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Taliaferro County Creeks and Streams

During your family research you have probably come upon a reference to a creek or stream in Taliaferro County. Old letters and ledgers may make a references to such landmarks. The listing below gives the location of various county creeks and streams and also lists the USGS Quadrangle Map where the creek or stream is found. 

There are several ways to obtain a map of any of the above mentioned creeks and streams. You may wish to visit an online mapping site such as Here you can enter the name of the creek or stream and produce a map of the area. You may also wish to obtain a printed map. A United States Geological Survey map can be purchased from many retail dealers. For further information, visit the USGS.


Latitude: first two numbers are degrees, second two numbers are minutes and third two numbers are seconds.

Longitude: first three numbers are degrees, second two numbers are minutes and third two numbers are seconds. For North America, put a negative sign (-) in front of the degrees with longitude.

Andrew Branch
334042N 0825810W Philomath

Beaverdam Creek
333147N 0825513W Crawfordville

Beaverdam Creek
333315N 0824326W Cadley

Channel Branch
333416N 0824243W Cadley

Ellington Branch
333537N 0825258W Crawfordville

Gunn Hill Branch
333207N 0825521W Crawfordville

Hubert Branch
333201N 0825400W Crawfordville

Johnson Creek
332825N 0825719W Sparta NW

Kendrick Creek
333549N 0824829W Sharon 

King Branch
334038N 0825419W Philomath 

Lacy Creek
332825N 0825719W Sparta NW

Lick Creek
333721N 0825205W Sharon 

Long Creek
331804N 0824659W Jewell

Long Creek
331804N 0824659W Jewell 

Lynn Creek
333818N 0825735W Philomath

Mile Branch
333041N 0825340W Crawfordville 

Morgan Branch
333644N 0824327W Cadley 

North Fork Little River
333713N 0825247W Crawfordville 

North Fork Ogeechee River
333113N 0825432W Crawfordville 

North Prong Williams Creek
333039N 0824456W Cadley 

Powder Creek
333803N 0825126W Washington West 

Powell Creek
332636N 0825107W Sparta NE 

Reedy Creek
333639N 0824441W Cadley 

Reynolds Branch
332000N 0824753W Jewell 

Sardis Branch
333510N 0824217W Cadley 

Sherrills Creek
333728N 0825548W Crawfordville 

Short Creek
331906N 0824510W Jewell

South Fork Little River
333713N 0825246W Crawfordville 

South Fork Ogeechee River
333113N 0825432W Crawfordville 

Stephens Creek
333656N 0825359W Crawfordville 

Walker Branch
332756N 0825134W Sparta NE 

White Creek
333912N 0825613W Philomath 

Williams Creek
333558N 0824049W Cadley 


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