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Marriage Bk E


Marriage Licenses


DAR #0848249


Bd of Commissioners #0249415 (1882-1896)

#0249416 (1896-1905)

Annual Returns


Court of Ordinary #0249385 (1828-1848)

#0249386 (1848-1853

#0249387 (1853-1859)

#0249388 (1859-1867)

#0249389 (1867-1876)

#0249390 (1874-1926)

Court Records and Petitions


Court of Ordinary #0249381 (1879-1910)


Court of Ordinary #0249429
Guardian Bonds


Court of Ordinary #0249394 (1845-1857)

#0249395 (1857-1895)

#0249396 (1830-1881)

#0249397 (1897-1938)

Homestead Records


Court of Ordinary #0249418
Inferior Court Minutes


Court of Ordinary #0249413 (1828-1855)

#0249414 (1844-1868)



Court of Ordinary #0249382 (1829-1855)

#0249383 (1855-1877)

Letters of Administration


Court of Ordinary #0249392 (1852-1943)

#0249393 (1894-1943)

Letters of Dismission


Court of Ordinary #0249412
Marriage Records


Court of Ordinary #0249366(1828-1867)


#0249368 (1875-1886)

#0249369 (1886-1898)

#0249370 (1898-1903)

Memo of all vital orders


Court of Ordinary #0249379
Minutes of Schools Court of Ordinary #0249420
Muster Rolls of CSA(1861-1899)

Pension Rolls (1861-1915)

Court of Ordinary #0249422
Retail liquor Licenses (1828-1833) Court of Ordinary #0249366
Vouchers (1850-1914) Court of Ordinary #0249398 (1850-1855)


#0249400 (1856-1857)

#0249401 (1856-1859)

#0249402 (1858-1860)

#0249403 (1856-1865)

#0249404 (1867-1873)

#0249405 (1875-1879)

#0249406 (1879-1886)

#0249407 (1886-1896)

#0249408 (1894-1914)

Sales Books (1829-1924) Court of Ordinary #0249409 (1829-1865)

#0249410 (1856-1875)

#0249411 (1877-1924


County Histories

A Rockaway in Talbot: travels in an old Georgia County by WilliamH. Davidson Hester Printing, 1983

    Vol 1-The city of Talbotton, county seat, its Le Vert HistoricalDistrict, historic hotels, stagecoach and hack lines, old houses, andfamilies in Talbotton G.M.D. 685, & Valley GMD 902.

    Vol 2-The militia districts of Pleasant Hill, Red Bone, Prattsburg,Centerville, Hart's and Junction City, and land district maps

    Vol 3 - Geneva G.M.D. 889, Box Springs GMD 688, O'Neal's GMD 894 andland district maps

    Vol 4-Information on the Cotton World of the South, the militia districtsof RoughEdge & Flint Hill, Old Talbot in Taylor County, The Way of Politics in1878, Flint RiverReflections.

    Lookup Volunteer for the Rockaway Series: Patsy Williams cclad@usit.net

There Was a Land by Judge Robert H. Jordan 1916-1992. pub.1971.Unindexed. General County history, including a small

    family history section. This is an excellent book, but isn't indexed.

    Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
    P.O. Box 98
    Talbotton, Ga. 31827

History of Pleasant Hill. Features families of Goolsby and Nelson,Brooks, Chapman, Foster, Hendricks, Ferguson,

    McCoy, Cosby, Hight, Daniel, Hancock, Marshall, McCoy, McDonald, Weatherly and Woodall. Goolsby, Nelson. 1993. (Alpharetta, GA) 422 pgs. Indexed

It concerns the Pleasant Hill District of Talbot County,described in the book as including much of the 23rd Land District and partof the 1st and 2nd Land District in the Valley area. Pleasant Hill islocated on Georgia Hwy 36, four and a half miles northeast of Woodland and15 miles southwest of Thomaston. It is five miles southwest of the FlintRiver and it borders Celcoth Creek.

They Helped Make a Great America: Six distinguished Talbot Copatriots.  Published by Historical Society of Talbot Co,

Robert Morris/ CharlesW. Kellogg, John Dickinson/ Gordon Fisher, Jr, Lieut Col Tench Tilghman/Daniel C. Buchanan, Samuel Hambleton/Robert Sharp II; Brig Gen PerryBenson/G.A. Van Lennep, Jr; Adm Franklin Buchanan/Howard C. Eley.

Biography-Towns, George Washington. Archive/Manuscript. Includes Talbot Co info.


Published Records:


Deed Book A (1827-1830) 1957 published by the DARChapter



Cemetery Records. Torbert, Robert Ellington , 1987; 98 pgs.

Cemetery Markers of Talbot Co. Morgan, Jack. 1979. 73 pgs. map




1850 Talbot County Census compiled by Rhea Cumming Otto (1974) Copy in Washington Memorial Library - Macon



Marriages (1828-1844). Hageness, MariLee Beatty. MLH Research1996; 32 pgs

Marriages (1828-1844). Ingmire, Frances Terry . 1985.
Look-up volunteer Helen Bell Duffyandme@aol.com


Church Histories:

Columbus Baptist Association (36th Annual session). Held at CountyLine, Talbot Co, Sept 24-26, 1864.

Columbus Baptist Association (34th Annual session) Held at Mt.Zion, Talbot Co. Sept 28-30, 1862.


Family Histories:

Glass Family. (1758-1938) Archive/Manuscript . Correspondence,clippings, and legal records documenting the life of John Glass (1794-1878)as a newspaper editor in Columbia and Fairfield, S.C. and as railroad bookkeeper in Talbot county, GA. Indexed University South Caroliniana Society Program.1981, pp 10-12

James Daniel Woodall and Frances Wheeless of Pleasant Hill, TalbotCo. Miller, Fannie Woodall. 1949 Publisher: W.C. Bradley MemorialLibrary

Edwards Family. (Papers) Genealogy compiled by Herbert CarltonEdwards of the family of Isham Edwards, whose widow and children movedfrom Talbot Co, GA to Macon Co, now Lee Co, AL in 1861.

Lumsden Family. Virginia K. Preston. Lumsden Family and Related Lines: Day, Greer, Leonard, Lowe, Richardson, Sanford, Taylor, and Williams.[Macon: Jones and Grissom Printers, 1994].

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