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Spalding County, Georgia Churches

McIntosh  Baptist  Church

Griffin Georgia

September 16, 1894

A number of persons holding letters from regular Baptist churches, met at McIntosh School House on the above date, After hearing the Articles of Faith, rules regulations the Flint River Association , agreed to covenant together and organize themselves into a regular Baptist church, to keep house for God, and donate their lives to his service and this their regular place of fellowship. The name of the church McIntosh Baptist Church Griffin, Georgia.

Names of the members at the organization:

J.A. Brisendine, Walter Brisendine, Oscar Brisendine, Charles Brisendine, J.E. Dearing, C.L. Dupree, John Ellis, Charles Ellis, S.T. Ellis, R. A. Ellis, W. T. LaPrade, Mrs. Mary Brisendine, Mrs. Stella Brisendine, Miss Edna Brisendine, Mrs. Janie Dearing, Mrs. Matt Dupree, Mrs. Emma Dupree. And Mrs. Nellie Smith, Mrs. Martha Nunnally, Mrs. Susan Smith and Miss Nellie Smith. Moderator for the Organization was Rev. W. T. O’Kelly.

Sighed     Edward C. Reid Jr.

                 Church Clerk


Submitted by Bob Ellis.

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