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Spalding County, Georgia

Indian Wars -

Special Act


 Nancy E. Ellis        

P.O. Griffin Ga.

Widow of James T. Ellis

 Capt Malone, Ga. Vols. Fla. War

 March 20, 1891  L. Hope Clerk

 Application filed March 20, 1891


             Old War

No. 7859                            File 29826

Special Act

Nancy E. Ellis widow of James T. Ellis

Rank                            Capt.


Regiment                     Ga. Vols.

Rate per month              $12

Commencing                Mar. 3, 1891


Certificate dated            Mar. 26, 1891

And sent                  Mar 28 1891

Payable at                     Knoxville  Agency



Submitted for   March 21 1891;  Lewis C. White, Examiner

Approved for admission under the provisions of a Special Act of Congress

Approved March 3, 1891,  a pension of $12 per mo. which has been legally accepted, March 24, 1891,

Important Dates:

Enlisted May 13, 1838

Discharged June 24, 1838

Declaration filed March 20, 1891



O. W. Wid.

File # 29826

 US PENSION AGENCY, Knoxville, Tenn., Sep 10 1895

Hon. Wm. Lochren

Commissioner of Pensions


I hereby report that the name of Nancy E. Ellis wid. of James T., Capt. Ga. Vols., who was a pensioner on the rolls of this Agency, under Certificate No. 7859, and who was last paid at $12.00, to 4 May, 1895, has been dropped because of death.

 Very respectfully,

 D.A. Carpenter, Pension Agent.

 Transcribed by Bob Ellis, Duluth, GA

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