2013 Department Calendar

    The following is the calendar of the Department, and shows the date, the event, website, and other information. If you have an event that you, or your Camp, would like to have added to this list please nofity the Department Signal's Officer.

  • June 2013 (1863)

  •     22nd: 2nd Annual Camp Cookout, Sumter, South Carolina (Devens Camp No. 10)

        22nd & 23rd: Living History Event, Barringer Hall, Marietta, Georgia (Moon Camp No. 2)

        27th to 30th: [Reenactment] 150th BGA Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

        29th: Camp Meeting, Marietta, Georgia (Kennesaw Camp No. 3)

  • July 2013 (1863)

  •     None At This Time

  • August 2013 (1863)

  •     8th & 11th: SUVCW National Encampment, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • September 2013 (1863)

  •     14th: Camp Meeting, Charleston, South Carolina (Devens Camp No. 10)

        19th to 22nd: [Reenactment] 150th Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia

  • October 2013 (1863)

  •     12th: Department Mid-Year Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

  • November 2013 (1863)

  •     9th & 10th: [Reenactment] 150th Battle of Battery Wagner, Charleston, South Carolina

        23rd: Remembrance Day, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

  • December 2013 (1863)

  •     14th: Camp Meeting, Columbia, South Carolina (Devens Camp No. 10)

    (Above) Members of the Department at various events in Georgia & S. Carolina
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