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Spalding Co. Court Records

A Ogletree

Homestead 1868

Georgia Spalding  County

            To the ordinary of said county. The petition of Absalum Ogletree showed that he is a citizen of said county & state and is the head of a family having a wife & one widowed child that he is desirous of availing himself of the benefits of an act provided by the legislature of the state entitled and act for the valuation and setting apart a homestead & exception of personal wealth

Four petitioner herewith submits a schedule of his land and personal property –Four petitioner prays your honor to grant him an order directed to the county surveyor of said county requiring him to lay off and admeasure his homestead in terms of law and also pray that petition of the same may be had in terms of law


                                                                        Peeples & Stewart  Petr. Atty

 Real Estate

 223 acres of land in the 4th District of Originally Fayette now Spalding County

 Personal Property

1 Black Mule $125.   1 Sorrel Mule $75                                          $200.00

1 Dark col’d mule (blind)                                                                  $  40.00

2 cows 1 dark col’d & one red                                                           20.00

1    “  speckled & two calves                                                                       20.00

7 heads hogs including sow & pigs                                                      25.00

700 lbs pork 70  60 lbs lard 9.                                                                         79.00

40 busl corn 50 2000lbs fodder 30                                                            80.00

10   “   wheat 15 1 lot weeding hoes & axes5                                                   20.00

1 lot plow stocks gear & plow hoes                                                             15.00

1 grindstone 1.00 1-2 horse wagon 20.                                                21.00

1 buggy 25. harness 5                                                                                      30.00

3 bedsteads and furniture for same                                                        75.00

10 chairs 3.00 3 tables 3.00 1 wardrobe5 safe 3                                      14.00

1 book case & stand 4 1 lot sheets & trunks10                                       14.00

1 lot books 15 1 lot crockery 5 1 stove 25                                             45.00

1 lot knives & forks                                                                                  1.00

1 loom 3.00 1 spinning 50c 1 reel 50c                                                      4.00

2500 lbs seed cotton                                                                              150.00

50 busl cotton seed                                                                                    5.00

1 large wash pot                                                                                      1.00

1 note on F.D. Dismuke dated May 6th 1868 due as date bearing         100.00

             Petitioner has no Gold Silver bullion , United State Bonds or currency on Hand

 The foregoing schedule and prices annexed thereto noted on a Gold basis

                                                                                     Peeples & Stewart

                                                                                    Petrs Atty


Spalding County             In person appeared Absolum Ogletree who on oath says that the forgoing schedule is true to the best of his knowledge and belief

                                                                                    Absolum Ogletree

 Sworned & subscribed

Before me January 1870

Filed in office January 5th 1870      F.D. Dismuke  Ordinary


Georgia Spalding Co.   To Joseph  Buntyn county surveyor of said county you are hereby required to lay off a homestead for said A. Ogletree of the property named in the schedule rendered & make plat & affidavit of the value of said lands in specie & that the same is correctly plated and laid off and return the same to my office before the 7th day of January 1870

            Jan 5 70                                                      F. D. Dismuke     ordinary

Transcribed by Bob & Linda Ellis

Spalding Co. Homestead Book B page 185-187

Ga. Archives Drawer 163 box 69

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