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Spalding County, Georgia

Wills & Probate

Wm. J. Ellis

Wm. J Ellis


Mary E. Ellis


            State of Georgia Spalding County by the court of ordinary of said County To W.J. Bridges Jas. R. Smith, F.A. Freeman, Henry Chapman D. E. Drewry , These are to authorize you or any three of you who names are here above written to attend and appraise the goods & Chattels Lands Tenements rights or credits of W.J. Ellis deceased where so ever any of the goods chattels lands tenements rights or credits of said deceased  are within the county of Spalding which shall be shown unto you by Mrs. Mary E. Ellis or come to your knowledge or sight you having first taken an oath before some legally qualified person to make a true & perfect appraisement and inventory thereof & to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or more of you to the said court within two months from the date hereof.

In Testimony whereof I hereunto affix my hand and seal this 3rd day of May 1886

                                                                                    E.W. Hammond  ordinary

W.J. Ellis


Mary E. Ellis Adm.

Inventory & Appraisement of the Estate of W.J. Ellis deceased

1 Two Horse  $25.00  1 One Horse Wagon            $15.00                                     $40.00

1 Old Buggy $2.50  2 Cotton planters 1.00                                                         3.50

1 Large wash pot 2.50  1 lot of Corn 40 bushels 26.00                             28.50

1 Lot of Fodder  900 lbs  4.50  one cow & calf  12.50                             17.00

1 Cow & two yearlings 12.00 1 mule named Queen 50.00                              62.00

1 Mule named Mollie Dunn  20.00                                                                 20.00

2 Plow Stocks & Gear & one wheel barrow                                                       3.25

446 acres of land at 7 dollars per acre                                                                      3,122.00

We the undersigned appraisers do certify that having been first sworn by and before each other according to law that the forgoing is a true inventory and appraisement of all the Estate of W.J. Ellis deceased so far as the same was produced before us by the administrix  of said deceased to the best of our judgment and understanding.

Given under our hands and seals the 3rd day of May 1886

                                                                                    W.J. Bridges

                                                                                    F.A. Freeman

                                                                                    D.E. Drewry

                                                                                    H.H. Chapman

                                                                                    James R. Smith     Appraisers

Georgia Spalding

County                                                   Personally came before me Mrs. Mary E. Ellis adnix of W.J. Ellis deceased who being duly sworn deposeth & saith that the within & foregoing inventory is just true & correct an contains a true account of all goods and chattels rights & Credits and real estate of said deceased that have come to her hands possession or knowledge

                                                                        Mary E. Ellis

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of May 1886

                                                                        E. W. Harmmond    ordinary.

Transcribed by Bob & Linda Ellis

Spalding Co. Book B pages 200-201 Inventories & Appraisements

Ga. Archives Drawer 164 box 71

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