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Griffin, GA, All Right!

November 4, 1863

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DAILY INTELLIGENCER, [ATLANTA, GA], November 4, 1863, p. 1, c. 2

Griffin, Ga., All Right!

If there is anything on earth I love, it is an industrious, grateful, benevolent, and patriotic people.  Industry, gratitude, benevolence and patriotism, make a truly great and good people.

Knowing this to be true, I cannot forbear expressing my sentiments to the ladies of Griffin.  Ever true and patriotic to our cause, they are acting nobly their part in the great struggle for Southern independence.  When we come to make up the history of our country, then those bright deeds of the ladies of Griffin will be registered on its pages, and will there stand as everlasting memorials of their gratitude and kindness.

    These kind ladies visit the hospitals every day, and by their soft words and bewitching smiles, cheer the drooping min of the sick and wounded soldier.  They also bring along with them niceties of every kind and description, such as are best adapted to the nature and cases of the sick and wounded.  This is not a now and then occurrence, but every day they come to see the sick and wounded, and furnish such things and nourishments as they may need.  to speak all in a few words, they have done much and are still doing all in their power to render the sick and wounded comfortable, and to ensure, if possible, a speedy recovery.  Many of the sick and wounded soldiers are far away from home and kindred, where they cannot even hear from them.  O!  how dear these kind and affectionate ladies must feel to them!  True, there is no kind mother of affectionate sister to wipe the tears from their eyes; to soothe them in their sorrows, to comfort and console them in their pains and distresses; but yet these kind ladies are ever ready and willing to administer to their wants and necessities.  Language fails me to express my sentiments to these kind and endearing ladies, and of their noble, patriotic and generous deeds.  Suffice it to say they are all right, and have done, and are still doing all in their power for the comfort and improvement of the sick and wounded soldiers.  Heaven will smile upon them for these generous deeds, and though, at times, their sorrows may be great and many, yet they will, in due season, reap the reward which they so nobly merit.

    It gives me great pleasure to know that when I write home to my dear companions and friends, I can tell them of the noble, patriotic and kind deeds of the ladies of Griffin, Ga.

    Ladies, believing that you will receive the reward which you so nobly and justly merit, I now return you, not only my thanks, but the thanks of all who have been inmates of any of the hospitals in the city, for your kindness and attention.  I speak for all, and I know they will say amen to all I have said.  You have acted the part of mothers and sisters to us, and we shall ever feel grateful for it.  When we leave you and are far away on the tented field of battle, then will we cherish the fond recollection of you and your noble deeds.  In the hour of battle the recollection of you and your kindness will nerve and buoy us up to acts of more noble daring.  Your acts of kindness will never be forgotten by us.  Flowers may bloom and fade away, but these acts of kindness, like the bright morning star, shall still continue to burnish forth till the last day.  Soon you will all be lying in the silent slumbers of death, but these acts of kindness will remain on the pages of history, and succeeding generations will boast of you, and point their children to your great and illustrious deeds with much pleasure and joy.

    May the blessings of heaven rest on you and all who, like you, are true to our cause!  May you live a long and prosperous life!  Then, when you come to die, may you shout triumphantly over both sin and the devil--in heaven may you find a home at last!

                                                                                   Quintard Hospital, Bunk 122, Oct. 29, '63. 


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