundaries have grown smaller until they appear as above.  Besides these forty-three churches, there are some twenty-two others in these five counties, these being included in the Atlanta, South River, Centennial and Fairburn Associations.

During its 89 years, the Association has been presided over by the following Moderators: J. S. Calloway, 21 years; R. McGinty, 6 years; J. S. Carter, 7; Adiel Sherwood, 1; W. G. McMichael, 2; J. S. Dodd, 1; J. I. Whittaker, 6; J. E. Stewart, 4; J. T. Kembell, 4; J. H. DeVotie, 1; E. M. Hooten, 1; J. D. Stewart, 2; R. F. Smith, 2; J. L. Gross, 2; N. B. Drewry, 15.  Of these, four are known to the writer as from Jonesboro and Clayton county - J. S. Callaway, J. S. Dodd, J. D. Stewart and A. E. Cloud.

Twenty-one clerks have kept the records of the body during these years; at least five of whom were from Jonesboro - W. T. Kimsey, W. P. Archer, J. F. Culpepper, Lamar Sims, and the present clerk, Spencer B. King.

The combined membership of these forty-three churches is 5360; 559 having been received in 1912.  There are thirty-one ordained ministers in the Association. Thirty-eight Sunday schools with an enrollment of 3,067 were reported last year, and the same minutes show thirty auxiliary societies.  These societies contributed $2,000 to the missionary causes fostered by the denomination. The value of church property in the Association amounts to $127,443, and the
contributions for all purposes for 1912 totaled $25,497.38, or $4.76 per member.  Of this total, $9,910 was for missionary purposes. 

The next session of the Woman's Missionary Union, auxiliary to the Association, is to meet with the Jonesboro W. M. S. on August 26th and 27th.  The ladies here are looking forward with much interest to their coming, and are expecting a larger number than met at Hampton last year.  They are counting on at least 150 representative form over the Association, and several visitors from a
distance.  There will be a night session on Tuesday besides morning and afternoon sessions both days.

The Association proper will meet with the First Baptist church at Griffin, Ga., on Sep. 30th, Oct 1st and 2nd, and an interesting program has already been outlined.  This gives promise of being the best session the Flint River association has ever held.

The Jonesboro News, July 11, 1913 transcribed by Linda Blum-Barton Oct 2004

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