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Miscellaneous Information

of Spalding County

Legislative and Political Records

Griffin Police Department - 1910

J. R. Cox - 1914

Captain J. J. White

Historical Markers

Griffin High School Basketball Team - early 1900s

Reverend Obediah C. Gibson House - Data Page

Politicians of Spalding County

William Franklin Avery - Social Security Application

How Dixie Got Her Name

Governors of Georgia

GAGenWeb County Links

Dates GA Counties were Founded

Official Proclamation, The Georgia Enterprise, October 1, 1869

William Ellis - Surveyor - 1821

Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Jas. T. Ellis deceased

Railroads of Griffin

Sale Bill of Estate of J. T. Ellis

Spalding County Officials, 1852 - 1861

Pike County Officials, 1850 - 1855

Griffin Doctors - 1903 - 1904


Land Grants



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