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Hilliard's Legion
ALABAMA 59th Regiment
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ALABAMA 23rd Battalion Sharpshooters
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Hilliard's Alabama Legion

Hilliard's Alabama Legion was organized at Montgomery, Alabama on June 25, 1862. It consisted of 3 infantry; 1 artillery; and 1 cavalry batallion, making 3,000 men.
They were encamped at Montgomery, organizing and drilling, until July 8, when they were transported via Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN.

First Commander: Colonel Henry W. HILLIARD
Field Officers: Col. A.H. BRADFORD

Assigned to Department of East Tennessee


  • 1863 Chickamauga--Chattanooga Siege

    At Chickamauga, the Legion earned a "splendid reputation". First battalion lost 168 killed and wounded of 230 enaged, and the third battalion lost 50 killed and wounded of 219 engaged.

    1st; 3rd Infantry Battalion Consolidated and designated as 60th AL at Charleston, TN on Nov 25, 1863.
    2nd; 4th Artillery;5th Infantry Battalion consolidated and designated as 59th AL at Charleston, TN on Nov 25, 1863.

  • Gracie's-Moody's Battalion
    This site gives you the history of Gracie and Moody as individuals. It then discusses in detail how the companies of Hilliard's Legion were reorganized.

    Muster Rolls:

    (Incomplete--all information WELCOME!!)
    Because of the reorganization most men would have served in both Hilliard's and the 60th. The men usually stayed together in the same Company but with a different letter designation.
    A Company, under the command of a Captain, was usually 60-100 men. They frequently took distinguishing nicknames and were officially designated by an alphabetic letter.
    10 Companies made up a Regiment, under the command of a Colonel, and usually had 750-1,000 men.

    Brigades contained 4-6 Regiments and often took the name of their commander.
    The Division was composed of 2-3 Brigades and commanded by a Major General.
    The Army Corps were 2-3 divisions commanded by Lieut. General. The Army was 60,000-90,000 men commanded by full general, Robert E. Lee

    1st Battalion, Hilliard's Legion = 60th AL Regiment

    The 1st Infantry Battalion was organized with 7 companies at Montgomery, 25 June 1862.
    4 companies consolidated with the 3rd Infantry Battalion, and they were designated the 60th Infantry Regt at Charleston, TN on 25 Nov 1863.
    The remaining 3 companies became the 23rd Sharpshooters Battalion.
    At Chickamauga the 1st and 2nd Battalions suffered the heaviest loss, leaving more than half their number either dead or wounded on the field. They went into the engagement with 238, and had 24 killed and 144 wounded, 16 of whom were officers.


  • THORINGTON, Jack (of Montgomery)
  • HOLT, John W. (of Montgomery)(severely wounded at Chickamauga)
  • TROY, Daniel S
  • MASSEY, John, Adj.(Roll of honor, Chickamauga)
  • Thorington succeeded Hilliard as Colonerl of the Legion. Holt was promoted but killed at Chickamauga. Daniel S.Troy became major and lieutenant coloner after Col. Holt
    Company A= Co F 60th
  • CONNOR, John H. (Roll of honor, killed in action, Chickamauga)
  • GAYLE, P.H.S.
  • GAYLE, Zeno R., Sgt
  • PATTERSON, A.J. (3 letters written July 1862)
  • SHAVER, Lewellyn A Sgt Major *He wrote history of regiment*
  • SULLIVAN, Philip
    Company B = Co H 60th
  • BRUNSON, Richard M Enlisted April 5, 1862. Discharged June 1, 1862 by reason of having a substitute. Richie Hartley
  • TARBUTTON, J.M., Capt
  • TARBUTTON, J.W., Capt (Co H 60th)
  • TARBUTTON, George A (Capt Co H 60th)
  • WRIGHT, J.E. (Roll of honor, Chickamauga)
    Company C
  • FISHER, (mortally wounded, Chickamauga)
  • GIBSON, James W Prvt (Roll of honor, Chickamauga)
  • HUGULEY, George W. Lt. Col. = 59th AL Reg
  • NEALY, B.F.
  • PITTS, Asa. Private. Enlisted May 13, 1862, Chambers Co, AL. Lisa Wilson
  • PITTS, Joseph B. Private. Enlisted May 12, 1862, Chambers Co. AL Lisa Wilson

  • WEBB, F.P. = Co K 60th Al Regiment
    Company D = Co. I-60th
  • BARGANIER, Claburn P. Barganier Pvt. (J.H. Chapman
  • DAVIS, B.A. Prvt (Roll of honor, Chickamauga;killed in action)
  • PHILLIPS, James Pvt. ( on the records of Chimborazo Hospital, No. 1. Richmond Va. May 8 1864. CS Arch., Chap. 6,file No. 20,page 242. Also C.S.A. General Hospital, No. 11. Charlotte, N.C. July 25, 1864. He died at this hospital, and was buried nearby. Burial site unknown.
  • PHILLIPS, Thomas
  • PHILLIPS, David
  • PHILLIPS, John
  • TILLERY, James Franklin (Salem, AL) (born: Dec 24, 1847-Mechanicsville (Lee Co) AL. Prvt Feb 1863-Columbus, GA. In Maj Jacques' Battalion until surrender at Columbus, GA.
    Company E= 23rd Battalion of AL Sharpshooters
  • MIDDLETON, Capt.
  • COX, J.L. Sgt.(Roll of honor, Chickamauga;killed in action)
  • WILLIS, G.T.
    Company F= 23rd Battalion of AL Stallworth's Sharpshooters
  • DAW, A.J. Prvt. (Roll of honor, Chickamauga;killed in action)
  • HOBBS, Timothy A.E.
  • JOHNSON, Smith P. Charlene Brown
  • PAGE, John W. 1843-1916; buried Barnes Cemetery, west of Georgiana, Butler County, Ala. (Homer JONES)
  • SULLIVAN, Risen
    Company G= 23rd Battalion of AL Stallworth's Sharpshooters
  • BIBB, Richard

    2nd Battalion, Hilliard's Legion = 59th AL Regiment

    The 2nd Battalion was organized with 6 companies at Montgomery on 25, June 1862. It was consolidated with the 4th Artillery Battalion and designated as the 59th Infantry Regiment at Charleston, TN 25 Nov 1863. At Chickamauga this Battalion was the first to plant its banner on the enemy's works. The colors were pierced by 83 bullets, and the standard-bearer, Robert Y. HIETT, though thrice wounded and the staff thrice shot away, carried his charge throughout the entire fight. Afterward he was made lieutenant.
    The 1st and 2nd Battalions suffered the heaviest loss, leaving more than half their number either dead or wounded on the field. Out of 239 men in the 2nd Battalion, 169 were killed or wounded.
  • HALL, Bolling, Jr. Lieut-Col. (promoted to Colonel after Chickamauga where he was severely wounded in the thigh while gallantly leading his command in the assualt on the hill.
  • STUBBLEFIELD, William T, Major
    Company A
  • DAVIS, Toliver Davis,died 3/21/1864   Ann Lindsay Burton
  • DODGEN, Preston Leroy (Letter published in "In the Land of the Living--Wartime Letters by Confederates from Chattahoochee Valley of AL and GA by Ray Mathis
  • HENRY, Wiley Thomas   Linda Murphy
  • KERR, David F.L. 2nd Lt. Enlisted in beginning. Wounded at Bean's Station in Tenn. in Dec. 1863. Killed in action at Drewry's Bluff in Virginia. Wayne McCain
  • RANDALL, John H. (Roll of honor, Chickamauga)
    Company B
  • WALDEN, W.D., Capt. wounded in the breast, arm and shoulder inside the enemy's works - Chickamauga (Roll of Honor)
  • HARDY, William (James Hardy at Appomatox
  • PRUETT, Wiley V
  • SPIGENER, Socrates, 1st Sgt. (Chickamauga Roll of Honor)
    Company C= Co A 59th AL Regiment
  • FISHER, William F
  • GOTHARD, Ira = 50th Infantry Co A
  • HIETT, William H 3rd Lt.> 2nd Lt Co A 59th AL Regt
  • PORTER, John H. 1st Lt > Co A 59th AL Regt
  • TEMPLE, Benjamin F (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
    Company D
  • JONES, William P. (Chickamauga Roll of Honor)
    Company E= Co B 59th AL Regt
  • BROWN, Hiram W. (Paroled at Appomatox 4/9/65)Brown researcher
  • HALL, Bolling, Jr. Liet Col . Col 59th AL
  • NORRIS, George W. Prvt (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
  • MAY,James M. Private in Capt. Morrison's Company. Pension application in Butler County, GA.1st Corporal in the Legion in Pike County in Captain McIntyre's Company which was Company D of the 2nd Battalion.
  • MAY, Mosely
  • Parrish W.M. Co.E. 2nd Bat. Hilliard's legion entered March 16,1862 died May 3, 1863 Nara report states coffin and grave
  • Parrish, Henry M. 2nd Battalion Capt. Boling Hall Jr.s Company Alabama Volunteers entered March 16,1862 Candi
    Company F= Co C 59th
  • CASTLEBERRY, Joseph V. Corp.(Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
  • COTTON, James M. Sgt
  • COTTON, Merrell J., Sgt
  • CRUMPLER, Lewis H., Capt . Major Co. C 59th AL Rgt
  • NOLEN, F.M. (Researcher: Craig )
    Has letters that he wrote home. Died Sept 1865.

    3rd Battalion, Hilliard's Legion = 60th AL Regiment
    The Third was complimented on the field by General Pond at Chickamauga.

    The 3rd Infanty Battalion was organized with six companies at Montgomery, 25 June 1862. It was consolidated with 4 companies of the 1st Infantry Battalion and designated the 60th Infantry Regiment at Charleston, TN on 25 Nov 1863.
    Its field officers were:
  • SANFORD, Col John W.A.
  • COOK, Hatch, Major
  • TROY, Daniel S., Major
    Its assignments were as for the 1st Battalion except for the period Dec 62-Mar63 when it was assigned to Knoxville and the Dept of E TN.
    Company A = Co E 60th AL Regiment
  • DAVIS, Reason J. - enlisted 9th July, 1864 at Abbeville, AL. Age 17,single. Wounded and died 6 April, 1865. Mac
  • GREATHOUSE, William Walter, born 1822, GA. William Walter Greathouse entered the Civil War on April 7, 1862, Clay Hill, AL, Co. A, 60th, AL Reg., died Dec. 16, 1863 at Rogersville, TN.
    It also states he was born in GA, was a farmer, res. Clay Hill, AL, age 40, and was married to Charlotte Lucinda McLendon. It is not known where he is buried. He was a Private in the Infantry. He is on the Historical record roll Petersburg, VA: Dec. 31, 1864. Source: Copy of CSA Service Record. Patricia Dodd Greathouse
  • HIX, Mason (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • HUTTO, Joseph, Corp
  • JACKSON,Ellis
  • KIRKLAND, Micajah (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
  • KIRKLAND, Henry A. (Born 8 Mar 1834 Henry Co, AL) Enlisted Montgomery 10 March 1862 at age 28. Died at Petersburg 28 Oct 1864. Sam Carnley (
  • KNOWLES, L.A. = 60th Co E
  • KNOWLES, Thomas N.
  • LEE, Jackson, Prvt (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
  • PITTS, L.B. Private. Enlisted Feb 22, 1863, Abbeville. (Residence: Henry Co.)Lisa Wilson
  • SHELLY, C.C. Mac
  • SHELLY, Mark (Mac
  • SHELLY,Malachi (Mac
  • TALLY, (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • TURNER, (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • WILLIAMS, Lewis
    Company B= Co. A 60th Regiment
  • BAYGENTS, James F. Sgt(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • BROOKS (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • FRENCH, James E. Corp (Honor Roll - Chickamauga)
  • HALL(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • JACKSON, Andrew Jackson Prvt(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga) Descendant: Hilton L. Hunt, 3115 Ozark Ave. Port Arthur TX 77640
  • KNOWLES, George S. = Co A 60th Al Regiment
  • KNOWLES, Green B. = Co A 60th AL Regiment; died in service May 1862.
  • KNOWLES, T.J. = Co. A 60th AL Regiment; wounded at Petersburg, VA
    Company C = Co B 60th
    T.H. Smith's Company C 3rd Battalion Infantry of Hillard's
    In service for Three years or the war. All are from Coosa County, Alabama
    Name                         Rank           Age
  • SMITH, Thomas H. Captain   28
  • LENNARD, John B. 1st Lieut   28
  • ROBERTS, William L. 2nd Lieut   27
  • THOMPSON, William L 3rd Lieut   28
  • BRITTON, Mat 1st Sergt   23
  • HICKS, C.R. 2nd Sergt   29
  • THOMPSON, J.W. 3rd Sergt   34
  • MCKALISTER, D.L. 4th Sergt   23
  • PALMER, R.A. 5th Sergt   36
  • HALES, WM 1st Corp   28
  • PONER, M.C. 2nd Corp   21
  • RAYFIELD, J.W. 3rd Corp   31
  • HUGHS, Daniel 4th Corp   31

    PRIVATES         Age

  • BURKS, Jerry ---
  • BLACKMAN, B.E.  25
  • BLACKMAN,J.J.  29
  • BLACKMAN, J.R.  30
  • BLANKENSHIP, J.   32
  • BROWN, T.J.  29
  • BRADLY, W.J.   18
  • BONDS, S.J.  30
  • BONDS, Marion  28
  • CROSS, W.C. 34
  • CREW, Elisha  18
  • CRAWFORD, J.M.  17
  • CANNON, John   33
  • DODSON, F.C.   20 ---------------- #16 - #25 OMITTED
  • W.M. HICKS   28
  • HELSON, J.   18
  • JOHNSON, I.S.   20
  • JACOBS, J.F.   22
  • JACOBS, Moses   20
  • JONES, I   28
  • JONES, H.B.   25
  • JACKSON, E.H.   26 (Substit. brother, Henry Jackson)
  • LEE, J.H.   22
  • LITTLE, John W.   21
  • LITTLE, J.W.   19
  • LIPLIE, R.H.   31
  • LIVEOAK, Jim   26
  • LINDSAY, J.W.   18
  • MARTIN, J.M.   26
  • MCLOWN, John   26
  • MCKBRIER, G.L.   32
  • McKnoir, D.B.   19
  • MORGAN, John Edward Asbury born in 1844, at Ourtown, Tallapoosa Co.Enlisted at Montgomery-trained at Pickett Springs. Confed Pension in the 1890's from injuries sustained during the siege at Petersburg. Died in 1930. (
  • NOLEN, A.A.   24
  • NOLEN, R.S.   26
  • NOLEN, T.A.   19
  • NELSON, J.I.  
  • BLANKENSHIP, John, Prvt.(Honor Roll-Chickamauga)
  • BROWN, (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • HUBBARD, Elisha Gideon (from Clay Co) Prvt. (20 Feb 1830-10 Agu 1864) Jon Medlock
  • LEWIS, Henry R (Honor Roll-Chickamauga)
  • SMITH, M.G. (Coosa Co. AL) T.C. Henderson( Lenora Dr. Monticello, Ga. 31064
  • SMITH, Thomas H., Capt (from Coosa Co, AL)
  • OGLETREE, John = Co B 60th AL Regiment
    Company D = Co C 60th
  • EACHIN, Peter H., Capt (from Montgomery Co, AL)
  • HUFHAM,(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • JACKSON, JESSE L. (commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • MARTIN, B.F., Prvt (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
  • McLEOD, Daniel. Buried in Ashley Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery near Skipperville.
  • QUILLAN, Elisha(commended for courage and skill at Chickamauga)
  • RUSHING, Solomon James (enlisted in Montgomery 27, June 1862. On one of his pensions he states he enlisted in Pike Co., AL in April 1862. Wounded at the Battle of Chicamauga and was sent home to recover. He returned to battle and was again wounded. He was in the Confederate Soldiers of America General Hospital, Farmsville, Virginia 27 April 1865 and remained there until after the close of the war. Researcher:Ronald Bridges (
  • SHAVER, H.A.
  • SULLIVAN, Daniel = Co C 60th AL Regiment
  • WILSON, Simon G. enlisted May 9, 1862 Dublin AL;age 28, farmer residence in Whitewater AL. present at Chickamuga Sept 19,20, 1863; Bean's Station Dec. 1863; Drury's Bluff May 1864; believed to have died at Petersburg, VA abt April 1865(was pvt Co. D, #3rd Battalion, Hilliards Legion) Mitch Berdinka
    Company E = 60th AL Regiment Co G
  • BEAN, Lt Frankln (1824-Nov 1, 1897( m. Malinda F.; buried Mt. Zion Church Cemetery, Bullock County, Ala.
    Deo Vindice Homer (
  • HEAD, William Randolph
    formed Co. E, 3rd Battalion of Hilliard's Legion in May of 1862 in China Grove, (Pike County) Alabama. Age 35 when mustered in. He was Captain of the company until December of 1862 when he resigned, for health,.. went home to Pike County, Al. and within two months had already formed Company D, of the the 6th Alabama Cavalry. He was in this unit until taken prisoner on March 25, 1865 at Bluff Springs, Alabama." camille" (
  • McCRELEES, John, Capt. (Chickamauga Roll of Honor) Co G, 60th Ala Inf Rgt; b. May 8, 1825; son of George L., Pvt, Youngblood's S.C. Militia, War of 1812 and Elzabeth Dorn McReless; m. Hannah Moore; died Bullock County, Ala. Feb 12, 1873; buried Mt. Hilliard Church Cemetery, Bullock County.
    Deo Vindice Homer (
  • PITTS, Noel Private July 3, 1862, Pike Co, AL. = Co G 60th AL Regiment. Captured at Farmville, VA April 6, 1865. Signed "oath of allegiance" in Newport News, VA on June 21, 1865. Lisa Wilson

  • Turlington, R.S., Prvt (Chickamauga Roll of Honor; killed in action)
    Company F = Co. D, 60th AL Regiment
  • LESLIE, William Nathan Private. Enlisted May 9, 1862, Columbus, GA at age 25, in Co. F, 3rd Battalion, Hilliard's Legion. Color Bearer prior to being wounded at Drury's Bluff May 16, 1864. Promoted to Ensign, May 28, 1864. Present on muster roll of POWs dated Apr 10, 1865, Appomattox. Mark Leslie
  • ODOM, ? (brother of John L.)
  • ODOM, John L (born near Columbus, GA) Enlisted 1862, 2nd Sgt. Captured 31 Mar. 65 and sent to Point Lookout, MD. (Prior to this enlisted as State troops for 6 months and spent this time at Savannah, GA, building forts and breastworks. Our company came home in the spring of 1862; re-enlisted in the same company with Hatch COOK as Capt.)Yeary's
  • PAGE, John W. Co F, 1st Bn, Hilliard's Legion/Co F, 23d Bn, Ala Sharpshooters 1843-1916; buried Barnes Cemetery, west of Georgiana, Butler County, Ala. (Homer JONES)
  • RUFFIN, Henry James. Private. Enlisted June 10, 1862, Columbus, GA at age 17, in Co. F, 3rd Battalion, Hilliard's Legion. Present on muster rolls dated Apr 10, 1865, Appomattox. Virginia R. Crilley

    4th Battalion - Hilliard's Legion = 59th AL Regiment

    4 companies of artillery service.
    Officer: Major REEVES

    5th Battalion - Hilliard's Legion = 10th Confed Cavalry Regt

    The 5th Cavalry Battalion was organized with 5 companies at Montgomery on 25 June 1862. It merged into the 10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment on 30 Dec 1862.
    Company A
  • JARMAN, Floyd (Chambers Co) Prvt Mar 10, 1862. John L. German
    Company B
  • LAWLER, Thomas Jefferson 2nd Lieut. wounded at Kennasaw, Ga. Researcher: Floyd E. Lawler Floler@Earthlink
    Company C
  • SLAUGHTER, Miles M., Major
    Its assignments were as the 1st Infantry Battalion (4th & 5th Brigades) until it was merged into the 10th Regiment.
  • COTTON, John Weaver (Coosa Co, AL) Prvt April 1,1862. Enlisted at Pinckneyville. Paroled may 25, 1865 at Talladega. Personal Civil War letters to his wife, Yours Till Death edited by Lucille Griffith, published, Univ of AL Press, 1951. Anne Crocker

    Cavalry Battalion

    Company D
    Complete Roster for Company D

    Personal Letter about this Company


    See 4th Battalion and 5th Battalion - Hilliard's See 2nd Battalion and 4th Artillery Battalion - Hilliard's

    The 59th was formed by the consolidation of 2nd & 4th Battalion. The 2nd Battalion had 6 companies commanded by Col. Boling HALL of Autauga, and Maj William STUBBLEFIELD of Coosa Co.
    They were in East Tennessee and Kentucky, at Chicamauga and Knoxville, but did most of their service in Virginia after the Spring of 1864.

    Company A, 59th AL Regt-Coosa Co/Tallapoosa, AL
  • PORTER, John H, Capt (died in Coosa in 1902)
  • GOGA, Alpheus, 1st Lt
  • HUITT, W.H., 2nd Lt
  • SMITH, A.J. , 3rd Lt
  • KING, F.M., 1st Sgt
  • BENNERS, N.H. 2nd Sgt
  • CARLISLE, E.J., 3rd Sgt
  • CARLISLE, W.B., 4th Sgt
  • COLLINS, AA, 1st Corpl
  • REEVES, G.W. 2nd Corpl
  • HONOR, AC 3rd Corpl There were 52 privates; 17 killed and died from wounds, 24 died of disease, 9 deserted, all after February, 1865.
  • MAY, J.W. Prvt. May 16th, 1864. Drury's Bluff, Va. killed in battle. Muster roll and descriptive list kept by Adj. of Comd. 1864. Sandra Keadle
    Company B, 59th
  • BROWN, Hiram W. (Paroled at Appomatox 4/9/65)Brown researcher
  • LOWERY, James, Prvt.Died 17 Jun 1864 at Petersburg. Widow applied for pension.
    Researcher: Nancy Pressley (

    Company C, 59th AL Regt-Coosa Co, AL=Co.F Hilliard's
  • STUBBLEFIELD, William T., Capt. (promoted, Major)
  • CRUMPLER, Lewis H., Capt. (promoted, Major)
  • LEE, Isom L., 1st Lt. (dropped from rolls, 27 Jan 65)
  • DAVIE, William R., 2nd Lt.
  • POND, Joseph E., 2nd Lt.
  • NOLAN, A. J., Sgt. Major
  • SHAW, Lewis L., 1st Sgt.
  • ARNOLD, William F., Ord. Sgt.
  • COTTON, James M., Sgt.
  • COTTON, M. J., Sgt.
  • NOLEN, Thomas J., Sgt.
  • WILSON, William H., Sgt.
  • BARKLEY, J. W., Cpl.
  • BONNER, H., Cpl.
  • BURKE, James P., Cpl.
  • COWART, Wiley, Cpl.
  • FERGUSON, E., Cpl.
  • GREEN, Zuba H., Cpl.
  • HALLY, William T., Cpl.
  • LOGAN, James A., Cpl.
  • CRUMPLER, Louis, Capt (son of Rev Albert Crumpler)
  • LEE, isom L., 1st Lt
  • DAVIE, William R., 2nd Lt
  • POND, Joseph E., 3rd Lt
  • SHAW, Lewis L. 1st St
  • WILSON, William A, 2nd Sgt
  • McDONALD, James L., 3rd Sgt
  • SNIDER, Robert, 4th Sgt
  • LEE, John M , 5th Sgt
  • KIRKPATRICK, Sanford L., 1st Corple
  • COWART, Wiley, 2nd Corpl
  • MITCHELL, Thomas J., 3rd Corpl
  • SAMPLE, William Sample, 4th Corpl
  • WINDHAM, Thomas John Rushing, Prvt. wounded/furloughed home Oct 1864
  • ALLEN, F. M.
  • ALLEN, Harris
  • ALLEN, Major
  • ATCHLEY, The. F.
  • ATKINS, Asey F.
  • BARRETT, B. B.
  • BELL, Joseph B.
  • BIRD, John W.
  • BRADLEY, William
  • BRIDGES, William
  • BROWN, E. G.
  • BROWN, William R.
  • BUSSEY, John F.
  • CAMPBELL, Harris
  • CARDEN, B. J.
  • CARDEN, Elijah
  • CARROLL, Henry B.
  • CASTLEBERRY, Jeremiah
  • CLANCY, A. J.
  • CORNELL, J. K.
  • COWART, John B.
  • DARSEY, Joseph L.
  • DURDEN, F. M.
  • FIQUETT, Charles M.
  • FLAM, J. T.
  • GILLESPIE, James
  • GILLESPIE, Thomas
  • GILLESPIE, William H.
  • GILNER, H.
  • GIRDNER, C. I.
  • GLACKY, James
  • GOODWIN, B. F.
  • GREEN, S. J. M.
  • GUY, D. C.
  • HAM, James F.
  • HAMILTON, Samuel
  • HANY, John
  • HARDAGREE, Jonathan
  • HARRIS, J. F.
  • HERREN, M. B.
  • HESTER, George W.
  • HILL, Littleberry
  • HILYER, H. H.
  • HOLMES, Gideon
  • LEE, John M.
  • LESTER, John T.
  • LESTER, Wilson
  • LEWIS, William
  • LITTLE, E. N.
  • LITTLE, James
  • LITTLE, S. M. V.
  • LOGAN, John R.
  • MAJORT, J. J.
  • MARLEN, G. C.
  • MARTIN, R. Y.
  • McCARLEY, M. C.
  • McCAULEY, Lucius
  • McQUIRT, John
  • MILLER, James
  • MILLER, James H.
  • MILLER, P. M.
  • MILLER, Thomas
  • MORGAN, William C.
  • MORRISON, Samuel E.
  • MURRAH, Silas
  • NESBIT, Robert
  • NESBIT, W. J. A.
  • NEWMAN, E. H.
  • NOLEN, Francis M.
  • OSLIN, A. J.
  • PALMER, John W.
  • PARKER, Samuel
  • PENTON, Robert S.
  • PLUNKET, Elisha
  • PORTER, Charles
  • POWELL, Robert J.
  • RAMSEY, J. A.
  • RAMSEY, William
  • RANEY, Charles
  • RAPE, John
  • RAY, James
  • RAY, John
  • ROBERSON, Samuel
  • RUSH, James
  • SANDLIN, Ben W.
  • SAWYER, E. H.
  • SIMS, B. A.
  • SIMS, O. K.
  • SMITH, B. B.
  • SMITH, D. R.
  • SMITH, Hampton
  • SMITH, Harrison
  • SNIDER, B. F.
  • SNIDER, Robert
  • STANLEY, A. R.
  • STEVENS, William
  • STONE, W. B. J.
  • STROUD, Jerre
  • THOMAS, George M.
  • VARNON, David H.
  • VERNON, E. R.
  • WAMBLE, William
  • WASDON, W.
  • WILSON, J. W.
  • WOLAND, T. M.
  • WOLF, P. J.
  • WRIGHT, John A.
  • WRIGHT, L. M.
  • YARBROUGH, Seaborn
    Company D, 59th Regiment ( Dale County)
  • McLEOD, Daniel Enlisted Skipperville. buried in Ashley Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery near Skipperville.  Lee
    Company E, 59th Regiment
  • FOUNTAIN, John Isaac. enlisted in the Confederate Army in Skipperville, Dale County, Alabama, November 15, 1862 and furloughed in February 1865 because of being wounded. The records show he was a private in Company "E" 59th Regiment, 4th Battalion  "SandyB2"(
    Company F, 59th Regiment
  • ROLLINS, John A. (b.1832-d.1905)  Bill Rollins
    Company G, 59th Regiment
  • MAY, Mosely P.private (Born ca. 1833)
  • MAY, Julius C.B. MAY Enlisted 13 March 1862 at Ft. Deposit, Alabama by Lieutenant Clements for 3 yrs. Listed as J.C.B. One company muster roll sheet states he was last paid October 31, 1863 by Capt. Kaigler and that J.C.B. MAY is absent, prisoner of war, wounded November 29 at Knoxvlle, TN and left in hands of enemy. The next muster roll sheet for Jan/Feb 1864 remarks J.C.B. MAY is absent, sick, wounded Nov. 29 at Knoxville. Left there on the retreat.
  • PRUITT, William P. Researcher: Dora Robinson
    Company H, 59th AL Reg
  • MAHONE, Jones Marion promoted from private to sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Artillery Battalion, Company H 59th Alabama Regiment. He lost an eye in the Battle of Petersburg. He was from Butler County (now Crenshaw County). Ella Shaw (
    Company K, 59th AL Regt-Coosa Co, AL
  • WALDEN, Wesley D., Capt , killed at Chickamauga just as he mounted the works of the enemy in a gallant charge by which they were taken
  • DELANEY, Wesley G, 1st Lt
  • BURROUGH, John, 2nd Lt
  • HULL, Thomas 3rd Lt
  • SPIGENER, Socrates, 1st Sgt
  • McGRADY, William C, 2nd Sgt
  • AKINS, J.W., 3rd Sgt
  • POSEY, John D., 4th Sergt
  • McSWAIN, Rufus, 5th Sgt
  • POSEY, William, 1st Corpl
  • McGRADY, James M., 2nd Corpl Grace
  • AKINS, J.H., 3rd Corpl
  • PATTERSON, James , 4th Corpl
  • GULLEGE, Robert H (promoted to Lt, and became Capt after death of Capt Walder There were 87 privates on the first roll.
  • CANADA, R.E. (born 3 Aug 1836, near Warm Springs, GA) Enlisted 14 April 1862, at Montgomery, Prvt. (Yeary's)
  • GLENN, William Franklin (b: May 1829 GA d: April 10, 1906 Al)Received Coosa County, AL Confederate pension. He lost his right arm to due to wounds suffered in a battle on or about May 26, 1864. He is listed as Franklin Glenn in the 1850 Coosa County Census. Researcher: Dewey Bruce Glenn
  • RUSS, James W. ( Confederate Pension Application #2504. Approved October 1899.

    23rd Battalion Sharpshooters



    The Appomattox Paroles April 9-15 1865 authored by William G. Nine and Ronald G. Wilson, there were 47 men from The 23rd Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters Co. E; F; & G. The following 27 names were taken from the details pages. Ron Wilson is historian at Appomattox Court House National Park.

  • DIX, Alexander F. Sgt./Maj. (Page 90)
    Company A
    Talliforris Yancey Oliver (T.Y. Oliver)private enlisted in Talladega Ala. on Sept.8,1862 at the age of 46. He was captured in Dallas, Ga. on June 2, 1864-released June 16, 1864. He was rejected by his mustering officer because of injury he had received and was discharged from service on Oct.11,1864 Researcher: "Keith Feltman" (

    Company B
    Company C
    Company D
    Strother, Cyrus W. Co. E Page 205 Bob Atchison
    Company E
  • CARTER, William J. Page 72
  • BROWN, Winlock. Killed in last battle? (Yeary's)
  • JENKINS, James L. Co. E Page 131
  • LAMPLEY, James A. Co. E. Jul 25; 1835- Jun 2, 1911; m. Rebecca D.; thought to be the brother of Col Harris D., 45th Ala Inf, killed Atlanta; buried Louisville City Cemetery, Louisville, Barbour County. (Researcher: (Homer JONES)
  • MARTIN, John G. Co. E Page 151
  • PHILLIPS, William H. Co. E Page 177
  • STROTHER, C.W. (born 15 Oct 1833, Madison, GA) Wounded at Drewry's Bluff. "says he had a comrade killed in the last? battle in which they were engaged".(Yeary's)
    Company F
  • Salter, Thomas Jefferson( born: 9-6-1845- died: 12-4-1927.) 3rd Corporal Researcher: Randy Johnson
    Company G
            Source: Rocky Chilson. The included roster of Company "G" 23rd
            Alabama is taken from the "Biography of William Wilkins, Sr." by
             Sanders Newton Wilkins, published 1922, by the EXETER SUN,
             Exeter,CA. William's son Henery Levi Wilkins and his grandson,
                     Matthew Greenbury Wilkins both served in this unit.
                               First Sargent: J. J. Jennings
                                2nd SGT: W. W. Johnson
                                   3rd SGT: T. A. Bell
                                  1st Corp: Wiley Dees
                                2nd Corp: John Simmons
                                  3rd Corp: J. Riggins
                                 4th Corp: John Graham
                 Jas. Atwood
                                   Albert Dumas
                                                        Geo. Patton
                 Chas. Allen
                                   Thos. Dumas
                                                         Bill Patton
                 Lem. Allen
                                     Bill Finch
                                                        Lafe Pearson
               Joel Atchinson   
                                    Fred Giles
                                                       Arnold Pearson
               Sam'l Atchinson  
                                     Kit Giles
                                                       Gillette Riggins
                 Jas. Brown
                                   Edward Giles
                                                       George Dixon
                 Joe Brown
                                  George Graham
                                                        James Dixon
                  A. Brown
                                    H. Graham
                                                       James Harper
                C.H. Bostick
                                    Andy Gray
                                                         Al Savage
                 J. Brunson
                                    Ed Hillyard
                                                        Albert Smith
                 Jas. Brunt
                                    S.B. Jones
                                                        James Smith
                Cary Carroll
                                  Fox Williamson
                                                          Tip Slate
                Joseph Carroll
                                  George Johnson
                                                        Samuel Slate
               Richard Carroll
                                    J. Johnson
                                                        Bill Stevens
               Alex Carpenter
                                    Thos. Leste
                                                      Thomas Stevens
               Gene Carpenter
                                   Ralph Lester
                                                      Pulaska Shumaker
               Bud Cummings
                                     Al Lyons
                                                       Mike Singleton
               J. Cunningham
                                   Chas. Lyons
                                                        Henry Semlar
               M. Cunningham
                                   Drury Massey
                                                        Zack Rogers
                  C. Clark
                                    Rich Martin
                                                          Lis Page
                  J. Clark
                                    Joe Martin
                                                        Charles Page
                Bill Dawson
                                  Jos. McAllister
                                                       Ezra Thompson
               Frank Dawson
                                  Isam McElwain
                                                      Henry L. Wilkins
                Joel DuBoise
                                    Bill Nixon
                                                        M.G. Wilkins
               James DuBoise
                                    Mat Odom
                                                      Matthew Zeigler
                         Here is a quote of Henry Levi Wilkins:
       "In November 1862, we were ordered into winter quarters, but we were
    soon ordered out to Murphreysboro, and while on this march fought the battle
    of Stoney River - then came the orders for our command to join Pemberton in the
    south, but while in the north we lost several of our company officers. -
    Captain Yates resigned. Lieutenants Bell and McCathern also resigned and Lt
    Stevens was promoted to Captain of our company, and W.W. Johnson was promoted to
    first lieutenant, Williamson to second and Mat Odom to third."
  • ALFORD, Sylvester
  • ATCHISON, William D. Bob Atchison
  • BRANTLEY, Chomick T. Co. F Page 62
  • BROWN, William Co. F Page 65
  • BRYANT, Thomas (Page 66)
  • DAW, William W. Co. F Page 87
  • DEESE, Eli (Page 88)
  • DODSON, John P. Co. F Page 91
  • ELLIS, Andrew J. Co. F Page 95
  • HALL, William Page 114
  • HAYNES, James K.(Page 119)
  • HOLT, Thomas T. Co. G page 125
  • MAY,Julius C.B. (Born ca 1838) Hobbs, Timothy A. E. Co. F Page 124 Johnson, Smith G. Co. F Page 133 Jolner, Wiley T. Co. F Page 134 Page, John W. Co. F Page 172 Smith, Stephen H. Co. F Page 200
  • ROSS, John A. Co. G Page 189
  • SHULTS, Frank; Sgt. Co. G Page 192
  • THOMAS, Alvin
  • WATTS, James B.

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