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The Upson County Cemetery Preservation Society



The mission of this society is to identify, restore, preserve and maintain abandon and neglected cemeteries, including those located on private property in Upson County, many of which have fallen into a bad state of disrepair since they were established a century ago. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring beauty and respect to these century-old cemeteries of Upson County. The society hopes to honor the struggles of the men, woman, and children who are laid to rest there, and preserve for future generations the memories of their endeavors. In an effort to restore and maintain these century-old cemeteries of Upson County, the Upson County Cemetery Preservation Society will be raising money and applying for grants.

It is my deep hope that this information will be useful to anyone with genealogical ties to those buried here, as well as to those with an interest in our restoration efforts. This Web site will soon provide detailed information about the cemetery. Here you will also find information about our efforts to restore and maintain this historic place.

If you would like to join us in preserving the heritage of the Thomaston Colored Cemetery, please contact us at your convenience. Your tax-deductible contribution will be most appreciated as the funds will be used completely for the continued renovation and maintenance of this holy place. Donations and inquiries may be made to the right of this site, or to help right now click the "Donation" link. This is a quick and easy way to contribute any amount you like to the restoration fund through PayPal.

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Located in Thomaston, west of intersection of Peerless Rd. and Edgewood Ave., behind Thomaston Mills Finishing Division. This cemetery is in GREAT DISREPAIR, and is crying out for help. The state of this historic place of rest is unsafe due to graves that have opened up, flipped, or sunk due to rain. Headstones are broken, sunken or missing, and the grass and weeds have grown so out of control that; reaching most graves is impossible. I have personally visited this cemetery, and know first hand how unsafe it is, and almost fell into graves three time while there trying to gather information. My fear is that a child should wander into this cemetery, and fall into one of the graves, and no one would ever know because; there is no way anyone could hear cries of a child due to all the nose. The people laid to rest there are crying out to be remembered, and I found myself talking to the people resting there. Saying, I will not let you be forgotten.

Founded in 1867 and 1897. Part of this cemetery was for the Confederate State Soldier's, "Only" and another part was for the African-American people of Thomaston. What is known by many to be the Old Mill Cemetery is the resting place of many wonderful people that continue to touch many lives a century later. It is our deepest hope that ALL the wonderful soul's resting there will be located, and their stories told.

Behind what is now a quiet mill in Thomaston, Georgia there is a neglected old cemetery which few people even know exists. The first person to be laid to rest there is unknown, but the oldest is of the grave of Mrs. Lizzie Jones - Spear d.1893. The place is all but forgotten today, being overgrown with weeds, brush and trees. But the "Old Mill" Cemetery, as it is called by some residents of Thomaston, tells the story of the founding of a town and a community. The story told by the silent markers, sunken graves, broken headstones is one of family and community pride, of life and death, of terrible tragedy. But the real tragedy is that this historical spot where many of our ancestors were laid to rest, is today in such disrepair. Like so many others, these monuments to those who helped to build Upson County have suffered at the hands of time, neglect, and vandalism. Each day that passes this cemetery loses many of its cultural treasures and the valuable information it contains to neglect, development, and the simple passage of time.

More information, and photograph will be posted along with updates on the Old Mill Cemetery


Diane Caldwell

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