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Organized by the consolidation of the 3rd Regiment and 4 companies of the 1st Infantry Battalions, Hilliard's Legion at Charleston,TN: November 25, 1863

First Commander: Colonel John W. A. SANFORD
Field Officers: Major Hatch COOK
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel S. TROY (March 25, 1865, while bearing the colors of the 59th AL in front of the charge, was shot down and captured by a soldier of 124th New York.

Assigned to Gracie's Brigade, Department of East Tennessee and passed through the trails and periods of the winter campaign in east Tennessee.
Accompanied Gen. Longstreet in the spring of 1864 to Virginia. Assigned to Department of North Carolina and Virginia, and then to Department of Richmond. Lost heavily in Drewry's Bluff, where the regiment was complimented on the field by Gen Gracie.
In fall of 1864, assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia until the end of the war.


  • 1863 Knoxville Siege--Bean's Station--Dandridge--
  • 1864 VA Battles: Chester Station--Drewry's Bluff--Petersburg Siege--The Crater--
    The 60th entered the "Trenches" on July 9, 1864 and came out Mar 14, 1865--8 months later. They were engaged in ceaseless battle during those months.
    The Trench was a wide ditch running parallel with the line of the enemy, and then other ditches ran back from this in various directions. Small "dug-outs" (10ft x 8ft x5ft deep--each holding 3-8 men) covered with pine logs, were where the men lived.
  • 1865 VA BattlesHatcher's Run--White Oak Road--Appomattox Court House

    Additional Reading:

  • Shaver, Lewellyn A. A History of the Sixtieth Alabama Regiment, Gracie's Alabama Brigade, 1867 (reprinted)

  • Personal Civil War letters to his wife, Yours Till Death, edited by Lucille Griffith, published, Univ of AL Press, 1951. Anne Crocker

  • Yeary, Mamie. Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1861-1865
  • Chickamauga Story
  • 60th Regiment
    This site gives you the detailed history of the 60th Regiment
    Not identified by Company:
    Tillman Hollie Jacobs served in the 60th Regiment Volunteer Infantry, A1 
    Company.  I have a copy of the order form for a grave marker sent by the 
    Dept. of the Army, Office of the Chief of Support Services, Washington, D.C.:
    CONFEDERATE STATE ARMY / 1836 - 1911  Researcher:

    Company A, 60th AL Regiment
    (Pike Co) See also 3rd Battn, Co B Hilliard's
  • BOATWRIGHT, G.T., Capt.
  • WILLIAMS, S.A., Capt. (wounded, White Oak Road) (from Pike County)
  • ARRINGTON, J.N., Lieut (resigned, Sept 1862)
  • NORRIS, Robert, Lieut (wounded in front of Petersburg, VA 1864)(
  • OWENS, W.T., Lieut. Discharged on account of wounds received in battle. Died May 1903.
  • BLEDSOE, J.L., Sgt.
  • WALLER, Sam, Sgt (wounded in front of Petersburg, 1865)
  • LAWRENCE, M.T. Sgt
  • WILLIAMS, Jonathan Sgt (wounded May 16, 1864)
  • BAYGENTS, Jas T Sgt (lost a leg at Petersburg, March 1864)
  • MARTIN, LaFayette, Sgt (killed at Petersburg, July 1864)
  • BROWN, M.A. Corpl (wounded at Chicakmauga & paroled At Appomatttox)
  • GRAVES, James Corpl (Died since the war)
  • LOCKE, E.H. Corpl (wounded at Petersburg VA 1865; paroled at Appomattox.
  • MAHONEY, D.A. Corpl (lost a leg at Petersburg VA 1865 The following are listed as officers from Coosa County, Co.A
  • SMITH, Thomas H, Capt (son of Alexander Smith)
  • LEONARD, John H, 1st Lt (son of John B. Leonard)
  • ROBERTS, William L, 2nd Lt
  • THOMPSON, William L, 3rd Lt
  • BRITTON, Matt , 1st Sgt
  • HICKS, C R, 2nd Sgt
  • THOMPSON, JW, 3rd Sgt
  • McALISTER, D.L., 4th Sgt
  • PALMER, R.A. 5th Sgt
  • HALES, WH, 1st Corpl
  • PONER, M.C. 2nd Corpl
  • RAYFIELD, J.W., 3rd Corpl
  • HUGHES, David, 4th Corpl
  • ADAMS, Allen
  • ADAMS, Allen
  • ADAMS, Benjamin - Died in service
  • ADAMS, Bartlett - Died in service
  • ALLEN, John - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • BAKER, James - Killed in Virginia
  • BARLOW, Dan
  • BARLOW, James
  • BAYGENTS - Died in service
  • BERRY, Pete - Died in service in TN
  • BISHOP, John
  • BISHOP, James
  • BLAN, Robert
  • BLAN, Thomas - wounded at Battle Chickamauga GA. Died 1905
  • BLEDSOE, G.W. - Honorably Discharged
  • BOWDEN, Noah
  • BOWDEN, Jacob - Killed in Battle
  • BOWDEN, James - Killed in Battle of Bean's Station(Dec 10-14,1863
  • BOWDEN, Larkin - Died in service
  • BOWDEN, Noah
  • BOWDEN, R.D.
  • BOWDEN, Simeon - Died in Morristown, TN 10 April 1863 (age 36)
  • BROOKS, L.D. - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • BROOKS, J.H. - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • BRYAN, J.J. Died in service in KY
  • BRYAN, W.M.C.
  • BYRD, George - Died in service in 1862
  • BYRD, James - Died in service
  • BYRD, William
  • CATRETT, Leonard
  • CLARK, Hosea W -Enlisted 7 April 1862. Died in Knoxville, TN 6 Dec 1862. Ron Bryan
  • CLARY, I.S. - Killed at battle Bean's Station 1863
  • COCHRAN, T.J. - Died in service in TN 1862
  • COCHRAN, Wash - Died in service 1863
  • COX, Bryant - Died in service in 1862
  • COX, James B. (Died of measles June 2, 1862 in Gen Hosp)
  • COOK, Harrison - Died in service
  • DICKSON, J.T. - Killed at Petersburg VA 1864
  • DUNCAN, James
  • EAGERTON, James - Killed at Battle at Beans Station
  • FLOWERS, Abner - Died in service
  • FLOWERS, Joseph - Died in service 1862
  • FULLER, Dan
  • GOOLSBY, Woodson - Killed at Battle of Beans Station
  • GOLDEN, Benjamin
  • GRAVES, James Jr. Died in service 1862
  • GRAVES, James M. (Died of Measles June 7, 1862 in Gen Hosp)
  • GRAVES, Joe
  • GRAVES, Newton - Died Aug 31st 1906
  • GREATHOUSE, William Walter, born 1822, GA. According to historical records, William Walter Greathouse entered the Civil War on April 7, 1862, Clay Hill, AL, Co. A, 60th, AL Reg. (One time Co. B. Bat. Hilliard's Div.,), died Dec. 16, 1863 at Rogersville, TN. It also states he was born in GA, was a farmer, res. Clay Hill, AL, age 40, and was married to Charlotte Lucinda McLendon. It is not known where he is buried. He was a Private in the Infantry. He is on the Historical record roll Petersburg, VA: Dec. 31, 1864. Source: Copy of CSA Service Record. Patricia Dodd Greathouse
  • GREATHOUSE - Died in service 1863
  • GREEN,
  • GRIFFIN, John - Died in service
  • GRIGG, Mat
  • GUNTER, Noah
  • HALL, John A
  • HALL, Daniel - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • HEATH, William - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • HUGHES, Columbus - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • HUGHES, Daniel
  • JERNIGAN, John
  • JOHNSTON, Washington
  • KNOWLES, Green B. Died in Service May 1862
  • KNOWLES, Greene B. Died June 7, 1862 of Brain Fever at home of Mr. Sam'l BROWN
  • KNOWLES, Pat
  • KNOWLES, William
  • KNOWLES, T.J. (Wounded in Petersburg, VA)
  • LANDRUM, Hay T. (1846-1900) Friendship Cemtery, Columbus, MS
  • LANGSTON, Joe - Died in service
  • LEDDON, A.M.
  • LIVINGSTON, Joseph
  • MAHONEY, C.J. Brundudge City Cemetery, Pike Co. AL
  • MARTIN, E.Y. - wounded at Petersburg, VA
  • MARTIN, James
  • MARTIN, Frank - Killed at Petersburg VA March 31, 1865
  • MATTOX, J.H. - wounded at Petersburg, VA
  • MATTOX, James
  • MAY, A.C.
  • McLENDON, Isaac - Died in service
  • McLENDON, Z.G. - Died in service in Chattanooga, TN
  • McMICHAEL, John
  • McNEILL, James - Died in service in VA
  • MERRITT, Julius
  • MOORE, Joseph
  • MORROW, T.A. (Thomas A.) Gail Morrow Robuck (pension application)
  • OGLETREE, Dock - wounded in battle
  • OWENS, Sam - Wounded at Chickamauga , GA
  • OWENS, Ed - Died in service
  • OWENS, John - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • PARKS, Eli - Died in service
  • PAUL, George Whitfield (April 30, 1841-June 24, 1864) Ramah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Pike Co, AL
  • PAUL, John
  • PIERCE, Ed
  • PRESTWOOD, Harmon - Died in Service
  • PURVIS, Peter - Died in service
  • RADFORD, William
  • RALEY, Irvin - Died at home
  • RALEY, Irwin (Died of measles June 7, 1862 in Gen Hosp)
  • RIDLEY, Robt
  • SANDERS, John - Killed at battle Bean's Station
  • SANDERS, William Keith Griffin
  • SMITH, H.B. - Died in service
  • SMITH, John - Killed at Petersburg, VA
  • TATOM, I - Killed at Bean's Station
  • TAUTON, James - Lost a leg at Petersburg March 31, 1865
  • TAUTON, Jack
  • TAYLOR, C.
  • THROWER, Miles
  • THROWER, William
  • WALKER, J.W. - Killed at Petersburg VA March 31st 1865
  • WHITE, Ed
  • WHITE, Benjamin
  • WILLIAMS, SH - Killed at Drury's Bluff VA May 16, 1864
  • WYATT, John
    Company B, 60th Al Regiment
    See also 3rd Battn, Co C Hilliard's
  • SMITH, Thomas, Capt
    Company C, 60th AL Regiment
    See also 3rd Battn, Co D Hilliard's
  • ARNOLD, Matthew (Researcher:Wayne Beard
    Elisted at the age of 15, Henry Co., Ala. He served and was honorably discharged. He returned home after the war and is buried at(old) Union Cemetery, near Abbeville, Ala.
  • EACHIN, Peter H., Capt (from Montgomery Co, AL)
  • CAULWELL, J.W. Teamster
  • DOZIER, J.P. Lieut (Pike Co, AL)
  • JACKSON, Andrew Jackson Prvt(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga) Descendant: Hilton L. Hunt, 3115 Ozark Ave. Port Arthur TX 77640
  • MOODY, Theophilus (settled in Limestone,TX)(Researcher: Ron Bridges
  • PITTS, J.B. Wagon Master
  • RUSHING, Thomas A. "Thomas A. Rushing, Private, 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Killed by minnie ball in the head in the trenches 11 August 1864. Petersburg Roll 7-12/12-31-1864, J. N. Gilmer, Adjutant."

    Sept 30, 1864 Obituary
    Seldom are we called to mourn the loss of one so beloved by all who knew him, as our young friend, Thomas A. Rushing, who fell in the trenches before Petersburg, Va., on the 11 Aug., 1864, in the 26th year of his age. He was a member of Co. C, (Delilah Dabney Guards) of the 60th Ala. Regt., with which company he had served faithfully through the campaigns of nearly 3 years, during which time he was never know to be form his post of duty. As a soldier he was brave, as a man he was amiable and generous - and in his death the Company has lost one of its noblest defenders, and his family a kind and affectionate relative. His many noble qualities had won for him scores of friends in whose hearts his amiable disposition and impeachable character will long be remembered. Our young friend has gone, and hour hearts are made sad, but when we draw around the familiar hearth and gaze in mute sorrow, let us remember that the link thus broken adds to the new one forming for all Godís chosen people, and that our great loss is his eternal gain. The deceased has left a darling wife and many relatives and friends to mourn his untimely death, to whom we offer our most sincere condolence in their sad bereavement. Comrades.(Researcher: Ron Bridges

  • SULLIVAN, D., Teamster
  • WILLIAMS, T.J., Teamster
  • WILSON, Simon G. enlisted May 9, 1862 Dublin AL;age 28, farmer residence in Whitewater AL. present at Chickamuga Sept 19,20, 1863; Bean's Station Dec. 1863; Drury's Bluff May 1864; believed to have died at Petersburg, VA abt April 1865(was pvt Co. D, #3rd Battalion, Hilliards Legion) Mitch Berdinka
    Company D, 60th Al Regiment
    See also Co. F - Hilliard's
  • BARGANIER, Hilary H. - Pvt. (JH Chapman
  • BUTT, James 1st Lieut. (from Columbus, GA)
  • ODOM, John L 2nd Sgt
  • ROLLO, M.A.
    Company E, 60th AL Regiment - (Pike Co, AL)
  • McCRELIS, John, Capt
  • HEAD, W.R. Capt
  • DOZIER, John T. Lieut
  • ADAMS, W.H.
  • ADAMS, William - Killed at Petersburg, vA
  • BARNHILL, Owen
  • BARRY, G.F.
  • BATTLE, J.M.
  • BAYS, Zachariah
  • BERRY, Jildes
  • BRAZIL, J.D.
  • BEAN, Frank
  • BEAN, James - Died in service
  • BEAN, Aaron
  • BEAN, J.F.
  • BONNER, W.H.
  • BONNER, Wyat (died in service in TN)
  • BRASWELL, William
  • BRAZIL, J.D.
  • BRAZIL, J.E.D.
  • BRAZIL, WILLIAM - Died in service in VA
  • BONNER, Wyat - Died in service in TN
  • CHANCELLOR, James - Died Nov 1912
  • CARTER, John
  • CARTER, John (killed in battle)
  • CATES, R.T.
  • CATRETT, John T - Killed at Battle of Chickamauga
  • CHANCELLOR, James (Died Nov 1912)
  • COLLINS, James - Killed in service in TN
  • CUTLETT, Israel - Died in VA
  • DANIELS, James M - Died Oct 14, 1906
  • DARBY, S.P.
  • DAVIS, Reason J. - enlisted 9th July, 1864 at Abbeville, AL. Age 17,single. Wounded and died 6 April, 1865. Mac
  • DIXON, William
  • DOZIER, G.W.
  • DUNCAN, J.K.
  • ELLIS, Lincoln
  • ELLIS, FOF - killed in Battle
  • EVANS, Hosie
  • EVANS, H.L.
  • FIELDER, Thos - Died in service
  • FAULKNER, John
  • GREY, Thomas
  • GERMANY, John
  • HARRIS, Frank - Died in Texas
  • HARRIS, George, Sgt
  • HODGES, Reddin Died in Feb 15, 1864 Rock Island, IL POW
  • HYMAN, Cicero
  • HYMAN, S.J.
  • IVEY, Samuel - Died in TN
  • IVEY, S.J.
  • JACKSON, Ellis, Teamster
  • KIRKLAND, George
  • KIRKLAND, Lawrence, Corpl
  • LANEY, William - Killed in Battle
  • LANEY, M.
  • LEWIS, Henry
  • LINTON, A.E.
  • LIVINGSTON, Joel - Died in TN
  • LONG, J.H.D.
  • LONG, J.B.
  • LONG, John J - Killed in battle
  • LONG, John R. - Killed at Chickamauga
  • LUMPKIN, William - Killed in Battle
  • MAY, Allen
  • McDONALD, Danl
  • McCRAY, A.B.
  • McCREARY, A.B. Died in VA
  • McLANEY, Julius Died in TN
  • McLANEY, William (died in service)
  • McLEOD, James - Died in Richmond, VA
  • MEREDITH, Hillman - Killed in VA
  • MORRIS, Robert (transferred from Co. 15 -15th)
  • NORTON, Abud
  • NORTON, Martin (killed in VA)
  • NORTH, R.T.
  • OUTLER, John A
  • OSBURN, H.P.
  • OSBURN, Hiram - Died in VA
  • OUTLER, John A.
  • PADGETT, Hugh - Died in TN
  • PITTS, Noel
  • PRITCHARD, James - killed at Battle of Bean's Station
  • REEVES, A.S.
  • REEVES, F.M.
  • REEVES, J.L.
  • REEVES, Marion - Died in TN
  • REEVES, Leonard - Died in TN
  • REEVES, Joseph - Died in TN
  • REEVES, Marion - Died in TN
  • REEVES, Leonard - Died in TN
  • REEVES, Joseph - Died in TN
  • REVELS, Stephens - Died in service
  • RICH, Andrew
  • ROTTON, A.C.
  • ROTTON, David
  • ROWELL, Dr.
  • RUSHTIN, James
  • SHELLY, C.C. Mac
  • SHELLY, Mark (Mac
  • SHELLY,Malachi (Mac
  • SHEPPARD, Lewis M Prvt. Enlisted at Abbeville, AL. Wounded at Petersburg, 20 July 1864, in the shoulder and was furloughed for six months. Was a "skirmisher" who was never captured. (Yeary's)
  • SHEPPARD, ? (brother of Lewis)
  • SHEPPARD, ? (brother of Lewis)
  • SKINNER, Jack - Killed in VA
  • SHIRLEY, Sidney
  • SHIRLEY, Kell
  • STUART, John A
  • TATE, RT - Died in service
  • THOMPSON, James Killed in VA
  • THURMAN, Jerry Pvt Died in Feb 15, 1864 Rock Island, IL POW
  • TURNER, Amos J (Pvt.,Enlisted 14 May 1862)(10/4/45-3/3-09)(Ron Holtsford (
  • TURNER, Benj Died in service
  • TURNER, Thos
  • TURNER, Amos (10/4-45-3/3/09) enlisted 14 May 1862 Ron Holtsford
  • WARD, Ruffin
  • WARNER, John - Killed in Battle
  • WARREN, J.W.
  • WHITE, R.F.
  • WILSON, Meridy
  • WILLIFORD, Henry
  • WILLIAMS, Lewis, Teamster
  • WILLIAMS, William
    Company F, 60th AL Regiment
    See also Co A - Hilliard's above
  • SHAVER, Lewellyn A Sgt Major *He wrote history of regiment*
  • Mc?, John Teamster
  • COOK, A.B. Teamster
  • PAGE, James Andrew Born Sepulga, Conecuh Co Aug 6, 1840 d. October 30, 1923.
  • Burial Location: Concord Cemetery, Conecuh County, Alabama. Wife Nancy J. Wright of Garland Al. Butler Co. Al August 6, 1840, Enlisted in Evergreen on May 10, 1862 as Private with Hillard's Legion , that became Co. F of the 60th. , Nick Stallworth , Captain and Sanford was Colonel, he fought in the Battles of Chickamauga, Drews Bluff, Beans Station and Petersburg Va. , was in the ditches for 9 months, , was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga,Tenn. and was captured on the retreat from Petersburg on April 7, was held in yankee prison for about 4 months and was discharged in Maryland by the yankees, he served for 3 years as a soldier. Descendant: Kay Anderson
  • WILSON, Joseph Wyatt Enlisted 6 March, 1862 in Montgomery, by Captain Troy He was 18 years old at that time. Wounded, shoulder, 20 September, 1863 at Chickmauga. Surrendered, Appomattox. Cliff Judkins
    Company G, 60th AL Regiment
  • McRELESS, Capt
  • FAULK, Philip Marion, Sgt
  • GRAY, Thomas J. Teamster
    Company H, 60th AL Regiment
    See Co B - Hilliard's
  • PRUIN, J.W.
  • SHAW, D.B At about the age of 18 he entered the First Battalion of Hillard's Legion of Infantry, which was organized at Montgomery. He was with his command in all the engagements in which it participated until December, 1864, and saw much hard service. At Chickamauga he was wounded, a piece of shell stricking his head & right ear, the result being that he was disabled for a time & was in the hospital at Marietta, Ga. As soon as able he rejoined his command, & continued until after the siege of Petersburg." buried: Johnsville Church of Christ cemetery at Johnsville, Erath Co TX. (
  • SHAW, J.A. buried: Johnsville Church of Christ cemetery at Johnsville, Earth Co TX. (
    Company I, 60th AL Regiment
    See 1st Battalion, Co D - Hilliard's above.
  • BARGANIER, Lawson B. Barganier - Pvt (JH
  • BARGANIER, Andrew A. Pvt (JH
  • BARGANIER, Berry Pvt (JH
  • PHILLIPS, James Pvt. ( on the records of Chimborazo Hospital, No. 1. Richmond Va. May 8 1864. CS Arch., Chap. 6,file No. 20,page 242. Also C.S.A. General Hospital, No. 11. Charlotte, N.C. July 25, 1864. He died at this hospital, and was buried nearby. Burial site unknown.
  • PHILLIPS, Thomas
  • PHILLIPS, David
  • PHILLIPS, John
    Company K, 60th AL Regiment
  • BLANTON, Calvin Homer McCulloh , AL. RD 3. b. July 24, 1843 at Beulah, (Chambers Co) AL. 2nd Sergt Dec 13, 1861 at Berlin, AL. in Co C, 10th GA Regt, Col Wright until 28 April 1862. Re-enlisted as Private on May 1, 1862 at West Point in Co K, 60th AL, 1st in Alabama 60th Infantry Regiment Legion until Aug 1862. Discharged at Knoxville, TN. Re-enlisted as Private in Jany 1863 at Savannah, GA in Dawson Artillery until 6 weeks. Discharged at Savannah Dec 1864. Re-enlisted in 6th AL, Clanton's Brigade till 4th May 1865. Paroled at Gainesville, AL. Served with State Troops at West Point and Pollard during 1864.
  • BLANTON, William Alexander Adams , AL RD 3. b. Sept 25, 1841 at Columbus, GA. Private 13 Dec 1861 at Savannah, GA in Wright's Reg, GA State Troops until 28 Apr 1862. Re-enlisted as Private May 1862 at West Point, GA in Co K, 60th Ala Inf Regt until surrendered at Appomattox, VA Apr 9, 1865.
  • MONK, John (Smith's Station, AL) born: Nov 16, 1834 in Harris Co GA. Prvt May 1862 at Oplelika, AL . Captured near Atlanta. Discharged from Camp Douglas, IL.
  • OPELIKA, Thomas Parker Hudmon , AL. b. 3 Sept 1845 at Berlin, (Chambers Co) AL. Private Nov 1863 at Chickamauga, GA. in Co K, 60th AL Regt Infty until end of war. Was wounded at Petersburg, VA. Paroled at West Point, GA in May
  • OPELIKA, Wilbur Marion Bass , AL. b. 12 Feby 1846 Berlin, (Chambers Co now Lee Co) AL. Private 13 Dec 1861 at Savannah, GA in Capt Huguly's Co, Wright's Brig, GA State Troops until April 28, 1862. When command was disbanded. Re-enlisted as Private Feb 1864 near Bean's Station, TN in Co K, 60th AL Regt Infty, Gracy's Brigade until captured at Petersburg, VA on March 31, 1865. Was in prison at Point Lookout, IL until Jun 16, 1865 when I was paroled. Has parole.
  • PARKER, Leonidas W. (born 1837 in Conyers Georgia, died 1919 in Eclectic Alabama, wife was Lucy Talley, parents were David and Elizabeth Parker. Served in Company K of the 60th Alabama Regiment. Was a prisoner at Harts Island (???) and was discharged June 17, 1865. Researcher:Chad Hethcox
  • WOOD, J. C. Wood He enlisted May 12, 1862 in Chambers County, Alabama by Capt. Hugely for 3 years. He was in the 1st Battalion of Hillards Legion Alabama Volunteers until it was made a part of the 60 Alabama Infantry.He was absent without leave Feb.1865, Furlowed Jan. 12, 1865 by order General Lee. He died Feb. 20, 1917 in a Confederate Home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is buried in Ouachita County, Arkansas. Jesse Wood (
    Other Teamsters. Companies unknown. 60th AL Regiment
  • DAVIS,W.W. Teamster
  • PRUETT, E.T. Teamster

    Send e-mail. Further information welcome! If you know of anyone in this regiment, we'd like to add his name.