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Letter to Daughter of Captain John B. Rudolph

Transcription of a letter written by Dr. Lucius Ernest Starr of 
Camden, AL to Mrs. Grace Little of Pleasant Hill, AL, a daughter of 
Captain John B. Rudolph. Typed by: Ouida Starr Woodson 

                                             Camden, Ala.
                                             May 5, 1910	

Mrs. Grace Little
Pleasant Hill, Ala

My dear Mrs. Little,

   I have some memorandums in reference to your father's old 
Company, among which was an original list of the Company as it was 
enlisted. When your father was with us about three years ago, we got 
out my papers and from them, he made a complete list of the Company.  
This list he carried back home with him.  He prized the memorandums 
very much, and I have no doubt but that you will find them among his 
papers. I am sure I put them in some safe place, but I have not been 
able to find them.  Will have to give you what information I can 
from memory.

   This Company was organized in May 1862 and was composed of two 
squads, one from Lowndes County of about 45 men, the other from Bibb 
County of 40 men, recruited by him (John Barratt Rudolph), Marion 
Goode, and myself.

   We first went to Montgomery and were then attached to the 1st (5th) 
Battalion of Cavalry, Hilliard's Legion, which Cavalry Battalion was 
commanded by Col. M. N. Slaughter of Talladega County.  Our Company 
was Company D of this command and was composed of 85 men rank and 
   Captain        John B. Rudolph
   1st Lieut.              Maynard
   2nd Lieut.               Knight
   Cpl.                     Jones
   1st Sergeant        L. E. Starr
   Master Sergt.  J. S. Hansberger
   Surgeon            Conrad Wall

   We were mustered in as the Brooks Guard, named for Mr. Brooks, an 
old friend of your father's and a prominent citizen of Lowndes 
County, who did much pecuniary in mounting a number of the men.  The 
Company was splendidly mounted and composed of a fine body of men. 
The Company remained in Camp of Instruction at Montgomery (Camp 
Mary) for two months. We (the Battalion) was then ordered to 
Knoxville under the command of Captain John B. Rudolph, Acting 
Colonel of the Battalion and L. E. Starr as Acting Captain of 
Company D.

   After remaining in Knoxville about a week, Company D was detached 
from the Battalion about August 1st and detailed as escort or 
bodyquard of Major Churchill, who had about 10,000 men, Infantry.

   Immediately we proceeded into Kentucky via Powell's Gap, 
Fincastle, Barbersville and Falt-Lick to the Cumberland River, 
thirty miles north of Cumberland Gap, thus cutting off the retreat 
of about 10,000 Federals in the Gap, which was being pressed from 
the south by Hilliard's Legion and other commands connected with 
Bragg's Army intent on his famous trip to Wildcat, Perryville, and 

   However, before the surrender of Cumberland Gap, all of the 
troops in this locality were ordered by Bragg to Perryville, thus 
leaving the road open, which allowed to Federals to escape.

   In the meantime, on the 22nd of August 1862 on Greasy Creek, I was 
wounded and did not go with the Company but was carried to 
Barbersville, accompanied by your father, and placed in a hospital 
and while there was taken prisoner and paroled.  I was never able to 
be with the Company again except for a few days while the Company 
was recruiting at Oxford, Ala., in 1864.

   There, he was hopeful, alert, and the same congenial soul as 
ever.  He was then Colonel of the Battalion, and idolized by his 

   This ended our War record together.  In war and in peace, he was 
a congenial fried and helper.  From our first meeting until death, 
he was my friend, and as long as I live I will remember his interest 
and his kindness, and I will ever revere his memory. He was true to 
his Country, true to his friends, considerate to his opponents, but 
brave and reckless to his own safety. He was brave as a lion and as 
tender-hearted as the most delicate maiden.  He was one of the few 
of the noble men of the South that still bind us to the grand past.

   You will have to excuse me for delaying so long.  My only excuse 
is that I have not felt able to dictate so that my wife could write 
for me.  Would be glad to hear from you and hope you will ever 
consider me and my family,

                                              Your friends,
                                          L. E. Starr, M. D.

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