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Oak Hill Cemetery

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Politicians buried in Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery was a part of Lewis Lawrence Griffinís original plan for the city. Many persons crucial for the establishment of Griffin and Spalding County are buried there. Nationally known figures buried in Oak Hill include James S. Boyton, Governor of Georgia after the death of Alexander Stephens, a hero of the Confederate Navy, John McIntosh Kell and Martha Eleanora Holliday, Docís sister who died in infancy. The cemetery is one place to walk through Griffinís history.

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Name Inscriptions/Comments Date of Birth Date of Death


Brown, Lena S.  

November 23, 1903

January 30, 1975



Coleman, Jacob

GEORGIA, PFC, 2533 Base Unit AAF, World War II

July 28, 1924 April 17, 1960


Drewry, Blanche S.   b. August 11, 1866 d. April 25, 1906
Drewry, Marie Louise Ellis *1st wife of N. B. Drewry, M.D. Died shortly after giving birth to son. b. 10 Sept 1839  d. 4 Aug 1864
Drewry, Mary Minor Herndon *2nd wife of N. B. Drewry, M.D. b. 11 Apr. 1845 d. 23 July 1891
Drewry, Nicholas Butt, M.D. * biography, photo December 15, 1834 June 30, 1920
Drewry, infant son *son of N. B. and Marie Louise Drewry b. 17 July 1864 d. Nov. 1864
Drewry, James Albert * biography

b. February 13, 1860

d. February 1, 1933

Drewry, Joseph Herndon *son of N. B. and Mary Minor Drewry b. 3 Apr 1869 d. 7 May 1937


Evans, Paul Emmett


July 5, 1887 September 6, 1954


Goodrich Plot * monument    
Larry Goodrich Clark Daughter; Buried in Smethport, PA 1922 1998
Ada Goodrich   1878 1880
Ada Prichard Goodrich   1841 1920
Cecillia Goodrich Anderson Sister 1834 1905
Ella Goodrich   1875 1885
Eli Richards Goodrich Father 1806 1868
Kathleene Laramore Goodrich   1890 1951
Letitia Beeks Goodrich Mother 1818 1896
Lucien Prichard Goodrich   1881 1954
Mary Goodrich     1920
Ophelia Goodrich Smith Wife of Major A. B. Smith, Mother November 13, 1833 November 7, 1907
William A. Goodrich   1872 1913
William A. Goodrich, Jr.   1911 1982
Wm. Lucien Goodrich 2nd. GA. CAV. C. S. A. 1841 1915


Harris, Lou She hath done what she could Born - 1852 Died - 1906
Holliday, Martha Eleanora * see tombstone photos   June 12th 1850


Johnson, Charles

Aged 75. Years. Asleep in Jesus Arms.

  October 2, 1899
Jones, Ada   1880 no death date


Martha Amelia Watson McWilliams wife of R. P. McWilliams; Devoted Christian, Wife, Mother, Friend November 9, 1828 March 12, 1903
Robert Patrick McWilliams *see photo for inscription and details February 20, 1824 January 17, 1912


Mattie Brooks Melton Mother

March 20, 1878

August 15, 1943

H. Bynum Melton Father

September 11, 1874

October 2, 1965



Sanders, Mollie   1883 1959
Spikes, Hannah M.   1874 1968


Thomas, Maj. Gen. Charles Edwin *see Whittington Plot    
Thomas, Lieut. Charles Edwin, Jr. * see Whittington Plot    
Whittington - Thompson Monument * monument    
Thompson, Emily Josephine Whittington * see Whittington Plot    
Glee Brock Thompson * see Whittington Plot

October 18, 1898

July 9, 1971


White, John James Born in Carolina Co., Va. 7 Sept 1845 7 Feb 1888
White, Dora Hutchinson   1850 1922
Whittington Plot * monument    
Whittington Monument      
Whittington - Thompson Monument      
Maj. Gen. Charles Edwin Thomas USAF World Wars I & II    
Lieut. Charles Edwin Thomas, Jr.

Graduate West Point Military Academy, Class of 1941, and served in USAF World War II

  Lost in Flight May 1942
Emily Josephine Whittington Thompson

wife of Glee Brock Thompson

February 5, 1900

June 27, 1985

Glee Brock Thompson * military marker October 18, 1898 July 9, 1971
Alice Whittington

Daughter of H. H. and E. L. Whittington

April 3, 1861

November 15, 1864

Charles Howard Whittington * monument August 7, 1878 August 28, 1959
Emily Waters Whittington  

November 16, 1842

January 17, 1884

Horton H. Whittington

Scogin's Btry Griffin GA. L. Arty. C. S. A.

Howard Horton Whittington * monument Soldier of the Confederacy    
Laura Whitaker Whittington   April 5, 1876 March 26, 1934
"Miss Marthie" Whittington      
Thaddeus Whittington Soldier of the Revolutionary War    
Dr. William Whittington      

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Politicians buried in Oak Hill Cemetery

from Political Graveyard

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comments
James Stoddard Boynton May 7, 1833 December 22, 1902 Governor of Georgia - 1883
David Jackson Bailey

 [congressional record]

March 11, 1812 June 14, 1897 of Jackson, Butts County, Ga.; Griffin, Spalding County, Ga. Born in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Ga., March 11, 1812. Member of Georgia state house of representatives, 1835, 1847; member of Georgia state senate, 1838, 1849-50, 1855-56; U.S. Representative from Georgia 3rd District, 1851-55; defeated, 1854; delegate to Georgia secession convention, 1861; colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Died in Griffin, Spalding County, Ga.
John David Stewart

[congressional record]

August 2, 1833 January 28, 1894 of Griffin, Spalding County, Ga. Born near Fayetteville, Fayette County, Ga. Democrat. State court judge in Georgia, 1858; member of Georgia state legislature, 1865; mayor of Griffin, Ga., 1875; U.S. Representative from Georgia 5th District, 1887-91.
Erasmus Williams Beck

[congressional record]

October 21, 1833 July 22, 1898 Born in McDonough, Henry County, Ga. Democrat. U.S. Representative from Georgia 4th District, 1872-73. Died in Griffin, Spalding County Ga..
John McIntosh Kell     Adjutant General of Georgia, 1887-1900