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Spalding Co. Land Records

Land Records submitted to Georgia USGenWeb Archives

Spalding Co. Original Land Owners from 1820-21 Lottery Records


DuPree Grantees 1852-1906

DuPree Grantors 1852-1906

Ellis Grantees 1852-1906

Ellis Grantors 1852-1906

Ogletree Grantees to 1904

Ogletree Grantors to 1904

Individual Deeds

Biles, D. R. to John F. Ogletree, 1868
Burgamy, John to Isaac Kendal, 1859
Burgamy, John to Isaac Kendell, 1859
Ellis, James T. (Admr) to C. S. Westmoreland, 1882
Ellis, Thomas to Radford Ellis, 1859
Ellis, William heirs to Savannah Griffin & North Alabama Rail Road Co., 1882
Fullerton, Thomas D. to Absalom Ogletree, 1853
Gay, A. O. to B. A. Ogletree, 1890
Gibson, James to Absalom H. Ogletree, 1858
McVicker, Duncan to Abednago Ogletree, 1842
Miller, William to John Burgamy, 1854
Norton, Martin to John Burgamy, 1854
Ogletree, A. to A. W. Walker, 1872
Ogletree, Abednago to Henry P. Smith, 1853
Ogletree, Absalom to Jesse T. Smith, 1859
Ogletree, B. A. to Absalom Ogletree, et al 1890
Ogletree, Lovic to Absalom Ogletree, 1852
Ogletree, Lovic P. to John J. Elder, 1888
Ogletree, L. P. to H. P. Ogletree, 1868
Ogletree, Thomas & Nancy to Delilah Crowly, 1870
Puckett Family to Wm. T. Ellis, 1869
Scott, Stephen to John Burgamy, 1854
Scott, Stephen to John Burgamy, 1856
Starr, Benjamine to Hope Ogletree, 1839
Starr, J. H. & Hill to H. P. Ogletree, 1881

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