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The Flynt Family

Senator Flynt belongs to an extensive family. He is first cousin of Captain Samuel J. Flynt who has represented Taliaferro county in the state legislature quite a number of times with honor to himself and his people. The ordinary of Taliaferro county -- the Hon. Henry H. Flynt -- is another first cousin, as is also the tax collector. Mr. Thomas J. Flynt. Senator Flynt is well known throughout that portion of the state, embraced by the tenth and a part of the eighth congressional districts, and is not an entire stranger in other sections of Georgia. This is due largely to the fact, ever since having attained his majority, he has been an active participant in early every enterprise of public interest. Having been brought up on a farm -- his father being at the close of the late war probably the most extensive planter in Taliaferro county -- he has always taken great interest in agriculture. He has been a member of the agricultural society of Taliaferro county since its organization, was a number of years its secretary, and represented it quite a number of years as a delegate in the Sate Agricultural Society.

When the Farmerís Alliance of this county was organized, he was one of the very first to unite with it, believing that it was a move in the right direction, and that it would result in only good to the entire country. He was the first president of the county alliance, and retained that honorable position up to the time of his election to the position he now occupies.

Mrs. Flynt has represented his county in every meeting of the state alliance since its organization and took an active part in formulating the action of the celebrated cotton bagging meeting, when it was determined to throw off the yoke of the jute bagging trust bondage.

As illustrative of the esteem with which Senator Flynt has always been regarded by his fellow citizens, and the amount of confidence they have always had in his ability, it may be mentioned here that he was unanimously elected to represent Taliaferro county in the late celebrated road congress, held last year in Atlanta, at a mass meeting of the citizens of his county, when he was not present and had no knowledge of its proceedings.

Senator Flynt is a thorough democrat. Long before the alliance was thought of he was chairman of the democratic executive committee of his county, and has been a member of the congressional democratic executive committee of the tenth district quite a number of years and has represented his county frequently as a delegate to the different congressional conventions. He is not only thoroughly identified with the agricultural and political interests of his county, but is also thoroughly alive in its educational development.

He was, in 1887 elected to the position of commissioner of education of his county, and has continued to hold that position up to his election to the office of senator with honor to both himself and the interest he has so creditably illustrated in his administration.

The Atlanta Constitution
December 12, 1890

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