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Tattnall County, GA Index of Deeds and Wills

These transcriptions are courtesy of and remain the property the original transcribers as noted


Robert Standley & Jane, James and Shadrack Stanley (12/1/1819)

Shadrack Stanley & James Hancock (10/22/1813)

John M. Dees & Shadrack Standley (6/15/1854)

Shadrick Standley, Jr. and Thomas E. Clifton (1/15/1853)

Shadrick Stanly & Dwight Slate (1/20/1854)

Thomas B. Calhoun & Shadrick Standly (8/25/1849)\

Stephen Matlock & Jonathan Anderson, Wiley W. Standley, Shadrack Standley and Jordon Poppell (11/18/1843)

Sands Standley & Stephen Matlock (1/23/1819)

Shadrack Standley, Sr. & Jesse and John Standley (8/15/1815)

John Stanley & Jesse Stanley (11/2/1829)

 Jesse Standley & Stephen Matlock (12/29/1829)

McKeen Green & Shadrick Standley (8/1/1804)

James Stafford & Jesse Standley (11/23/1813)

Jesse Standley & Joseph McClendon (1/14/1820)

Samuel D. Surency & heirs of Sands Standley (9/8/1827)

John Mattox, Sr. & John Standley (1/19/1835)

Dempsey Lynn & Hannah Standley (3/7/1834)

Shadrick Standley, Sr. & Shadrick Standley, Jr. (10/30/1813) 603

Michael M. Mattox (adm. for John Mattox) & John Mattox (7/4/1837)

John Mattox & Stephen Matlock (10/30/1837)

John Dubberly & Simon Smith (11/9/1911)

William Tyson & Matthew Carter (11/10/1911)

James McCleland & Samuel D. Surrency (11/10/1911)

Charles Blount & John Douberly (11/9/1911)

 Isaiah Beasley and Thomas Beasley & McArthur and Tillman (11/9/1911)

John Conner & Stephen Matlock (11/9/1911)

Deeds and Grants

James Ford, John Ford and William Ford & Nimrod Stradley (4/26/1802)

Joshua Dasher & Methodist Episcopel (sic) Church (1/7/1820)

John Mattock deed to Stephen Mattock (9/18/1843)

Burrell Whittington deed to Jesse Standley (2/14/1827)

Power of Attorney: John Standley to Thomas Southwell (8/3/1852)

John Reeves & John Conner (8/13/1830)

Wills and Probates

Last Will and Testament of Shadrack Stanley (2/20/1862)

Shadrack Stanley Probate (d. 3/27/1867)

Last Will and Testament of Michael McKinzie Mattox (rec 3/2/1816)

Wills of Jonathan and Rebecca Anderson

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