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Spalding County, Georgia

Wills & Probate


 By the Court of Ordinary of said County

 To J.B. Bell, J.F. Ogletree , G. G. Head , J.R. Lindsey and W. J. Futral   these are to authorize you or any three of you, whose names are here above written, to attend and appraise the goods and chattels, lands and tenements, rights or credits of   P. R. Ogletree  

Deceased wheresoever any and all goods chattels, lands tenements, rights or credits of said deceased are within the County of Spalding, and which shall be sworn unto you by  

R.D. Ogletree  or come to your knowledge or sight, you having first taken an oath before some legally authorized person to make a true and perfect inventory thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands, or any three or more of you, to the Court within two months from the date hereof .

            In testimony Whereof, I hereunto affix my hand and seal, this 22nd day of August 1899.

                                                                                                J. A. Drewry, Ordinary


             You J. B. Bell, G. G. Head, J. R. Lindsey and W. F. Futral do swear that you will make a just and true appraisement and inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, rights, and credits of P. R. Ogletree, deceased, as shall be produced to you by R. D. Ogletree, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, and will make a return thereof according to law.

 Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of August, 1899.

C. A. Cooper, J. P.

                                                                                                J. B. Bell

                                                                                                J. R. Lindsey

                                                                                                G. G. Head

                                                                                                W. J. Futral


Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of P. R. OGLETREE, Deceased

                                                                                                             Dollars   Cents

Home Place & Wise Place containing 175 acres                                   1,462

Little John Place 45 acres                                                                        360

Lewis Place  50 acres                                                                             500

Charley Jester’s crop estimated 6 bales of cotton

And corn 40 bushels, fodder 500 bundles

Lewis Dickerson’s crop estimate at 7 bales of cotton and 60 bushels corn, 1000 bundles fodder

J. W. Ogletree's crop estimated at 12 bales of cotton, 100 bushels of corn, 1,175 bundles of fodder         

1 pr. Of gray mules worth                                                                     125

1 black mule worth                                                                                 40

1 sorrel mare                                                                                          40

5 hogs                                                                                                    15

1 sow and 4 pigs                                                                                    10

2 cows and 1 calf                                                                                   45

12 bushels of wheat                                                                                  10   80

Set shop tools                                                                                          8

2 cotton planters                                                                                      4

4 Haiman plow stocks  and lot of plow hoes                                            4

4 Boy Dixie plows                                                                                  2
1 – 2 horse plow                                                                                    5

1 set plow gear                                                                                      2

Buggy & harnesses                                                                                       10                               

1 – 2 horse wagon                                                                               20

1 saw, 1 square, auger brace and bit                                                      2

1 grindstone                                                                                           1

1 pr. Shears                                                                                         50

Notes and accounts 

We the undersigned appraisers, do certify, that having been first sworn by and before each other according to law, that the within and foregoing is a true inventory and appraisement of all of the estate of P. R. Ogletree, deceased, so far as the same was produced before us the Administrator    of said Deceased, to the best of our judgement an understanding.             

Given under our hand and seal, this 26th day of August 1899

G. G. Head, L.S.                                                      R. J. Lindsey, L.S.

W. J. Futral, L.S.                                                      J. B. Bell, L.S.


Personally came before me Robert D. Ogletree, Administrator of P. R. Ogletree, deceased, who being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the within and foregoing inventory is just, true, and correct, and contains a true account of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits, and real estate of said deceased, that have come to his hands, possession or knowledge.                                           R. D. Ogletree

Sworn to  and subscribed before me this

31st day of August 1899                                         J. A. Drewry, Ordinary

Recorded August 31st 1899                                        J. A. Drewry, Ordinary

 GA Archives Dr. 164, Box 72

Spalding County Inv. & Appraisement Book C, p. 49

 Transcribed by Bob & Linda Ellis, Duluth, GA

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