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Stonewall Confederate Cemetery

Interments and Photos
The Spalding County GAGenWeb Project
Photos and Interments will be included as I am able to get them uploaded - coming soon!
T. J. Ackerman John B. Forrest M
Pvt. James M. Freeman J. W. Marley
Corp William Martin
Corp. John H. Adams G William Mentiss Pvt. Joshua Terrell
B J. George A. J. Miller Pvt. A. W. Thompson
Pvt. George Barnes
James W. Barnes H. Graham M. D. More Pvt. S. P. Tidwell
H. J. Benjamin 2nd Lt M. P. Grant
G. W. Betty
C H W. Trammell
George A. Conkey (Span-Am War)
S. J. Creighead A. H. Haynes P W
Robert Hood Pvt. David Pearce
D W. A. Hughes Pvt. James Peevy Samuel M. Whitwell
Serg. R. N. Perkins
Serg Richard Price
1st Lieut James H. Darden I R
H. R. Davidson J. L. P. Isbell N. W. Raigin
Asst Surg Dennis Solomon S. Reed
J. W. Deputy Pvt. William L. Ross
H. C. Doyal
2D LT J. D. Droze J S
Pvt. Daniel Drumm Larkin A. Jordan William H. Shores
W. M. Smith
Caleb Stevens
E Pvt. John C. Switzer
Cpl. Henry N. Emerson K
Nathan Kellogg U.S.A.
W. H. Latt Pvt. Charles Zeigler
Gen. Joe Wheeler Monument
Stonewall Confederate Cemetery Map and Directions
Memorial Monuments

Unless otherwise noted, photos are taken by Beth Shaw. Photo on this page taken January 16, 2005.

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