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Pike County Officials

1850 - 1855

The Spalding County GAGenWeb Project

Coms. Name Office When Succeeded

Jany 15

Lawrence P. Alexander


14 January 1852


John A. Cochran Clk Superior Court



Wiley E. Maugham Clerk Inferior Court



Bowling Green Tax Receiver 16 January 1851


Richard Lawrence Tax Collector 14    "   1852

Jany 15

Albert N. Piper County Surveyor Coms. Ntumen.


Alexander W. Humphries Coroner 14 January 1852
June  7 James T. Ellis Co. Surveyor Coms. Ntumen.
Jany  20 Wiley E. Maugham Clk & Ordinary 27 January 52
"    16 Bowling Green R Tax Returns 14            
Jany 14 John Couch Sheriff 11 January 1854
       John A. Cochran Clk Supr Court             
       Joseph C. Beckham Clk  Infr Court             
      27 Wiley E. Maugham Ordinary 11 Sept  "
      14 Bowling Green Receiver of Tax 17 January 1853
       Jas. R. Culpepper Collector of Tax 11 June 1853
"      " Joseph Fincher Coroner 11 Jan 1854
      Wm. W. Arnold County Surveyor             

Jany 17 

Boling Green

Rec of Tax


June 11 Joseph R. Culpepper Col of Tax            
Jan 11 Wiley W. Grisham Sheriff 11 Jany 1856
       John A. Cochrane Clk Supr Court             
       Joseph C. Beckham Clk Infr Court             
       Bowling Green Tax Receiver Jan 9th 1855
       Joseph R. Culpepper Tax Collector              
       Joseph Fincher Coroner 11 Jany 1856
       William Williams Surveyor              
Sep  11 Joseph C. Beckham Ordinary              
Jan   9 Benjamin F. Lipsey Tax Receiver             
       J. R. Culpepper Tax Collector             

Transcribed by Bob Ellis, Duluth, GA

Georgia Archives, Pike County Drawer 54/Box 64

Georgia Executive County Offices Commission 1850-1861

Transcribed and contributed by Robert Ellis, Duluth, GA, 10/21/2005




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