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Spalding Co. Court Records

Lovic P. Ogletree

Petition for Homestead


Petition of Lovic P. Ogletree

For Homestead with schedule of personal property

Filed in office Nov. 19th 1868

D. Dismuke Ordinary

Georgia Spalding County

            The petition of Lovic P. Ogletree of said county respectfully showeth that Lovic is a resident of said county and the head of a family and as such is entitled to a homestead and that he is the owner of one hundred and fifty acres of land in said county. And respectfully requests that your honor will pass an order requiring the county surveyor of said county to lay out and admeasure a homestead out of said land and return the same to your office with a plat of the same verified as the law directs and that such active proceedings  be had as is required by law. Petitioner  hereto appends a list of his personal property all of which he prays may be by the judgment of this court exempted  from levy & sale the same being less in valuation than is allowed by law.

                                                                                    Lovic P. Ogletree

List of personal Property

Household furniture including bed steads bed clothing, chairs tables & other household

Goods                                                                                                  $130.00

Crockery & Cutlery $10. cooking utensils & kitchen furniture                22.00

Farming utensils 15.00 one mule $125.00                                                 140.00

Wagon 25.00 Buggy $40.00                                                                   65.00

4 head cattle  milk cows &C $50.00 Hogs & sheep $40.00                   90.00

Wearing apparel of self & family                                                               20.00

One watch & clock $10.00 lot books 5.00                                          15.00


                                                                        Loviv P. Ogletree

Transcribed By Bob & Linda Ellis

Spalding Co. Homestead

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