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Guardian Bonds:


John Guardrun and Ichabod Cox, 10 Dec 1830. Joseph Bennon, deceased. Temp administration (page 1)


John Robinson, Rob Brooks and Peter Davis.  $2,000.  7 July 1828 Joel Jackson deceased. (page 1-2)


Lenard F Breedlove, Samuel H Davis and Henry Mims. $6,000.  Guardianship of person and property of

Mary E Breedlove and Addeline A Breedlove - orphans of Nahan Breedlove, deceased. 7 Sept 1829 (page 3)


Mical M Perry, Reuben Phillips and Huey Mims. $4,000.  Guardianship of Henry H Wimbely, orphan

of Abraham Wimbely.  18 Jan 1830.  (page 3)


James Gasaway, Peter Fellahim, Hartwell Battles.  $4,000.  Guardianship of William D Gasaway, minor

 of James Gasaway.  16 Nov 1830. (page 4)






Lemuel J Adams, 1915


Marion Bethune, 1887


W H Bradshaw, undated


Annie E Crawford, 1914


Lucy E Dickson, 1916


Whitmel Eason, 1836


Claudia McLaughlin, 1916


W H Searcy, 1915


William Sears, 1848


Henry Thomas Teal, 1914




Donelson Huff, 1854

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