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Spalding County Communities - Orchard Hill


1912 Vol. 1 -- Page: 1190

Sequential Number: 272

Law Number: No. 598.

Full Title: An Act to incorporate the town of Orchard Hill in Spalding County to provide for a Mayor and Councilmen


Page: 1191
and other officers of said town; to prescribe their duties, define their powers and to provide for the enacting of all necessary ordinances and to provide penalties for the violation of the same and for other purposes.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same that from and after the passage of this Act, the town of Orchard Hill in the County of Spalding is hereby incorporated under the name of Orchard Hill.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the corporate limits of said town shall extend 440 yards in every direction from the Central Railway depot in said town, which town shall be laid out in the form of a circle.

SEC. 3. Be it further enacted that the government of said town shall be vested in a Mayor and four Councilmen, who may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded and perform any and all other acts necessary for the government of the said town under the authority of the Mayor and Councilmen of the town of Orchard Hill.

SEC. 4. Be it further enacted that W. J. Grubbs, Jr., be and he is, hereby appointed Mayor and A. G. Swint, A. L. Johnson, Linton Beekham and P. M. Brown, are hereby appointed Councilmen of said town to hold office until the first regular election as hereinafter provided for and until their successors are elected and qualified.

SEC. 5. Be it further enacted that on the first Saturday in December and annually thereafter on the same day, an election shall be held in said town for Mayor and Councilmen, whose terms of office shall be one year or until


Page: 1192
their successors are elected and qualified no one shall vote for or be eligible to said offices of Mayor and Councilmen who is not a bona-fide citizen of said town, and who is not qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly of this State. The said election shall be conducted in the same manner as elections for County officers of this State and certificates of the managers shall be sufficient authority to the persons elected to enter upon the discharge of the duties of the officers to which they have been elected.

SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That before entering upon the discharge of their duties as Mayor and Councilmen they shall take and subscribe to the following oath which may be administered by any person authorized by law to administer oaths. I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully discharge all duties of Mayor or Councilmen of the town of Orchard Hill to the best of my ability, so help me God.

SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Council shall have the power to levy and collect a tax not to exceed one-half of one per centum upon all real and personal property within the corporate limits of said town to lay out streets and lines and compel all persons within the corporate limits of said town who are subject to road duty to work on the streets of said town, or they may at their discretion, impose a commutation tax in lieu of said work on the streets of said town the Mayor and Councilmen being exempt from road duty.

SEC. 8. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor of said town shall have authority to try all persons charged with a violation of the ordinances of said town at any time and punish persons proven guilty by a fine not to exceed fifty


Page: 1193
dollars or thirty days imprisonment or to work upon the streets of the said town thirty days, provided any person may appeal from the Mayor's decision to the Council by giving written notice at the time which said appeal shall be heard at the next regular session of Council.

SEC. 9. Be it further enacted, That from the Councilmen elected a Mayor pro tempore shall be chosen, who shall act instead of the Mayor when he is absent, disqualified, or under other disabilities.

SEC. 10. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Councilmen appointed by this Act and each succeeding Mayor and Council elected and qualified under this Act shall at their first meeting proceed to elect a marshal who shall be a citizen of said town they shall have authority to fix his salary and otherwise regulate his duties.

SEC. 11. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Council shall have power to pass such ordinances and laws deemed necessary for the proper government of said town, and observe such rules for collecting taxes and licenses and fines and all other money due the corporation, and appoint all the officers in their judgment for the correct administration of Justice in said town.

SEC. 12. Be it further enacted, That the said Mayor and council shall have the power to require a license of persons giving exhibitions and shows of all kinds, also power to regulate and license butcher pens, black smith shops, railroad and express companies, and business houses of all kinds, also factories, etc.

SEC. 13. Be it further enacted, That all laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are hereby repealed.

Approval Date: Approved August 19, 1912.

Source:   Digital Library of Georgia

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