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Obituary Contributed by
Franklin Glenn Addy Valerie Freeman and Linda Patterson
Emily Frances Allen Don Bankston


Col. D. J. Bailey Don Bankston
C. W. Black Don Bankston
Mrs. Julia E. Blanton Joe Cannafax
William McKendree Blanton Joe Cannafax
Mr. Richard F. Budd Don Bankston
Martha Madora 'Dora' (Nixon) Swygert Burdette - Tribute Valerie Freeman and Linda Patterson
Martha Madora 'Dora' (Nixon) Swygert Burdette - Obits Valerie Freeman and Linda Patterson


M. A. Carlisle (Mrs. Stanmore H.) Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Dr. Benjamin F. Carter Don Bankston
Charles W. Connell Valerie (Johnson) Freeman
Fannie Corley Barbara Williams
Mrs. Mary M. Cotting Don Bankston
Melvina Couch Don Bankston
Miss Sara Crenshaw Elaine Turk Nell

Ester Viola (Swygert) Shackleford Crowe

Valerie Freeman and Linda Patterson

Morgan R. Crowe

Valerie Freeman and Linda Patterson



William Crosby Dawson Don Bankston
Mary Dewberry Linda Blum-Barton


Dr. J. H. Eakes

Phyllis Thompson

Hubert R. Ellis Bob Ellis
James R. Ellis Bob Ellis
Dr. James Thomas Ellis Bob Ellis
Miss Louise Ellis Bob Ellis
Mrs. Maggie Leona Bransford Ellis Bob Ellis
Mrs. Mary L. Ellis Bob Ellis
Mrs. Nancy Ellis Bob Ellis
Thomas D. Ellis Bob Ellis


Mrs. Birdie Ogletree Ford Bob & Linda Ellis


Miss Mollie Gholston Jacqueline King
Col. Douglas Glessner Candace (Teal) Gravelle


Mrs. Maude Thurmond Hawkins Hall (Griffin Daily News)

Elaine Turk Nell
Mrs. Maude Thurmond Hawkins Hall (Barnsville News) Elaine Turk Nell
Hammond Mortally Wounded Don Bankston
George Head Don Bankston
Mrs. Martha Ellen Moorefield Hewitt Joel Newbern Hewitt
Denver Republican - Doc Holliday Obituary  
Dr. Holmes Don Bankston
Mrs. Mary Howell Lynn Cunningham




Mr. Charles Jenkins Don Bankston




Reuben Langford

Elaine Turk Nell
Mrs. Logan Don Bankston
Col. Jas H. Logan Don Bankston


1st Lieutenant William E. McConnell Diane Stark McConnell Sanfilippo
Mrs. Henry McKinney Don Bankston


Harry Lee Moorefield Joel Newbern Hewitt


John Nolan Candance (Teal) Gravelle


B. A. Ogletree  
Emmett M. Owen Elaine Turk Nell


Aleck Parish Don Bankston
W. A. Piper Don Bankston


John Reuben Reynolds Don Bankston
Nannie Lou Russell Bob & Linda Ellis


Lily Jane Sibley Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Joseph Daniel Smith Elaine Turk Nell
Newton Smith Phyllis Thompson
General Thomas Smith

Phyllis Thompson

Judge John D. Stewart Phyllis Thompson
John Sutherland Carla Miles


G. W. Taylor Don Bankston
Emily Thomas Don Bankston
Mitchell Thurman Don Bankston
Mrs. Sarah L. Thurmond (Empire State) Don Bankston
Mrs. Sarah L. Thurmond - Obit Don Bankston
Dr. Thomas Daniel Thurmond Elaine Turk Nell


James Waldrop Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Mrs. Emma Welch Elaine Turk Nell
Mrs. Joseph J. White Don Bankston


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