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Collingsworth Methodist Menifee's Meeting House Ephesus Progressive Primitive Baptist
Concord Baptist Church Evans Chapel
Junction Baptist Church Horeb Primitive Baptist Church
Sardis Methodist Church Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church
Union Primitive Baptist Church Valley Grove Baptist Church
Woodland Baptist Church A Typical Methodist Family

Mt Zion Baptist Church - Columbus Baptist Assn was held at Mt Zion Baptist Church 28 Sept 1862

County Line Baptist - Columbus Baptist Assn was held at County Line Baptist Church in Talbot County 25 Sept 1864.

United Methodist Church. Talbotton.  Part of the Flint

 River Mission of which Talbot County was included.

  When Talbotton was incorporated 20 Dec 1828  and a lot

was set aside for a Methodist church which was deeded to

 them on 25 June 1831.  A large wooden building was built

 to house the church and in 1857 a handmade brick church

 was built by Miranda Fort.  It is amongst the oldest brick

 churches of the South Georgia Conference.

(Need a historic photo of the early Antioch Baptist Church please)




Antioch Baptist Church , organized in 1829 is southeast of Carsonville Planter's Academy

Robert Carson also deeded (April 6, 1842) to Planters Academy, an adjoining 

acre of land next to the Methodist Church. (Land Lot #131, 24th Land 

District). The Trustees at the time were John Carson, William P. Edwards, 

John Emerson, Nathaniel Raines, Richard B. Rucker and Howell Short. Edwards 
and Rucker were prominent farmers, slaveholders and owners of large acreage 
(Talbot Co at that time). This early school was incorporated in 1835.
Antioch Baptist Church in located in what is now Taylor County.  Early Member list is 
shown here.  1829 membership: Ichabod Cox, Mary (Rowan) Cox, William T Burk and 
Epsy Ann (Collins) Burk, Lemuel Cos, William Rushin, George Palmer, Martha Palmer, 
Caroline Powell, Tom of color, Judy of color, Rev Henry Bell, Caroline S (Fickling) Cox,
Mary (Cox) Rushin, Nancy Moore, Mary Hudgins, Anthony Rich, Richard B Ruckner
and Cyrena W Rucker, Mason of color, Emily of color, Maranda Powell, Richard B 
Hudgens, Thomas Crowley, Sally Mathews.
History of Antioch Baptist Church is located at this link.
Zion Episcopal Church, founded in the 1830's.

 Built in the 1848.  The galleries above were for

the slaves.  The church is open by appointment. 

 Architect/builder was Richard Upjohn.

The altar, pulpit and prayer desk were all made

 of local walnut.

The pipe organ is a Pilcher and is still operated

 by hand. It was installed in 1850 and has been in

 continuous use since that time.



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