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Each month historical information about Taylor County and its residents are published. If you had ancestors in Taylor County, you will be sure to find some family information!

Monthly meetings on 3rd Tuesday held in Butler County Courthouse.

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A tree must have a good root system and a good genealogist must know where to dig. Join us---be a TRACER.


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President - Linda Holland
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Historian/Archivist and Newsletter Editor - John Adams

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February 2003

Adams, Eugene Clyde dies
Allmon, Marion Gunter Memorial
Amerson, Miss Sarah dies
Barefield, Emma & James divorce
Barefield, Henry killed by lighting
Bartlett, J. S. dies
Beechwood Project
Brooks, Rev, Wyatt Tribute of Respect
Brooks, Rev. Wyatt obituary
Brown, Duncan dies at Cochran
Burdick, Mrs. E. L. dies in Macon
Butler Herald, June, 1878 to August, 1879
Butler Methodist Church - Historical Sketch
Butler Methodist Church photo 2002
Butler Methodist Church photo circa 1854
Cameron, James dies
Davis, John S. accidentally killed in Crawford Co.
Dennis, Thomas B. shot by P. J. Hodge in Hawkinsville
Flanigan, Oscar kills Newell W. Tullis
Fussell, J. N.  of Chattahoochee Co. died
Giles, J. J. of Columbus dies in Florida
Goddard, George H., Jr. dies at Reynolds
Grace, Mrs. William D. dies
Griffith, James Pyron dies
Grimsley, William killed by William Swearingen
Guerry, Judge James P. dies at Sumter Co.
Harris, Joseph W. dies at Byron
Harris, Young dies near Geneva
Hicks, Lewis dies in Crawford Co.
Hodge, P. J. shoots Thomas B. Dennis at Hawkinsville
Hollaway, Ransom weds Miss Fannie Turner
Humber, John kills E. M. Roberson in Crawford Co.
Jenkins, John of Webster Co. dies
Jinks, Pearl dies
Jones, James M. obituary
Jones, James M. Resolution of Respect
Kivlin, James dies at Columbus
Leonard, Louisa dies
Mathews, W. P. obituary
Minutes of January Meeting
New Members
Newton, Miss Rutha Ann dies
Oliver, G. W. dies
Patrick, John - killed by train in Montezuma
Rainhart, Mr. J. J. dies
Riley, Martha & W. S. divorce
Roberson, E. M. killed by John Humber in Crawford Co.
Rogers, Reuben of Marion Co. killed in Texas
Russ, Mrs. C. dies
Sanders, Ivey accidentally killed by Henry Sparrow
Schrimpshier, Mrs. Fannie dies
Searcy, Allen kills Tom Searcy (Colored)
Searcy, Tom killed by Allen Searcy (colored)
Smith, Martha T. (Glenn) dies
Sparrow, Henry accidentally kills Ivey Sanders
Stout, Mrs. Ellie dies in Troy, Al.
Swearingen, William kills William Grimsley
Taylor, Nancy D. obituary
Thweatt, Benjamin dies
Tullis, Moses Bible
Tullis, Newell W. killed by Oscar Flanigan
Williamson, James death
Williamson, Martin dies

January 2003

Averett, Miss Perris weds William T. Hamilton
Bates, Mr. A. S. weds Miss Mamie Clancy
Beechwood Project
Birdson, Edgar dies
Blanford, Mrs. Mark H. nee Long
Bray, Eddie killed
Brinkly, Stephen hanged
Brown, Nannie dies
BUTLER HERALD, 1877-1878
Caldwell, John W. kills his family commits suicide
Calhoun, John C. weds Miss Mary M. Christopher
Carithers, Robert memoriam
Carithers, Robert obituary
Christopher, Miss Mary M. weds John C. Calhoun
Clancy, Miss Mamie weds Mr. A. S. Bates
Clarke, James M. dies
Clayton, Mrs. dies
Colbert, Florine E. birth announcement
Cottingham, Miss burns to death
Dupree, Lou divorces Warner Dupree
Dupree, Warner divorced by Lou Dupree
Forsyth, John dies in Alabama
Gardener, Hugh obituary
Hamilton, William T. weds miss Perris T. Averett
Hays, Levi dies
Hines, Gussie birth announcement
Jeffers, Edward dies
Jossey, B. F. weds Miss Clara Leonard
Kehoe, Simon - RR Engineer killed
Leonard, Miss Clara weds B. F. Jossey
Lipsey, Burrell weds Miss Euly McClendon
Little, Dr. W. G. dies
McClendon, Miss Euly weds Burrell Libsey
McMichael, James killed by prisoners
Mitchell, Caroline obituary
Montfort, Miss Fannie T. weds William M. Neisler
Murray, Miss Emily weds Dr. J. N. Wadsworth
Neisler, William M. weds Miss Fannie T. Montfort
Parks, Mary (Hobbs) dies
Perkins, Ennis divorced by Sarah Ann Perkins
Perkins, Sarah Ann divorces Ennis Perkins
Perry, Infant of E. M. Perry dies
Ripley, Phillis (colored) dies
Scott, Lucinda (Baldwin) dies
Searcy, Mrs. F. A. dies
Shepherd, William R. arrested for murder
Sistrunk, Helen dies
Smith, Rebecca (Bradshaw) dies at Talbotton
Swazie, J. Clark dies
Wadsworth, Dr. J. N. weds Miss Emily Murray
Wallace, John H. dies
Whatley, Mrs. C. J. D. (Clarice Harmon) obituary
Whatley, Synthia Cason Rhodes dies
Whatley, William dies
Williams, Rachel dies

December 2002

100 Years Ago from Butler Herald
Crawford County Militia
Crawford County, Ga.
Creek Indian War of 1836 on the Chattahoochee
Ellis, Rev. John E. weds Miss Neva Marshall
Flurry, Mrs. M. A. dies at Tazewell
Holland, William Bible
Letter from Adreana Amos Johnson
Letters to Santa Claus
Map of Old Agency Lots East side of Flint River
Map of Old Agency lots West side of Flint River
Marshall, Miss Neva weds Rev. John E. Ellis
Memorial to Bertha Bazemore Elliston
Memorial to Helen Taunton Hankinson
Memories of Fifty Years - William H. Sparks
Old Agency Lots sold on West side of Flint River
Old Creek Agency Lots sold on East Side of Flint
Smith, Eula Bell weds John Vann
TCHGS dues due in December
TCHGS Officers to be installed Dec. 17, 2002
Vann, John weds Eula Bell Smith
Walls, William H. Dies

November 2002

100 Years Ago in Taylor Co., Ga. Butler Herald
Callaway, Joshua S. Bible Records
Dykes, William W. kills Robert Wynne
Felker, Mrs. Alice weds T. E. Fowler
Flint River Baptist Association History
Fowler, T. E. weds Mrs. Alice Felker
Gordon, Gen. John B. Beechwood House
Gordon, Gen. John B. Overseer's House Photo
Hankinson, Helen (Taunton) dies
Hill, Mack shot by John Mosley
Hobbs, Emma dies
Hobbs, Perry obituary
Hollis, Henry Memoriam
Jessup, Isaac obituary
Jones, Henry obituary
Jones, Minnie Schrimpshire dies
Jordan, James Weaver Bible
Lamar, Lavolsior commits suicide
Milner, Pitt Family Bible Records
Money, Jewel (Jinks) Memoriam
Montgomery, Mrs. Nannie memorial
Mosley, John kills Mack Hill
Mt. Paron Church Membership 1824-1910
Mt. Paron Church photograph
Mt. Paron Primitive Baptist Church 1824-1924
Reynolds Baseball Team photo
Reynolds Basketball Team 1928 photo
Reynolds High School Class of 1915 photo
Smith, Mrs. James H. dies
Steed, Alice Josephine dies
Wynne, Robert killed by William W. Dykes

October 2002

100 Years Ago in Taylor County
Bickley, Miss Emmie weds John Walker
Burkitt, Elder Lemuel
Cane Ridge Meeting House (Old)
Cane Ridge Revival sketch
Chapman, Miss Ouida weds Dr. T. G. Turk
Childs, Miss Minnie weds Elder H. E. Murray
Dow, Peggy (Mrs. Lorenzo Dow)
Dow, Peggy photograph
Dow, Rev. Lorenzo
Dow, Rev. Lorenzo photograph
Dunwoddy, Ralph to wed Miss Sara Wallace
Early religion in Georgia
Fowler, John Blackstone Bible
Georgia - A Historical Sketch (1822)
Georgia Counties 1820 - Census
Harris, Lucy R. dies at Tazewell
Harris, Lula D. dies at Tazewell
Historical Collections of Georgia - Counties
Jerking Exercises photograph
Jewell Money dies
Johnson, Mrs. Fannie dies
Kimble, Miss Willie weds George Windham
Little Union Primitive Baptist Church
Little Union Primitive Baptist Church photograph
Lucas, Roselle Gilmer Memoriam
Map of Georgia 1822
Martin, Floyd Franklin Memoriam
Methodist Camp Meeting 1819 photograph
Mizell, Miss Fronie dies buried at Talbotton
Murray, Elder H. E. weds Miss Minnie Childs
Payne, Miss Virginia weds Thomas F. Spell
Religious Camp Meeting photograph
Shine, Miss Annie Ruth weds E. M. Waters
Shouting Methodist
Smith, John Andy Bible
Spell, Thomas F. weds Miss Virginia Payne
The Second Great Awakening
Turk, Dr. Thomas G. weds Miss Ouida Chapman
Walker, John weds Miss Emmie Bickley
Wallace, Miss Sara to wed Ralph Dunwoody
Waters, E. M. weds Miss Annie Ruth Shine
Williams, Clarence dies in Macon, Ga.
Windham, George weds Miss Willie Kimble

September 2002

100 Years ago from the Butler Herald
Adams, Mitchell death
Bacon, Francis obituary
Beall, Miss Worrill dies
Beeland, George T. dies
Byrd, Georga D. death
Carr, Ruth dies
Carr, Virginia (Hawkins) photograph
Carr, William O. photograph
Chandler, Mrs. T. A. (Susan E. Paschal) dies
Clark, William A. weds Miss Annie Monk
Coats, John B. & Jeffersonia Davidson Coats photo
Comer, Arthur killed by Joseph Murphey
Comer, Arthur kills his wife
Court action by Col. Hawkins heirs 
Covered Wagon - sketch
Cox, Miss Josephine dies
Creek land Cession 1805 -1832
Dunwoody, Robert R. weds Miss Sara Wallace
Edmondson, Bertha weds Rev. Frederick Perkins
Fickling, Bessie weds Arthur B. VanValkenburg
Griffith, B. H. obituary
Hall, Dr. D. M. obituary
Halstead, Hattie Onice dies
Hawkins / Lawshe reunion photographs
Hawkins, Col. Benjamin Descendants
Hawkins, Col. Benjamin Grave Photograph
Hawkins, Col. Benjamin home burns
Hawkins, Col. Benjamin obituary
Hawkins, Col. Benjamin will
Hawkins, Georgia A. obituary
Hawkins, James Madison will
Hawkins, Lavinia (Downs) obituary
Hawkins, Mary Caroline obituary
Hopkins, Mary C. (Lawshe) photograph
Indian Land Cession in Georgia
Jones, Elma Huff dies
Kiser, Capt. Christopher obituary
Lane, Horace commits sucide in Houston Co.
Lawshe, Cherokee (Hawkins) obituary
Lawshe, Cherokee (Hawkins) photograph
Lawshe, Lewis Madison photograph
Lawshe, Lt. Joseph H. dies at Johnson's Island 
Lawshe, William Henry photograph
Map of Indian Land Cessions in Georgia 1790-1835
Map of Travelers Road 1815-1836
Medicine Cape
Monk, Miss Annie weds William A. Clark
Pack Mule - photo 
Payne, Mrs. Virginia weds Thomas F. Spell
Perkins, Rev. Frederick weds Miss. Bertha Edmondson
Riley, James dies
Rolling Hogshead - drawing
Rutledge, Paul & Jacqueline photograph
Spell, Thomas F. weds Mrs. Virginia Payne
Stagecoach, Early American sketch
Stephenson, Mrs. Emma dies
Travelers Road
VanValkenburg, Arthur weds Miss. Bessie Fickling
Wallace, Sara weds Robert R. Dunwoody
Windle, Janice Woods biography
Woods, Georgia A. (Lawshe) photograph

August 2002

100 Years ago in Taylor Co., Ga. Butler Herald
31st. Ga. Regt. Casualties at Fredericksburg, Va.
Adams, Col. David's Campaign
Battle of Autossee
Battle of Autossee engraving
Battle of Camp Defiance
Battle of Camp Defiance Casualty list
Battle of Emuckfau
Battle of Enotachopco
Battle of Horse Shoe
Battle of Horse Shoe - Jackson's plan of attack
Battle of Talladega
Battle of Talladega casualties
Battle of Talladega plan of battle
Battle of Tallaseehatchee
Battle of The Thames picture
Chief Menawa
Crawford, Major Joel photograph
Dodson, Richard killed by lighting at Church
Edwards, Miss Lenora weds Mr. H. P. Houser
Elliston, Mary C. (Johnston) dies
Floyd, Gen. John Family
Floyd, Gen. John photograph
Fort Mitchell drawing
Fort Sinquefield Attack
Greene, Mrs. Dr. W. I. dies at Fort Valley
Hill, Mr. D. B. dies
Hillabee Attack
Hogg, J. H. dies at Tazewell
Houser, H. P. weds Miss Leonora Edwards
Killed & Wounded in Jackson's Army in 4 actions
Kimble-James Massacre
Mains, Charlie dies known as "Tobe"
Map of Gen. Floyd's Campaign
Map of Georgia 1814
Map of Seat of the Creek War in Upper Alabama
Mathews, R. A. of Thomaston dies
Mauk 8th Grade 1934 
Rogers, Little Addison Booty dies
Souder, Mrs. Sallie V. obituary
Star-Spangled Banner
Talassee King Sketch
Timpoochee Barnard
Underwood, Charles Evans CSA
War of 1812
Waters, Edward B. obituary

July 2002

100 Years Ago in Taylor County, Ga.
Adams, Monroe kills his daughter
Battle of Aulotcheewaee - casualties
Battle of Burnt Corn
Battle of Burnt Corn Drawing
Battle of Tippecanoe
Bowles, Capt. Thomas H. Co. Roster  at Ft. Mims
Brumblee, Mrs. dies
Campbell, J. W. killed by D. T. Pryon
Chambers, Ira weds Miss Naomi Windham
Cheney, Dr. J. N. of Ellaville dies
Crawley, Martha C. kidnaped by Indians
Daniel, Len weds Miss Lizzie Downs
Dow, Lorenzo travels in Georgia 1803
Downs, Lizzie weds Len Daniel
Duck River Massacre
Federal Road & War of 1812
Fort Mims Drawing
Fort Mims families by sir name
Fort Mims Massacre
Fort Mims Survivers
Georgia Militia Officers
Gostin, Dr. James M. obituary
Harrison, Gen. William Henry photo
Harrison, Judge W. H. dies at Montezuma
Horse Paths to Roads
Houser, Felder T. weds Miss Mattie Lou Riley
Jinks, Henry T. Mrs. dies at Alma, Tx.
Lee, Millard to hang for murder
Lott, Arthur Murder
Lucas, Lillian Estell Memoriam
Map of Federal Road
Map of Seat of War Southern Alabama
Massacre at Fort Mims drawing
Mathews, Sarah A. obituary
McComb, Edna (Adams) dies at Buena Vista
Merdith, Thomas murder
Militia Officers for Georgia
Passports Through The Creek Nation
Payne, Henry Arthur obituary
Pierce, Frederick killed by W. R. Wells
Petersburg, Ga.
Pryon, D. T. killed by J. W. Campbell
Riley, Mattie Lou weds Felder T. Houser
Sattles, Miss Lilla killed by Millard Lee
Tecumseh Image
Tecumseh Short Biography
Tecumseh to Gov. William Harrison - letter
Three Wagon Roads
War Declared against England
Wells, W. W. to hang for murder
Wilkinson, Gen. James photo
Windham, Miss Naomi weds Ira Chambers

June 2002

100 Years Ago In Taylor County - Butler Herald
Anderson, Miss Gertrude weds Mr. James W. Morgan
Barnard, Timothy
Bartram, William
Bartram, William Photograph
Bethune, Mr. C. M. dies at Buena Vista
Birdsong, Dr. dies
Brantley, Prof. John J. dies
Bryan, Mrs. Francis M. dies (Annie Elizabeth Carson)
Carter, Miss Hattie weds Mr. Charles King
Chambers, Ira weds Miss Naomi Windham
Chapman, Mr. M. T. weds Pope, Nettie V.
Chief McIntosh Photograph
Coley, Mrs. Willie weds Mr. W. E. Mooser
Dow, Rev. Lorenzo preaches at Agency
Downs, Lavinia Weds Benjamin Hawkins
Drawing of Hawkins' Creek Indian Agency
Dxon, Mr. Eugene dies at Ellaville
Fisk, Ichabod Ebenezer dies at The Agency
Fouche, Miss Bessie weds Mr. Hubert Rogers
Frederick, Miss Louise C. weds Mr. J. E. Hays
Granger, Gideon - U. S. Postmaster General Photo
Halley, Miss Alice dies
Hawkins, Benjamin & Creek Indians
Hawkins, Benjamin Journey through Creek Nation
Hawkins, Benjamin Photograph
Hawkins, Benjamin weds Lavinia Downs
Hawkins, Philemon Bible
Hays, Mr. J. E. weds Miss Louise C. Frederick
King, Mr. Charles weds Miss Hattie Carter
Map Federal Horse Path 1806-1811
Map of Hawkins Journey Through Creek Country
Map of Indian Territory in Ga., Ala., Miss., & Tenn.
Map of Route from Washington to New Orleans 1806
Map of Timothy Barnard's Land on Flint River
McClain, Louis killed by lighting
McDaniel, Mr. Jack weds Miss Mamie Spinks
Mooser, Mr. W. E. weds Mrs. Willie Coley
Moravian Church History (Brief)
Morgan, Mr. James W. weds Miss Gertrude Anderson
New Madrid Earthquake 1811-1812
New Members
Newsom, Dr. S. W. Memorial
Parker, Mrs. John dies (Mahulda C. Bridges Parker)
Parks, Mr. Otis drowns in Flint River
Photographs of unknown man & woman
Pickens, General Andrew Photograph
Pope, Miss Nettie V. wed Mr. Hubert Rogers
Programs 2002
Rogers, Hubert weds Miss Bessie Fouche
Spinks, Miss Mamie weds Mr. Jack McDaniel
TCHGS Minutes
TCHGS Officers
Tracer Wins 2nd. Place in Family Tree Contest
Train Wreck kills Engineer Pittman & Fireman West
Wilkins, Mr. E. A. P. Obituary
Williams, J. J. killed by lighting
Windham, Naomi weds Mr. Ira Chambers

May 2002

100 Years Ago In Taylor County-Butler Herald
Adams, John R. - Awarded Jefferson Davis Medal
Barfield, J. F. killed by John Dixon
Butler High School Class of 1936
Butler M & F Commencement 1919
Butler Male & Female Class of 1902
Butler Male & Female Class of 1919
Butler Male & Female Commencement 1902
Chandler, Orville A. obituary
Confederate Memorial Observance at Bethel
Danile, Henderson (colored) dies
Dixon, John convicted of killing J. F. Barfield
Dixon, John Pardoned
Fickling, C. F. home destroyed by fire
Hair Cut - by Betty Gassett Garrard
Ham, Miss Olivia weds J.L. Rustin
Hancock, Bennie H. letter from Luxenburg
Harris, James obituary
Herin, Louise M. weds Hermon Parks
Hinton, Miss Ray's Music Class Recital
Hough, James D. body recovered from Ocmulgee River
Jackson, H. H. weds Miss Ollie Wilson
Lackey Brothers elude officers
Lawson, Frank's child dies (colored)
McDowell, George dies at Barnesville
Moore, Jackson letter from "over there"
Moore, Jackson letter from France
Moore, Simon - letter from "over there"
Nelson, Woody - letter from Germany
New Members 
Newsome, Dr. George W. obituary
Ogburn, Mrs. William dies
Paris, Sarah C. dies
Parks, Hermon weds Miss Louise Mozel Herin
Posey, Brooks - letter from Germany
Posey, Lee letter from Germany
Recipes from 1902
Reynolds High Schol Class of 1919
Roberts, James D. letter from France
Rustin, J. L. weds Miss Olivia Ham
Shinholster, Jesse Grave Marker Dedication
Smith, Charles M. obituary
Smith, Mrs. R. Hume (Carrie Neisler Smith)
Sponsor Members
Taunton, Henry D. Awarded Cross of Military Service
TCHGS 2002 Officers
TCHGS April Meeting Minutes 
TCHGS Programs 2002
TCHGS trip to Marion County
Tomlin, Silas (colored) dies
Tukes, Nancy (colored) obituary
Wallace, A. S. Resolution of Respect
Watson, Burrell obituary
Willingham, Subil - Awarded Winnie Davis Medal
Willis, W. C. obituary
Wilson, Miss Ollie weds H. H. Jackson
WW I May 1919 Butler Herald

April 2002

100 Years Ago in Taylor County - Butler Herald
Bethune, Miss Rosa weds Mr. Philpot
Bowles, Abner kills his wife & brother-in-law & self
Branch, Rev. Franklin Addison obituary
Brand, Miss Clyde weds Carl Cooper
Carreker, Lizzie L. obituary
Carson, J. T. Jr. writes from "Over There"
Confederate Flags Over Georgia
Confederate Memorial Day
Confederate Memorial Services At Bethel Church
Cooper, Carl weds Miss Clyde Brand
Cotter, Dr. R. O. dies at Barnesville
Emerson, Homer weds Miss Maude Smith
Fouche, James L. obituary
Gaultney, Carrie Edna Memoriam
Gunn, Mrs. Jesse nee Cobb obituary
Hendricks, Aplin H. weds Lollie Gladys Williams
Hill, Nancy (Meeks) obituary
Jarrell, Miss Lilian weds Dr. Willis J. Wilkins
Johnson, Miss Ola weds Robert Lee Wright
Jones, Ed gets life for killing Walter Yauhn
Lammon, John dies
Lampkin, Wallace W. obituary
Lucas, Iola (Ricks) obituary
Manley, Alock O. obituary
McDaniel, Mrs. P. T. dies
McGlaun, Marie (Jarrell) obituary
Miller, Miss Etta Wallace to wed Charles Neisler
Montgomery, Nancy (Miller) Obituary
Neisler, Charles H. to wed Miss Etta Wallace Miller
New Members
Peterman, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. D. Peterman
Philpot weds Miss Rosa Bethune
Pickett, Dewitt C. obituary
Posey, Brooks letter from "Down on The Rhine"
Rogers, Math weds Miss Prudie Rogers
Smith, Judge C. C. dies
Smith, Miss Maude weds Homer Emerson
Sponsor Members
Taylor County Schools in 1926 Butler Herald
TCHGS Minutes March 19, 2002
TCHGS Officers 2002
TCHGS Program for 2002
The Officers Funeral Song
Walden, Martha obituary
Wall, William Oliver weds Martha Halley Fulford
Welbourn, Mrs. C. G. dies at Macon
Wilkins, Dr. Willis J. weds Miss Lillian Jarrell
Williams, Lollie Gladys weds Aplin H. Hendricks
Windham, Eula (Wilson) obituary
Wright, Robert Lee weds Miss Ola Johnson
WW -1 March, 1919 Butler Herald

March 2002

100 Years Ago In Taylor County - Butler Herald
Adams, Anthony Family
Adams, James Anthony Bible
Adams, James Clyde, Rev.
Adams, James Clyde, Rev. Photograph
Adams, Jesse & Rebecca McGee Family
Adams, Joseph T. Rev. Obituary
Adams, Joseph T. Rev. Photograph
Adams, Lavicie & Shepherd, Laban Family
Adams, Lucy & Cox, Simon Family
Adams, Mary & Bartlett, James S. Family
Adams, Mattie Hamilton-Layfield-Adams Obituary
Adams, Oscar E. Killed in Train Wreck
Adams, Sarah Grace Photograph
Bartlett, James S. & Mary Adams Family
Boll Weevil by Betty Gassett Garrard
Carson, Wallace letter from over there
Childres-Bartlett, Mary Adams Will abstract
Chiver, Ben weds Mrs. N. E. Jones
Cox, James Foster House - Photograph
Cox, James Foster Store - Photograph
Cox, Simon & Adams, Lucy Family
Cyclone hits Eufaula - 4 killed
Dozier, Mary dies
Dunlop, Samuel S. dies
Edwards, Etta Ward birth March 3, 1902
Edwards, J. F. charged with killing his wife
Garrett, R. M. residence burns
Gaultney, John baby dies
Gaultney, M. T. letter from over there
Grace, Nancy Lloyd-Grace Obituary
Hill, Walter letter from over there
Howard, William dies near Talbotton
Jones, Jimmie weds Miss Ethel Plymail
Latham, W. L. Col. dies
Matthews, Allen F. killed in Railroad Accident
Maxwell, Simeon Mrs. dies
McGee, Rebecca & Adams, Jesse Family
McSmith, Harvey kills his wife and himself
Passmore, Monroe weds Miss Jessie Mae Bell
Peed, H. L. Mrs. dies
Posey, Brooks letter from over there
Posey, Oscar L. weds Miss Gertrude Youngblood
Powell, Califf dies from burns
Sawyer, Pearl Obituary
Sawyer, Pearl Memorial
Scott, W. E. Weds Cora Hilton
Shepherd, Laban & Adams, Lavicie Family
Shepherd, Laban Obituary
Shepherd, Lavicie Adams obituary
Shepherd, William R. obituary
Taylor, James & John killed by falling tree
Wayman Mills Sold
Wright, Steve of Roberta dies in Colorado
WW I - March, 1919 Butler Herald

February 2002

100 Years Ago In Taylor County Butler Herald 1902
Adams & McRorey - Marry
Barrow & Mitchell, Mrs. - Marry
Bearden, Hampton Wallace - Memorial
Beeland & Carter - Marry
Benton, Edward Joy, Jr  - Memorial
Bickley, Nancy L. - Obituary
Blanford, Mark H., Judge - Died at Columbus
Bodiford, W. E. - Charged with bigamy
Bohler, Robert H. - Obituary
Booth & Amos - Marry
Brantley & Blue - Marry
Butler Female College & Male Institute
Butler Female College & Male Institute Catalogue 1881-82
Butler Female College & Male Institute Incorporated
Butler Female College & Male Institute Photograph
Butler Female College & Male Institute Students 1881-82
Butler Herald 1877 Continued
Butler Herald, February 1919
C. S. S. Chattahoochee Wreck
Caldwell, Mrs. Y. H. (Harriett Sturdivant) - Obituary
Columbus Georgia in the Confederacy
Confederate Navy Ship Yard Columbus Georgia
Cox & Peterman - Marry
Dickson, Henry C. - Dies at Talbotton
Evans, George - Dies
Franklin, Charlie - Pardoned after 21 years Not Guilty
Freeman, Elizabeth - Dies
Garrett & Rouche - Marry
Garrett, Railey Mrs. nee Miss Ruth Stewart - Obituary
Harvey, S. T. , Mrs.  - Obituary
Hodges, Eugene W. - Birth announcement
Johnston Institute Deed
Lucal, Lillian - Memoriam
Massey & Hawkins - Marry
Mauk, Sebastain Cabbot - Obituary
McDaniel, Fred B. - Accidentally killed
Memorial Donations
New Members
Payne, Kate - Memorial
Perryman, A. J. - Ordinary of Talbot Co., Ga. dies
Peterman, Tom - Cut by Anna Bell
Programs for 2002
Pye, Inez - Memoriam
Recipes 1902
Research & Postage Donations
Sawyer, Pearl - Dies from burns
Simpson & Winn - Marry
Smith, John Mrs. - Dies at Howard, Ga.
Sponsor Members
Taylor, Susan E., Mrs. - Obituary
TCHGS Minutes from January 19, 2001
TCHGS Officers 2002
Thomas, H. W., Dr. - Convicted
Turner, Elizabeth - Badly burned
Wade, Walter Case - Killed by Dr. Chapman & others
Willingham, Sybil - 2001 Presidents Report
Winn & Simpson - Marry

January 2002

January 2002 TRACER Contents 
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:01:38 -0500 
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Photograph Of Major Gen. Zachary Taylor
Happy Anniversary Taylor County, Ga. 1852-2002
The forming of Taylor County, Ga.
Brief Biography of President Zachary Taylor
Major Gen. Richard Taylor, Confederate Army
Confederate Monument Photograph from 1911
List of Contributors to Confederate Monument
Photo's of Old Taylor County Court House 1911
Photograph of O. S. Cox Store Butler, Ga.
The Butler Herald, January 3, 1911 Marriage & Deaths
Lester Peed weds Miss Ella Brooks
David Childree weds Miss Clara Windham
John L. Childree weds Miss Lessie Theus
Rev. Albert S. Dix dies
Wynn W. Adams  baby dies at Shamrock, Texas
George W. Ingram Memorial
100 Years Ago In Taylor County Georgia 1902
Train Accident at Macon, 3 men killed - 6 injured
Julius F. Pomeroy weds Miss Caroline Rochelle Carson
Butler Bank Robbed
Arthur Adams Death Notice
Death of Mrs. C. M. McDaniel
Death of Ines Pye
Death of Spencer Heath, Col. in Worth Co., Ga. 
Mrs. Henry T. Jinks died at Leland, Texas
Terrell Wingfield  Montfort Obituary
Mr. J. E. Benton dies at Blackshear, Ga.
Miss Stella Tyson sues A. J. Hill for Breach of Promise
The Butler Herald 1919
Curtis McBride kills Henry Bailey White
Marshall Will Hesters shot by L. J. Downs
Miss Bernettie Fowler weds John M. Durham (colored)
Herbert Wilson killed at sawmill
Howard Family of 5 dies of Flu at Moultrie, Ga
Burial Permits Required
Tom H. Fowler (col.) missing, $25 reward offered
Mrs. Ruby Robinson shot by Lloyd Beverly at Thomaston
Sanders Eubanks Obituary (influenza)
Fleming Hill Obituary (influenza)
Walter B. Gaultney, Jr. Obituary (influenza)
Walstein Scandrett Obituary (influenza)
Warning of Violators of Work Law
Memoriam to Mrs. Delilah Smith Hesters
Mrs. J. P. Keney, nee Davis Obituary
Eunice Wainwright Obituary (influenza)
The Butler Herald 1877
Mr. O. M. Montfort weds Miss Ella McLaughlin
Cas Carson kills Lewis Cook (col.)
Anderson Holsey (col.) Frozen to death
Suicide of Mrs. Sarah Shepherd
Thomas Cameron Obituary
Mrs. Sallie Redding death
Mr. W. B. Hinton weds Miss Elba Carson 
John H. Christy death
The Butler Herald, March 18, 1951
New Members
Sponsor Membership
Research & Postage Donations
TCHGS Minutes
Installation of officers for 2002
TCHGS Officers
Memorial Donations

December 2001


The Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Society will
meet in the Fellowship Hall of Butler United Methodist
Church on Tuesday, December 18 at 7 p.m. A covered dish
dinner will be shared followed by the installation of the
society's officers for 2002. Prospective members as well
as present members are welcome to come, bring a covered
dish and participate. Interesting programs and field
trips are being planned for 2002 as we celebrate the
150th anniversary of the founding of Taylor Co. Come join
in the fun!

Christmas Party & Instillation of Officers
Happy Holiday from Editors
Flanders Fields and the Poppy
THE BUTLER HERALD December 1918 & WW I
Jim Hill Murders Oscar Cattle
Mrs. John Thomas Theus dies from pneumonia
Miss May Wainwright Dies from influenza
Mr. Cary Hand dies from pneumonia
Mary Anthony West Obituary
Miss Corine Tucker weds E. K. Johnson
Robert Bartlett Obituary ­ influenza
Paul Bickley Memorial
Mr. Vester Hill weds Miss Mary Joiner
Mr. John Greathouse Obituary ­ pneumonia
Sgt. William M. Steed’s Letter from France
Mrs. Antonett Riley Heath obituary
Mitchell Searcy commits suicide
Emma Hollis Montgomery Obituary ­ influenza
Charlie Adams dies at Wheeler Texas ­ influenza
Porter Gorman Memorial ­ influenza
Letters to Santa
Mr. Theophilus Williford Obituary ­ pneumonia
Josh Windham obituary ­ influenza
Charlie Montgomery Obituary ­ influenza
Mrs. Lizzie Gostin Foy Obituary  - pneumonia
Judge Emory Speer Obituary
Joe Rawls Letter from France
Mr. J. R. Carter Obituary
Ben Massie Obituary ­ pneumonia
Grover Cleveland Smith Photo in his car
A Christmas Letter From Willie
Letters to Santa Claus
100 Years Ago as reported in Butler Herald
Mr. James Washington Williamson dies
Miss Vivilee Cosey weds Leonard Montgomery
Mr. W. J. Guy Obituary
Recipes from 1901
Mrs. Rachel Wells Dies
Mr. J. Avarette Bryan weds Miss Lynda Lee
John Kilby weds Julia Davis
Miss Ester Morris weds Mr. A. Wade
Miss Unoka B. Murphey weds Mr. Joseph S. Shehee
Miss Edna Hudson weds Mr. Ross D. Lucas
Miss Augusta Williams Obituary
Tobacco Tags & Presents
Rev. Arthur J. Moore’s Reynolds tent Revival
Grandmothers by John R. Adams
Little Tree By Lois Cotney Bearden
Poems by Susan Rebecca Millirons Cotney
To Almost The Sweetest Girl I Know
The Tragedy of Motherhood
Gay Grandmas
Family of Lois Cotney Bearden
The Storytellers
Mama’s Helper by Betty Gassett Garrard
TCHGS Minutes
New members
Tribute to deceased loved ones of our members
TCHGS Officers 2001
Sponsor Membership
Memorial Donations

November 2001

Thanksgiving in America
Photograph of The First Thanksgiving
Photo of George Washington at Valley Forge in Prayer
World War I ­ The Butler Herald 1918
Mr. Grice Lucas Obituary
Sgt. Mack M. Green of Macon County dies at sea
Mrs. Etta Garrett Obituary
E. R. Smith kills Mr. Eason & shoots his son
Henry Grady Fuller weds Miss Ida Louise Barron
Private Oscar Moore dies in France
Mr. Oliver Cooper Trussell Obituary (pneumonia)
Mrs. Ruth Edwards Hendricks Obituary (influenza)
Charles Searcy dies at Camp
Otis Perry dies in France of illness
Ella Tomlin, colored dies
Porter Gorman Obituary (influenza)
James H. Taunton Obituary (pneumonia)
Sallie Trice, colored dies (influenza)
Tribute to Marvin Russell Foy (influenza?)
Mrs. Sallie Highsmith Obituary (influenza)
Miss Nell Chapman Obituary
Mauk Seriously Afflicted With Flu Epidemic
Elbert Lawson, colored (pneumonia)
Memorial to Marietta Garrett
Marvin Russell Foy Obituary (influenza?)
Miss Reba Brown Obituary (influenza)
Memorial to John Henry Adams
Miss Mattilu Byrd weds Tom Saunders
Jessie Adams Musslewhite Obituary (pneumonia)
Henry Montgomery Obituary (influenza)
Daisy M. Guy Montgomery Obituary (influenza)
Nathan Anthony Obituary (influenza)
William Thomas Sheppard Obituary (influenza)
Jessie Brazewell Obituary (influenza?)
Drain Foster Obituary (influenza)
100 Years Ago In Taylor Co., Ga.
Mrs. G. M. Gostin Dies at Carsonville
Lewis Davis Weds Miss Leola McElmurray
James Whitley weds Miss Lucinda Hays
Mrs. Julia Amerson Obituary
Mrs. G. M. Gostin Obituary
Miss Berta Windham Dies at Columbus
Miss Bessie Lou Griffith weds Artie Saunders
Tom Childree accidentally shoots Zack Daviston
Miss Emmie Windham weds Hugh Windham
William Frank Aultman Obituary
Mrs. Berta Wainwright
William Hobbs weds Miss Mamie Ammons
Albert McCrary, colored dies
Flournoy Freeman dies
Mrs. H. I. Pitts dies at Waverly Hall
Memorial to Hattie Trussell Wainwright
Bessie Cochran & her son Buck badly burned
John J. Jinks dies
Miss Mattie Guy weds Mr. E. O. Garrett
Howell Hollis dies at Beuna Vista
New Members
Antique Appraiser at Society Meeting in October
TCHGS Programs
Society To Meet November 20th at Butler City Hall
TCHGS Sponsor & Memorial Membership

October 2001

WW I & Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918
American War Casualties
Photo of Emergency Hospital Camp Funston, Kan.
1918 Influenza Timeline
Chronology of 1998 Spanish Influenza in Georgia
1918 Influenza Epidemic in Taylor Co., Ga.
Obituaries & Memorials to Private Armer Williams
Photo of Private Joel Armer Williams (Influenza)
Photographs of Hospital Ward at Camp Merritt, N. J.
WW I As reported in THE BUTLER HERALD 1918
Bessie Lockhart sentenced for killing Lela Ross
Miss Clifford Hobbs Obituary
Capt. J. T. O’Shields Macon Co. Convict Warden dies
Mr. J. T. Bateman Obituary
Hon. W. Riley Rogers Obituary
Joe Rawls Letters from Battle Field
Miss Lizzie Turner Obituary
John Henry Adams Memorial
Paul Allen killed when train hits auto
Mrs. Catherine (Glover) Sealy Obituary (Pneumonia)
Carey Joseph Hardaway , U.S. Navy  Dies
Emory F. Parr Letters from France
Private Ambry T. Aultman Letter from France
Mrs. Nan Fagan Obituary (Influenza)
Rev. Z. T. Weaver Obituary
Taylor County Fair canceled due to Influenza
Miss Lillie Carson Obituary (Influenza)
Robert Bartlett Obituary (Influenza)
Mrs. Maggie Walker Obituary
Dr. J. Hughes dies of Spanish Influenza
300 cases of Influenza Reported in Taylor Co.
Mr. Seaborn Montgomery weds Miss Emma Lumpkin
Mr. Jack Turner weds Miss Ruth Montgomery
Lorenza Wiggins, colored, dies of influenza
Terry Ann Miller, colored woman, dies of influenza
Fate Russau, colored, dies
Lawrence J. Blalock dies
Emory F. Parr letters from Cambery, France
New Hope Primitive Baptist Church History Continued
Clemmie L. Green dies
Eula Parks Bryan dies
Callie W. Taunton dies
Lola Adams Water dies
Ruth Eubanks Nelson dies
Elder John Paschal Glover Obituaries
Deacon J. L. Ogburn obituary
Miss Alice Carter killed in auto accident
William Levy Blackmon obituary
A. A. Thompson Obituary
Sketch of New Hope (Little Vine) Cemetery
TCHGS Minutes for September meeting
New Members
100th Anniversary of Wallace-Edwards Chapter UDC
TCHGS Programs 2001
Sacrifices by John R. Adams, Sr.
TCHGS Officers 2001
Memorial Donations
Sponsor Members

September 2001

President William McKinley Assassinated
Photographs of President William McKinley
100 Years Ago as reported in Butler Herald 1901
Little Mary Taylor Obituary
Mr. D. T. Cunningham Obituary
Mr. E. R. Paschal Obituary
Mrs. T. R. Lumsden Obituary 
Romulous Williams to hang September 6, 1901
Mr. Jeff Marshall commits suicide in Montezuma
Levi Baldwin, col. died 
Mrs. Mt. T. Chapman obituary
Mrs. Willie (Turner) Rigsby Obituary
George C. Hanson Obituary
Mr. Real G. Eldridge weds Miss Julia R. Caldwell
Mr. Frank Brown Obituary
Mr. J. F. Jones weds Miss Sophronia Bloodworth
Mr. Herbert Garner weds Miss Clifford Garrett
World War I as reported in The Butler Herald 1918
Robert Scrimshire's letter from France
Mr. George L. Scandrett dies in railroad accident
Mr. L. A. Allen killed by lighting
John W. Kellet of Lyerly kills himself
Mr. Howard Haywood weds Miss Rosebud Smith
Mr. Charles L. Wright weds Miss Susie Lizzie Cooper
Aunt Hager, col. Memoriam by J. T. Carson
Dr. J. B. Gordy Memoriam by J. T. Adams
Rev. J. M. Posey Memorium by C. H. Moore
Jonathan Morgan McCants' letter from France
J. J. Shealy's letters from France
Lewis M. Adams letter from Camp Johnson, Fla.
A. J. & Theo McGee injured in auto accident
Mr. Joe Sams killed in auto accident, 4 injured
Mrs. Victoria (Johnson) Bartlett obituary
New Hope Primitive Baptist Church History
New Hope Centennial celebration in 1929
Photographs of New Hope Church Members 1962
Elder John P. Glover death in Association Minutes
Deacon Howard Griffith Eubanks death
Sister Betty (Alaxander) Parks death
Sister Pearl (Blackmon) Blythe death
Sister Elda Florine Blackmon death
Deacon Robert Green death
Sister Addie Hammock death
Minutes of TCHGS August Meeting
New Members
Events in History on September 11
September 11, 2001 Comments by John R. Adams, Sr.
TCHGS Officers
Sponsor Membership
Memorial Donations

August 2001

George W. & Ariedna (McBryde) Amos Family
Story of My Amos Family by Peggie Amos Johnson
Photograph of  Thomas Jefferson Amos
Photograph of  Areadna, Allie, & Woodrow Amos
My Early Life ? Peggie Amos Johnson
Photograph of Thomas Jefferson Amos Home
T. J. Amos Home destroyed by fire
Amos Family by John R. Adams
John W. Amos killed by Henry Gholston
Joseph T. Amos shot by O. T. Mathews
100 Years Ago in Taylor Co., Ga.
John T. Vaughn kills William Weiss in Texas
Mr. Clifford Parker weds Miss Ruby Monk
Miss Katharine L. Gordon, daughter of Gen. J. B. Gordon, to wed ? A Down
East Yankee?
Tony Cummings kills his brother, Tig Cummings
Household Recipes from 1901
Do You Remember? The Flood at Mauk?
History of Mt. Nebo Church by J. L. Rustin
World War 1 as reported in the Butler Herald
Soldiers letter ? O. P. Harris
Mr. O. S. Cox badly injured by fall
Steve Rowe Obituary
Dr. A. B. Gordy Obituary
Rev. Monroe Posey Obituary
Robert Taylor of Ft. Valley wounded in France
Mr. James L. Saunders weds Miss Martha E. Wilson
Letters from ?Over There?  Emory F. Parr
Samuel Bentley Harp weds Miss Nita Matthews
Mr. Niles G. Parker weds Miss Pearl Wallace
Dr. Wayne Riley obituary
Mr. G. W. Huggins obituary
Letters from ?Over There? - Joe Rawls
Letters from ?Over There? - Ralph Heath
Letter from ?Over There? - Jonathan Morgan McCants
Biography of Jonathan Morgan McCants
Photograph of Jonathan Morgan McCants
D. S. Smith, Marion Co. Tax collector, dies
J. Albert Hart shot by ?trustee?
Memoriam to Mrs. Liney Posey
Samuel Albert Amos weds Mrs. Parmelia Butts
O. P. Harris wounded in France
Minutes of TCHGS
New Members
TCHGS Programs 2001
Comments by Editor
Honoring our veterans
Photograph of Butler High School Class of 1947
Sponsor Members
Research & Postage Donations
Memorial Donations
TCHGS Officers

July 2001

World War I Posters
Recipes from 1918
“Sow The Seeds of Victory” Poster
World War I as reported in the Butler Herald 1918
“War Savings Stamps” Poster
John W. Rhodes, Confederate Veteran, Obituary
John J. Blair Death
“Squirrel Dog a Freak”
“The No Legged Squirrel Dog Joke”
Mr. Marion T. Bryson weds Miss Lady Ruth Smith
Rev. Ross Daniel (colored) dies
Martha Sterns Wright (colored) dies
Letter from Parker Shealy – WW I
42 Colored men sent to Camp Gordon – WW I
William Lang weds Miss Imogene Anthony
“Red Cross Poster” WW I
Wesley Community Red Cross Organized
Rev. Reginal T. Russell to wed Miss Evelyne L. Cox
Mulkey West weds Miss Mary Stewart McMichael
Letters from Emory F. Parr WW I
Mr. John Henry Adams Obituary – Pearl’s Father
“Join The Marines” Poster WW I
“Fight or Buy Bonds” Poster WW I
40 White men sent to Camp Gordon
Mr. Gray N. Newman marries Miss Philada Awtery
Memorial to Mrs. Annie Maud Daniel
Susie (Lucas) Edwards commits sucide
Letter from Jack Nelson WW I
World War I Posters
Rev. Wales B. Ingram weds Miss Grace Williford
George P. Burghdoff weds Miss Janie Sealy
40 men leave for Camp Gordon
Do You Remember?? Coke for a headache??
100 Years Ago in Taylor County from The Herald
Mrs. Missouri Hamilton found dead in woods
William S. Dennis weds Miss Martha Perryman
Mrs. Missouri Windham dies
Infant Babe of Mrs. Ervin dies
James Hodges of Monroe Co. commits suicide
Mr. J. R. Williams weds Miss Nellie Wallace
Silas Terrel (colored) dies
Rev. Henry Hillsman (colored) dies
Major J. M. Culpepper, Confederate Vet dies
Scott’s Emulsion ad from 1901
Mr. Alexander Dixon weds Miss Ida Stillwell
Mr. Eddie Taunton weds Miss Clara Harmon
Mr. Babe Bartlett weds Miss Belle Harmon
William Hamilton & Cooper Truett die in duel
Mr. Jim Childs weds Miss Clara Barfield
Minor Hill’s wife dies at Blakely, Ga.
Miss Matilda Cotton dies
Memorial to William T. Hamilton
Old Confederate Vet Mendall Levy dies
Old ad for Wine of Cardui – 1901
Mrs. Anna (Lumpkin) Singleton Obituary
Minutes of June 19, 2001 meeting
New Members
Schedule of Programs
TCHGS Officers
Memorial Donaations
Sponsor Membership

June 2001

TRACER wins 1st. Place in Newsletter Contest
Tribute of Respect to Hon. Hopkins Holsey
Bridge Dedications – McCants and Peed
Photo of Butler School 3rd. Grade 1933-34
100 Years Ago In Taylor Co., Ga.
Gus Stewart weds Miss Minnie Bloodworth
Miss Nettie Barksdale Obituary
Little Leonard Carter Obituary
Muster Roll of Co. E, 45th. Georgia Regiment
J. P. Jones weds Miss Minnie Schrimshire
Butler Herald June, 1918
Prof. C. T. Brown weds Miss Aurelia Childs
Mrs. Augusta (Lloyd) Brown Obituary
Mrs. Victoria (Smith) Vann Obituary
Mrs. Sarah A. (Barfield) Daniel Obituary
Mrs. J. R.  (Emmerline Slappey) Pardee Obit.
WW I Soldiers Letters
Mrs. W. H. (Minnie) Lloyd Obituary
Mr. R. L. Bell weds Miss Neva Jinks
John C. Calhoun dies at Brunswick May 31, 1918
Mrs. Norma Adaline (Shirah) Mathews Obituary
Theo McGee weds Miss Aylmer Taliferro
Lt. Carroll M. West weds Miss Mary McMichael
Mr. P. M. Johnson weds Miss Effie Poole
Daughter of A. E. Walden killed by storm
Little Frank Cochran Callahan Memoriam
Mrs. Mary Spinks Funeral – died in December
Milton Mathews weds Miss Ethel Wynn
28 Selectmen leave for Camp
Dr. H. Clay Whatley weds Miss Claribel Ingram
Mrs. Norma Adaline (Shirah) Mathews Memorial
Col. A. J. Danniell Obituary
Mr. S. T. Crawford weds Miss Estna Newman
Mr. C. G. Ranow weds Miss Mary Posey
Mr. Oscar Jones weds Miss Susie Beeland
Letter from Charles Frank Slaughter
Lola Pearl Adams Diary
The Story Of Taps
New Members
Sponsor Membership
Research & Postage Donations
Memorial Donations
TCHGS Officers 2001
Happy Birthday America 2001
Minutes from May Meeting of TCHGS

May 2001

Elder Samuel Branch Burnett photo
Elder Samuel Branch Burnett Autobiography
Elder Samuel Branch Burnett Obituary
Elder S. B. Burnett & Echeconnee Association
Elder S. B. & Elizabeth (Jordan) Burnett Family
Elder Benjamin F. Williamson Memorial
Queries – John William Smith b. 1841
100 Years ago as told in the Butler Herald
Little Seaby Spillers Obituary
Mrs. J. L. Rustin Memorial
Mr. O. M. Bazemore weds Miss Carrie Edwards
Miss Eula Kimble Memorial
Robert Hewett killed at Saw Mill
Butler Male & Female Commencement 1918
Son Nelson Shoots & Kills Peter Gray
Taylor County & WW1 from Butler Herald 1918
Joe Rawls letter WW1
William W. Coxwell killed in Wilkinson Co., Ga.
Mt. Pisgah Singing School photo 1917
Mr. E. P. Hodges weds Miss Virginia Hinton
Mr. E. W. Hodges weds Miss Winnie Newsom
Emory F. Parr letters WW1
Joe C. Rogers letter WW1
Lt. Phil E. Davant letter WW1
Thomas B. Theus Obituary
Brooks Posey letter WW1
Mr. J. Horace Bryant dies from pistol wound
Mrs. Minnie Loyd Memorial
Butler Male & Female Class of 1918
Private Halley Roquemore dies at Camp Gordon
George Christopher killed in TNT explosion
Mrs. Leila Ross shot by  Mrs. Bessie Ricks
Post Office & Depot at Howard Burglarized
Henry J. Brooks weds Miss Vera Ethel Bartlett
Mr. Volley A. Bohler weds Miss Annie Foy
Mr. Clifford Byrd weds Miss Estelle Waters
Mr. Nat Lucas weds Miss Sara Childers
Augustus Mack Danielly Obituary
Diary of Lola Pearl Adams May, 1918
TCHGS Programs
Death of Lewis Spinks
Minutes of April 17, 2001 TCHGS Meeting
New Members
Sponsor Members
Research Donations
Memorial Donations
TCHGS Officers 2001

April 2001

Butler High School 9th. Grade Class of 1933-34
Turner’s Chapel School 1930’s
Marriages & Obituaries from Old Newspapers
Peter Soloman weds Miss Martha C. Fort
Arthur Fort Obituary
James L. Anderson killed by Lewis
Rev. Isaac Smith Obituary
J. B. Horton weds Miss Amanda Copeland
Mr. J. Fincher Dead
John M. K. Hunter Dead
Thomas Sheppard Slatter Obituary
Francis Bacon Obituary
Mr. M. E. Rylander weds Miss Sarah C. Brown
Rev. Elias Jordan Obituary
Dr. L. B. Brewster weds Miss Mary Grantland
Mrs. Malinda W. Drew Obituary
Mr. Reuben H. White Obituary
Rebecca Julia Northern Dead
The Butler Herald, April, 1918
Benjamin Kilby’s Letter from France
G. W. Mathews Obituary
Pictures of early street scenes & old cars in Butler
Miss Lucy Woodard Obituary
Mr. S. E. Vaughn Obituary
Millard Ray Obituary
W. T. Cochran injured in runaway
Mike Koonce Obituary
Photograph of Reynolds Pharmacy 1913
Memorial to Jessie E. Rogers
Mrs. Frank Pope Obituary
Diary of Lola Pearl Adams Continued
Photograph of James Herman Amos
“The Sand Spur” by Betty Gassett Garrard
“The Gnat” by Betty Gassett Garrard
100 Years Ago In Taylor County, Ga.
Robert Davis Marries & Commits suicide
William S. Elliott killed by Jim Little
Sanders Eubanks weds Miss Sallie Newman
Miss Minnie Cleghorn killed by J. J. Arrington
A. Dana Brown weds Miss Lillian Martin
The Thomaston Herald  1872
Mrs. Marie Thomas dies
William A. Stead weds Miss Ninnie C. Greer
William Kelly dies
Dr. Blackburn dies
Mr. A. P. Harp’s $200 mule dies
James F. Lewis weds Miss Forence Harris
Dr. W. W. Gibson dies
Mrs. Winifred Rogers dies
Mrs. Nancy Jamerson dies
Little Sallie P. Smith dies
Tribute of Respect to Dr. Ansley T. Shackleford
Mrs. Brad Jones (col) dies
Mary C. Perryman Obituary
Parker Family Reunion

March, 2001

Automobiles of Taylor Co., Ga. 1918

Photographs of 1918 Cars

Butler Herald 1918

Train Wreck Kills two –A. F. Rodgers & L. P. Dickerson

J. E. Rogers Obituary

J. I. Lucas Obituary

Private Homer Clifford Wainwright Obituary

Hamp Hill Obituary

Frank Callahan, Jr. Obituary

Rev. J. M. Bray Obituary

Private William Robert Turner Photograph

Mrs. Elna (Myers) Parks Obituary

Little Elizabeth Slaughter Obituary

Private Joe Pete Thurston dies in France

T. H. Estes Obituary

Billie Williamson Memorial

J. B. Peterman Obituary

I. M. Eubanks Obituary

Rubin Riley kills Dick Revier

George Mathews Obituary

W. H. Whittle Obituary

Lola Pearl Adams Diary

100 Years Ago In Taylor County, Ga.

Private Eddie A. Childres Photograph

General Charles D. Anderson Obituary

Elder H. M. Mitchell Obituary

Dr. H. W. Thomas Adjudged Insane

Fannie Brown Dies

Harvey Lawhorn Dies

Orren S. Woodard Dies at Weatherford, Texas

Leonard Trawick Accidentally Shot – Dies from wound

Mr. Ira Allen elopes with Miss Ora Hicks

John McGough found guilty of voluntary manslaughter

Alford S. Whitten killed by Marshal Hargett – Harris Co

William Russel Obituary

Three children of Lettis Leonard consumed by fire

Liney Ann Margaret (Willis) Smith dies from grippe

F. S. Nelson Obituary

R. E. Elliott Obituary

Leonard Trawick Memorial

Ben Mitchell daughter burned to death at Bowie, Texas

Dr. H. J. Harvey Obituary

Train Wreck near Chipley, Ga. Kills Wright & Key

Eugene C. Leonard Dies

William Kelium Dies

Mrs. J. H. Willis Dies

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDowell Dies

Mr. W. M. Bodiford weds Miss Jennie Greathouse

Mr. Charles C. Pitts weds Miss Bessie Amerson

Mrs. R. G. Tomlin Obituary & Memorial

Colonel William E. Ragland Obituary

Historic Preservation Commission Meets

Day One In School – By Betty Gassett Garrard

TCHGS Programs for 2001

Minutes of February Meeting TCHGS

February, 2001

ITEMWesley Community & Taylor Co. in "The Great War"

Picture of Wesley teachers & students in 1918

26 Negro Registrants sent to Camp Gordon

Curtis Durham, Negro, ambushed at Patsiliga creek

Mrs. Rebecca Tyson Obituary

Private Hardy G. Cooper, Jr. dies at Camp Gordon

Ida Tomlin, Negro woman, dies of burns

Private Claude D. Watson dies at Camp Gordon

Sarah Elizabeth (Bickley) Willis Obituary

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Peed Celebrate 50th. Anniversary

Diary of Lola Pearl Adams – February, 1918

Photograph of Private Clarence Grady Ranow

Photograph of Private George W. Ranow

100 Years Ago in Taylor County

John McCough kills Capt. N. G. Osborn

Mrs. Oliver Gassett (Matella Parks) dies

J. E. Locke weds Miss Julia Dixon

Miss Bettie Ogburn Menoriam

J. E. Torbett dies at Pleasant Hill, Talbot Co., Ga.

J. J. Carpenter dies at home, interred at Mt. Pisgah

James A. Spain Obituary

Bertha Mae Adams Memoriams

Perry Peterman Obituary

Robert Mills weds Miss May Freeman in Talbot

Miss Sarah Carter Dies at Marshall Texas

Leonard R. Allen dies in Talbot County

Price Stringfield Obituary

Mrs. Jane (Phillips) Rowe Obituary –Wife of Elder Rowe

Mrs. Richard Cox dies near Carsonville

Helen Wilson murdered by William Hamilton in Atlanta

Eli Stewart weds Miss Eliza Stewart

Baby Chair by Betty Gassett Garrard

The Thomaston Herald 1872

William J. Self weds Miss Martha J. Reed

Jeptha Pope weds Miss Catharine J. Daniel

John M. Smith weds Miss Sarah J. Pope

J. C. McCoy weds Miss Maggie E. Conwell

James Greene of Upson Dies

Mollie (Stamps) Burton Dies

Dr. A. T. Shackelford Dies

The Macon Georgia Telegraph, Marriages & Deaths 1833

Jones Hicks weds Miss Elizabeth Howe

Benjamine Lloyd weds Miss Naomi Ann Cox

Major Edward W. Wright weds Miss Martha Crowell

Elisha A. Harris weds Miss Caroline Hicks

Major George R. Hunter weds Miss Mary Slatter

Frederick Sims weds Mrs. Susan Wells

Henry Crittenden weds Miss Ann Elizabeth Jackson

James M. Davis weds Miss Frances Ann Crittenden

Mrs. Nancy C. Flewellen dies at Clinton

D. Barksdale kills T. Jones in Warren Co., Ga.

Micajah Ferrell, Revolutionary Soldier dies in Butts Co.

Mr. Joan Dennis dies at Clinton, Ga.

Sponsor Members

Research & Postage Donations

TCHGS Officers

Memorial Donations

New Members

Minutes of January 16, 2001 Meeting of TCHGS

Program schedule for TCHGS Meetings in 2001

January, 2001

Photo of Lewis Henry & Britain Pope Beeland
World War I
First World War I examination notice
Photo of Johnnie Dora Beeland
More Registered Men Called
Diary of Pearl Adams January, 1918
Sarah Elizabeth (Bickley) Willis Funeral
100 Years Ago in Taylor Co., Ga.
Death of Lelius Blue
Lump Sheridan killed by Gus McCrary
Mr. F. A. Peed weds Miss Irene Virginia McGee
Mr. W. J. Gilson weds Miss Mattie Belle Perkins
Mr. L. Y. Mosley weds Miss Ara Chapman
Mr. Vaud Mitchell weds Miss Ida Barrow
Mr. J. H. Harris weds Miss Esther Peterman
Mr. J. C. Youngblood weds Miss Mary F. Childree
Death of Capt. W. F. Geeslin
Gus McCrary set free, being a case of self-defense
Mr. S. J. Huey weds Miss Mollie Cox
Mr. A. J. Taunton weds Miss Mary C. Theus
Prof. G. B. Chandler weds Miss Maud Paschal
Green Gray, a negro, drowned at Swift’s Ferry
Resolution on life of William T. Hamilton
Stubbs Hicks badly burned
Mr. S. B. Horton weds Miss Carrie L. Williamson
In Memory of Little David Lagrone
Memorial to Norman Carter
James Revel Murder Trial
James Revel Convicted of Murder of
William Wilburn Hammock
Revel vs State Appeal to Georgia. Supreme Court
James Revel escapes Clinton Jail
James Revel Arrested in Tennessee
James Revel re-sentenced to hang
Judge Henry G. Lamar’s pronounces sentence
James Revel Executed Friday, October 21, 1859
Robert Adams Bible and family information
Taylor County and the Ordinance of Secession

December 2000

Christmas Party at Methodist Social Hall
TCHGS Officers for 2001
Sophie Turner, age 110, dies
Private John T. Bazemore Obituary
Rev. Isaac Smith Obituary
Picture Rupert Junior High School 1936
Rupert Junior High School building built by  PWA
Public Works Administration PWA
Works Progress Administration WPA
Civilian Conservation Corps CCC
Providence Canyon State Park – CCC Project
Picture of Providence State Park
Picture Montezuma Club House – WPA Project
Picture Street Car Track removal Macon, Ga. WPA
Confederate Train Wreck at Fort Valley
100 Year Ago In Taylor County – Butler Herald
Charles Tucker-Emma Adams Wedding
Memoriam to Nettie Smith Cooper
H. G. Eubanks weds Clyde Windham
Cliff Harnesberger kills Charles Byce
Harry Sparks arrested for robbing Poole’s Store
William C. Wallace Obituary
J. R. Frierson weds Jennie M. Colbert
D. S. Sanders weds Emma Long
Taylor County Ordinary Minutes  1852-1869
Swift and Waynman Families
Franklin Factory Upson County, Ga.
George P. Swift
Waynmanville Cotton Mill
William J. Waynman
William J. Waynman Obituary
Maria Louise Waynman Obituary
Deborah H. (Swift) Waynman Obituary
Samuel G. Jewett Obituary
Alexander M. K. Swift
Alexander M. K. Swift weds Henrietta C. Webb
A. M. K. Swift convicted of assault on Mrs. Hamlin
A. M. K. Swift & Henrietta C. Webb Swift Divorce
Alexander M. K. Swift Obituary
Will of Alexander M. K. Swift of Taylor Co., Ga.
Picture of Charles Madison Smith Confederate Vet
Charles Madison Smith Co. B, 32nd. Ga. Inf. Reg.
Charles Madison Smith Obituary
Age Three by Betty Gassett Garrard
Minutes of TCHGS for November Meeting
Sponsor Members
Memorial Donations
Research Donations
TCHGS Programs at Meetings

November 2000

Schools of Taylor Co., Ga.
Picture of Reynolds High School
Picture of Reynolds High School Class of 1946
Obituary on Miss Willie Marie Barrow
Picture of Reynolds High School 10th. Grade 1945
1946 Graduating Class of Reynolds High School
Colonel Zachariah White Obituary
Captain William Pulliam Obituary
Captain Charles Bullock Obituary
Matthew Wright marries Miss Ann V. Perry
Mary Susan Wright death
William P. Edwards Obituary
Turner Slaughter kills Walden
Daniel Whatley dies at age 114
Marion M. Bazemore dies in Union Parish, La.
Picture of Coleman Institute 1909 Graduating Class
Picture of Miss Marie Barrow’s Music Class
1836 Crawford Co., Ga. Grand Jury Presentments
Fire at home of P. J. Echols in Crawford Co., Ga.
Picture of Benjamin F. McCrary Co. G, 6th. Ga.
Memories by Susie Rebecca Millirons Cotney
John Little Captured
Jesse Shinholster obituary
Samuel Gassett Obituary
Mrs. Eli Stewart Obituary
Mrs. John Mayo Obituary
L. C. McCrary Obituary
J. M. Thompson Obituary
Little Oscar Driskell Obituary
S. E. Warlick marries Miss Hattie McAfee
Cleo Taunton Obituary
Rev. B. C. M. Brooks Obituary
100 Years Ago in Taylor County
Taylor Co., Ga. Ordinary Minutes 1852-1869
Mrs. M. A. Pope Obituary
H. J. McConnell marries Miss Annie Johnson
Joe McKinley marries Miss Nancy James Trice
J. Y. Allen marries Miss Rebecca W. Pruitt
Sidney Nelson dies from burns
Mr. Williams cuts Mr. Culver and he dies
Thomas Price marries Miss Mollie Wilson
J. R. Turnbull dies in Opelika, Ala.
Charles McDonald marries Miss Lou Jackson
Dr. Robert Payne obituary
Henry M. Puckett marries Miss Ida M. Galloway
Mr. Melson kills Henry Elision and his son
Little Willie Little dies after fall from a mule
Miss Emma Hightower obituary
Notice to move Cemetery in Wilkinson Co., Ga.

October 2000

Photograph of Ansley Harris Sealy CSA
CSA Items needed
Gunboat Fund
Carsonville donates to Gunboat Fund
Crawford Co. sends Supplies for wounded soldiers
Taylor Guards’ Casualties at Seven Pines
The Elliston Family Cemetery
Lt. W. T. Elliston accidentally killed at Camp Brown
THE BUTLER HERALD, October, 1900
Si Cook (col) died Sunday
Good Taunton stabs his father-in-law Bill Harmon
Mrs. Nettie Smith Cooper Obituary
Martin Bryant Obituary
Slate Hill & Miss Mattie Theus Wed.
Jewell Horton, daughter of Oscar Horton, passes.
Harris & Price injured in train accident at Reynolds
Troy L. Sanders & Miss Annie Adams Wed
Enoch Baldwin (col) remains returned to Butler
John Little, a negro man, escapes again
Joseph Lock, son of James & Martha Lock Memoriam
Eugene Henry Daniel & Miss Kate Dillingham Wed
Will Hamilton death
Memoriam to Mrs. Nettie Smith Cooper
I. C. Enders & Miss Carrie E. Benns Wed
W. Howard Sounder & Miss Eula Bozeman Wed
Will Morris & Miss Lassie Rogers
Memoriam to Miss Nannie Lewis
Memory of Mr. W. C. Byrd who died Sept. 11, 1900
Dr. Wanza W. Edwards & Miss Halley B. Peed Wed
Jack Hobbs & Miss Hattie Underwood Wed
Henry Martin Cozart death
Jeff Walker death
Prof. Euler B. Smith & Miss Emily Persons Wed
Len McCrary death
James Thomas Mathews & Miss Eula Windham Wed
William Henry Montfort, 1st. Lt. Co. C, 45th. Ga.
THOMASTON HERALD Jun. 24, 1871–Nov. 11, 1871
Mrs. John N. Webb Death
Sidney Gibson & Miss Nannie Woodward Wed
Rebecka E. King Passes
Tribute of Respect to W. W. Hartsfield
Alice Speer death
Goode Cunningham (col) murdered by John Jones (col)
Burral Langford killed by falling pole
Frank Fears shot & killed by careless use of gun
Troupe Beard & Miss Nancy A. Kent Wed
John W. McCard & Miss Edna Johnson Wed.
Fire in Thomaston destroys entire block of stores
Col. Nelson kills Gen. J. H. Clanton of Alabama
Tribute of Respect to John B. McCoy
L. S. Hill & Miss F. E. Andrews Wed
Capt. J. W. Atwater & Miss Nettie E. Respess Wed.
Dr. Blake D. Brewster Obituary
Sponsor Members
Taylor Co. Ga. Ordinary Minutes 1852-1859 continued
Memorial Donations to Society
Memorial to Jack Peed
Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Minutes for Sept.
New Members

Sept 2000

Picture Mauk Depot
Mauk, Ga. By Gloria Harbuck
Ruth Rustin Pike Passes
Photo’s of Mauk, Ga.
Memories of My Child Hood Home – by Martha Ray Turner
Gone to Arizona
Letter from Andrew  J. Cotney
Mack Thompson Obituary
Shadie Ann Edwards Obituary
Eli Glover dies at Ft. Delaware
Cammelia McCaskill Dies
Bell & Carmichael Marry
Sims & Bond Marry
Dwight R. Perry Dies
Ellis & Hatcher Marry
Gray & Walker Marry
Coleman & Hilsman Marry
Georgia Herald
Martha Daniel Dies
C. H. Corbin, Jr. Dies
James D. Callier Dies
Daniel Denham Dies
Mary Sledge Dies age 103
Geo. Emory Kelsey Dies
J. M. McCord Killed
Viola McKenney Dies
John Taylor Arrested
J. H. Twiggs Dies
William Bailey Dies
The Late Rev. Jacob King
Sallie Law Greene Memoriam
Geo. Emory Kelsey Memoriam
Murder Trial of John J. Taylor
Memorials to Gen. R. E. Lee
The Thomaston Herald
Anna Foster Dies
Perryman & Chaney Marry
Arminda A. Nelson Dies
Hecht & Talmage Marry
Mrs. Charles Wilson Dies
John W. Adams Kills Anthony Adams
Mrs. A. M. Cowles Dies
Stephen Z. Hearnesburger Dies
Shumate & Adams Marry
James Partridge Dies
Zimmerman & Armentrout Marry
Ella Florence King Dies
Cooper & Harrison Marry
Meadows & Leveret Marry
Nelson & Parham Marry
A. H. Brown Dies
Gideon Barnes Dies
New Members
Taylor Co., Ga. Ordinary Minutes

Aug 2000

Carson Family History by James Lechner
Photos of tombstones of Carson men who served in CSA - Obits
John B. Gordon biography and war history
Total War - Month by Month account in Georgia
Letters regarding the Second Corps
Letter describing total destruction
Letter from desperate GA citizen offering to sell Madison and Jefferson portraits
CSA Letters home
Attack on Washington, D.C.
Siege of Petersbury
Fort Stedman--One Last Try
45th Ga at Ft. Stedman
Capt J.P. Carson at Ft. Stedman (personal account)
Newspaper accounts of casualties
	Battle of Wilderness
	Battle of Spotsylvania
	Battle of Monocacy
	Battle of Washington
	Battle of Winchester
	Battle of Fisher's Hill
	Battle of Ft. Stedman
Rev. William Mack Lee (Body servant of Gen R.E. Lee)

July 2000

Picture of Carson Home
The Carson Family
Picture John T. Carson
Picture Mary J. Carson Hicks
Picture Aretus W. Hicks
Robert McGough, Sr. Family
Robert McGough, Sr. will
Thomas Carson Family
John Carson Will
Joseph Jefferson Carson
John Thomas Carson Family
Robert Howe, Jr. Bible
James Alston Carson Family
Martha Carson Jordan Family
Sarah Carson Jordan Family
Joseph P. Carson Family
Annie E. Carson Bryan Family
Mary J. Carson Hicks Family
Joseph Jefferson Carson
Martha Carson Jordan Obit.
The Unrest of 1860
Captain Joseph P. Carson
Major John T. Carson
Major John T. Carson Obit.
Letter from Major J. T. Carson
100 Years Ago In Taylor Co.
Mary J. Carson Hicks
Col. W. P. Edwards Obit.
Mrs. A. O. Harris Memoriam
Major E. H. Ezell Obituary
Ed Cheney Obituary
Catherine McCrary Obituary
Mannin Smith Memoriam
Emma Lindsay  Memoriam
Lucy Persons Death
Shiloh Church Anniversary
Adams-Caldwell Reunion
TCHGS Minutes
New Members
TCHGS Officers
TCHGS Programs
Sponsor members

June 2000

Tour of Reynolds Homes and
Pictures of Homes
100 Years Ago in Taylor Co.
Will King Death
Mrs. E. O. Garrett Death
Infant Girl Garrett
Lelia Jinks Garrett Death
Adenine McBryd Death
Mrs. A. C. Meeks Death
Mr. R. F. “Toon” Riley Death
Isaac Wainwright triplets
William S. Wallace Memorial
Confederate Spy Bell Boyd Death
Leonard-Peacock Marriage
Harris-Brooks Marriage
Edge-Paschal Marriage
Emma Lindsey Death
David Butler Death
Ordinary Minutes 1852-1859
Wright Johnson Deceased
Ezekiel Adams Decesaed
Samuel Bickley Deceased
Thomas A. Dodge Deceased
Stephen Johnson Deceased
John Charles Deceased
James Bassett Deceased
Sterling S. Johnson Deceased
James Bowden Deceased
James T. Harmon Deceased
Person Walker Deceased
George J. Shepherd Deceased
Jonah Hartley Deceased
Albert S. Wiley Deceased
William T. Dennis Deceased
Charlton Y. Perry Deceased
Jeremiah Bolen Deceased
John McCrary Deceased
Railroads of Taylor County
The Georgia Herald
Eemuel Ragland Death
John Broughton Death
Weaver-Drake Marriage
Mrs. Thomas E. Rose Death
Brown Infant Death
Rev. Sanders Durham Death
Lewis Wilson Death
Sassy Rooster - Betty Garrard
Minutes of TCHGS
Programs TCHGS
New Members
Horton Gathering
TCHGS Officers
Sponsor Members

May 2000

History of Reynolds, Ga.
Talbot Street 1913
Great Oak Hotel
Walker’s Pharmacy
A. J. Crawford Ford Dealer
Panther Creek Academy
Dole Saunders Blacksmith
Ricks Brothers Mercantile
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Reynolds Methodist
Inside this issue
Reynolds City Election 1898
Reynolds High School 1904
Coleman Institute Class 1908
Reynolds Chamber 1911
Coleman Institute Class 1911
City of Reynolds Incorporates
George H. Goddard Death
G. W. Oliver Death
100 Years Ago in Taylor Co.
Mrs. Slate Hill Death
Davis-Byrd Wedding
H. Clay Obituary
Beechwood – River retreat of Gen. John B. Gordon
Mrs. Dole Saunders Death
Miss Martha Spillers Death
Cullen P. Miller Death
Miles Beach Death
Rev. George S. Johnston Death
Ada Whatley Saunders Death
Margaret Hill Barfield Death
Mrs. F. C. Goodwin Death
Emanuel Smith Death
Col. W. S. Wallace Death
Col. W. S. Wallace Memorial
Mrs. O. R. Harris Memorial
Mrs. O. R. Harris Obituary
Adams-Parks Wedding
Murder in Panhandle – John Gibson kills Lou Gina Daviston
Sarah Gardner Harmon Death
Infant Barrow Death
Butler Corbin Obituary
Grant Carson gets life sentence
Milking Time – Betty Garrard
Taylor County Ordinary Court Minutes 1852-59
The Georgia Herald
Minutes of TCHGS
Programs TCHGS
New Members
TCHGS Officers
Sponsor Members

April 2000

Hays Camp Ground
Deed to Union Primitive Baptist Church
Perkins School
Midway School
Union School
History of Hays Church
Hays/Hayes Family
Rev. Charles Leonard Hays
Robert Partain Hays
Deed to Hays Church
Will of Robert P. Hays
The Butler Herald April 1900
Sarah J. Harmon – Death
Smith-Cooper Wedding
Sealy-Wilson Wedding
Mrs. Jones – Death
George J. McCants  Death
Henry Mathews – Death
Georgia Herald – 1869-70
Izora J. Gardner – Death
Eva Lamar Harvey – Death
Dickey– Carraway Wedding
Horage-Wheeless Wedding
Dallas-Gardner Wedding
Mollie M. E. Atwater – Death
William Lee Simmons – Death
Mathis Mauk – Death
Infant Reeves – Death
Louisa B. Thomson – Tribute
Emma Thurston – Death
Gussie Cahaniss – Death
Louisa B. Thompson – Death
Dr. A. L. Acee – Death
Buena Vista Argus 1875
Johnny Hollis – Death
Goldson Kills Amos
Livingston & Taylor Convicted
of Cattle Stealing
Stevens-Baker Wedding
Peacock-McKee Wedding
Bailey-Dozier Wedding
Dr. Grant – Death
Bland Wallis, Sr. Death
Taylor Co Ordinary Court 1853
Sharecropper’s Daughter
Minutes of March Meeting
New Members
Jason Elliston Memorial
Officers of Society
TCHGS Programs
Sponsor Members
Postage Friends

March 2000

Howard Methodist Church

Historical Society Minutes
New Members
100 Years Ago in Taylor Co.
Marion County Patriot 1900
Baby Carpenter – death
Mrs. C. F. Owens – death
Baby Rigsby – death
Buena Vista Guards
Charley Womack – death
Mrs. Gillie Benson – death
W. Gray Montfort – death
Fletcher Sheats – death
Lowe-Merritt Wedding
Schley County News 1900
Raymond J. Collins – death
Flora Lindsay – death
Patton-Hobbs Wedding
Walters-Devane Wedding
Duncan-Jordan Wedding
McCarty-Perry Wedding
Charles Womack – death
Mary E. Harper – death
Son of E. H. Jenkins – death
Dr. W. J. Sears – death
John B. Mauk – death
Mrs. Riley – death
Macon County Citizen 1900
Annie Greer – death
Sallie Van Oliver – death
Murder of Will Vinson
Anchors-Walker Wedding
W. C. Lovett, Jr. – death
E. W. Westbrook – death
Wilbur N. Williams – death
Mrs. M. S. Ware – death
Frederick-Booton Wedding
Joe Hall to hang
W. P. Daniel – death
Lula Mae Robinson – death
Jane Hooks – death
Crawford Co. Correspondent
J. H. Awtry – death
Francis E. Dorough – death
Georgia Herald 1869
W. J. Weeks kills James  Cottingham of Talbot Co., Ga.
Weekly Constitution – 1883
W. W. Adams – death
John Hall – death
Jeptha Matthews – death
Taylor County Minutes 1852-1859
Wesley School days – Betty Garrard
TCHGS Programs
Sponsor Members
Friends donate to research-postage
TCHGS Officers

February 2000

  • Featured family: HILL
  • Survey Results
  • Postage Friends
  • Mortality Census
  • Sand Fantasy
  • Butler Herald – 1876
      History of the paper itself...even quoting from Talbotton Standard when the paper begins!
  • Montfort – McLaughlin wedding
  • Lloyd - Grace wedding
  • Mathews – Lipscomb wedding
  • Cas Carson kills Lewis Cook
  • Anderson Holsey froze to death
  • 100 years ago in Taylor Co., Ga. Death of Edgar Mitchell
  • Memorial to Mrs. W. S. Wallace
  • Death Abraham Montfort
  • Death of Irbin Ingham
  • Death of George W. Kellum
  • Will Leonard to hang
  • Death of William Pritchett
  • Death of Sidney Maxwell
  • Death of Mrs. B. F. Adams
  • Death of Ella V. Bartlett
  • Byrd-Horton Wedding
  • TCHGS Minutes-New Members-Queries-TCHGS Programs for 2000

January 2000

The article on Honorable Hopkins Holsey is fascinating. John Adams did an outstanding job in putting this all together based on information from Bill and Ann Bazemore.

The stories of Col Daniel W. Miller and Col William W. Corbett are also included as they were associated with Col Holsey.


William Robins
Mrs. C.T. Owens
Nettiw Barksdale
Prof J.C. Bass
James Whit McCrary, Jr.
Mrs. W.S. Wallace
Mrs. John Henry
W.T. Cosby


L.B. Peed and Mary E. Brooks
Shelly T. Gray and Lacy Caldwell
M.H. Pennell and Minnie Smith
W.A. Bartlett and E. Williamson
C.B. Amerson and Losia Poole
J.A. Watson and M. Windham
J.M. Patton and Belle Hobbs
100 Years Ago - Butler Herald
Lots of news....detailed account of oyster supper given in honor of Bessie Lou Griffith, home from almost feel like you were there!

Membership is now up to 171 members, and many new members are listed.

December 1999

  • Predictions for 1900
  • Christmas Memories
  • Children's Letters to Santa (1936-1938)
  • 100 Years Ago in Taylor County
  • Weddings
    • Bateman-Frierson
    • Pye-Cox
    • Philman-Kirksey
    • Lightner-Webb
    • Dixon-Sanburn
  • Mrs. A.J. Payne Obituary
  • Tom Stewart Death

Nov, 1999

History of Thanksgiving Day in America
(Pilgrims, George Washington's 1789 proclamation; Lincoln's 1863 proclamation, Pres McKinley's 1899 proclamation)

Events in Taylor County at turn of century
(Advertising just as Sloan's liniment; Ayer's Pills, Fashion sketches of women's dresses, Millinery and many other health ads!)

1899 Taylor County Officers (complete list, including Jurors)

100 Years ago in Taylor County - Butler Herald Newspaper
"A Pure Food" bill introduced in Georgia Senate ... "the alarming extent to which poisonous chemicals are being used not only in baking powders......"


  • Nathan G. Holliman drowned
  • E.M. Anthony
  • Florine Williams
  • Henry W. Slappy
  • Sarah Foy
  • Daisy Windham
  • Eugene Hammock
  • C.M. Blair and Clara Bown
  • O.A. Montgomery & Daisy Guy
  • Samuel Adams & Zetta Wiggins
  • Otis Adams & Mattie Kight
  • Dr. W. Bateman & Lucille Frierson
  • Dr. D.D. Moncrief & Clyde Lucas
Honor Roll of Reynolds High School
Column about our Taylor County Website using the Tax Lists available yearly for each GA county.

Minutes of monthly meeting of Society and their projects. Total membership is now 171. They have several projects under consideration:

  • Historic homes tour for Strawberry Festival 2000
  • Column in Butler Herald Newspaper
  • Teaching a Basic Genealogy Class at Library in Dec.

    Oct, 1999

    McCants Mill Pond

    John Adams reveals the significance of this location from 1800's to 1950's for Confed Veteran, church, and family picnics. He provides a map showing the exact location which also shows a road which no longer exists. Reading of the delights of fishing there, we can understand this once popular family sport. This story is enhances by color photos.

    This is a delightful article reveals history and humourous details and answers the question, "Why did most outhouses have two holes to sit on?" If you've been a city dweller all your life, you'll especially appreciate his insights! You'll enjoy Riley's "Ode to the Outhouse" as well as a more recent "That Little Old Shack Out Back".

    100 years ago in Taylor County provides numerous names and events of October 1899.

    Obits of:

    • Nancy Garrett Ellis
    • Martin Renfroe, young lad
    • Perry Morris and Pearl Paschal in Macon
    • R.D. Parker to Miss Annie Downs
    • Lula Mae Chapman and James Elmo Poole
    • S.H. Duke to Miss Gussie L. Kilby

    Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Society Minutes and Program

    Column about our Taylor County Website and where to find the 1863 Military Census and Salt List

    September, 1999 Issue

      John Adams, working with several descendants of the McCants family, thoroughly traced this family and the Mill that they built. ... one of the earliest residents of Taylor County.
    • It begins with their journey 1767 from Ireland to South Carolina where they received Headright Lands. From there they move westward to Georgia, where Sarah Black Hamiliton McCants, a Rev War widow draws in the Land Lottery....settles in what was then Crawford County (later to become Taylor County).
    • Mr. Adams includes minutes of the Upatoie Primitive Baptist Association which mentions many names in addition to the McCant family.
    • Photographs include: Jonathan Jackson McCants, McCants Saw Mill, McCants Family; Bridge Scenes at McCants Pond; McCants Mill House
    • Obits of: Elder James B. Hamilton; Sarah Jane McCants
    • McCant Letters from the Civil War
    • Deeds of McCant family (beginning in Muscogee and Crawford, Talbot and then Taylor)
    • Bible Records of Jeremiah Crealman McCants
    • Bible Records of Andrew J. McCants
    • 100 Years Ago in Taylor County Septt 5, 1899
      Deaths - Infant of E.H. Payne;
      infant, Louie Lucas (C.M. Lucas)
      John Windham
    • Marriage - Mary Riley to J.T. Gray; Angie Amerson and Robert Hortman
    • Building of Colored Missionary Baptist Church
    • Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Society Minutes and Program
    • Column about our Taylor County Website and the Bible Records that we're collecting.
    • Minutes of Society August Meeting
    • New Members

    August, 1999 Issue

    • Death of Mrs. Laura Wynelle Pope Amos on July 27th at age 100. John Adams tells her story and you'll feel like you knew her personally it is told so well. The front page features her snapshot in color.
    • Obituary on Elder J.G. Murray
    • Memoriam to Emmie Chapman
    • Memoriam to Nettie Cox
    • Obituary on Eliza McCrary
    • Obituary on Minnie Raborn
    • Obituary on Mrs. Joshua J. Harris
    • Death of Prof J.G. Calhoun
    • Marriage of A.J. Smith and Jennie Hays
    • 100 Years Ago in Taylor County - newspaper abstracts
    • Minutes of Society July Meeting
    • New Members

    July, 1999 Issue

  • Color Photo of Bethelehem Primitive Baptist Church
  • History of the Church
  • Membership List of the Church (1870-1970)
  • Nine Confederate Markers dedicated at the church on July 18 by the UDCchapter in Butler.
    • Ezekial Amos Adams
    • Cornelius Batchelor
    • John A. Chapman
    • Andrew Jackson Fountain
    • Gilbert Hobbs
    • John T. Lucius
    • Joseph P. Stalnaker
    • George W.L. Watkins
    • James Daniel Worsham
    (If you have an interest in this church, I just wanted to remind you about the book published by John Adams. Bethel Primitive Baptist Church: The First 100 Years 1838-1938)

  • Robert Hall kills Alex Strong
  • Elder J.F. Sikes Obituary
  • J.L. Parker Obituary
  • Tom Windham house burns
  • Albert H. Jarrell Obituary
  • 100 Years Ago mentions a variety of items.

June, 1999 Issue

  • Memories from John Adams
  • 5th Grade - Central 1933-34 Photo Most of them are identified!
    They're also looking for 1941-1942 Central School pictures or any other information.
  • Peacock Academy and Cross Roads School Photos of both with many identified. Story about the schools.
  • 100 years ago in Taylor County
  • Two Buried in One Grave-Deaths of Mr. & Mrs. John T. Trice
  • Death of Walter Louis McCrary
  • Memoriam on Florine Williamson
  • Death of Susie Carter.

May, 1999 Issue

This issue featured the Confederate Monument on the lawn of the Courthouse and includes a picture of the CourtHouse, as well as one of the monument itself.

The feature includes much information that you may not be aware of pertaining to the Reconstruction period in the South and the Arlington National Cemetery. The newspaper account of the unveiling of the Butler monument on April 26, 1911, as well as the program for the day is included. There are three lists of contributors to this monument.

  • 100 Years ago in Butler (misc. items)
  • Obit on F.M. Moulton
  • Obit on Ella-Olivia Foy
  • Jerry McCants loses 4 fingers
  • Obit on Walter E. Blair
  • Obit on Oliver Beall
  • Memorial to James T. Harmon
  • Obit on Miss Belle Peed (includes names of her Sabbath School students)
  • Death of Miss Sallie Gilemore
  • Death of Findley Green
  • Edward C. Ritch commits suicide
  • Train Wreck on Upatoie Creek

April, 1999 Issue

  • Features the Childres Family.....several generations along with some great photos and bios...
  • 100 years ago April 1899
    Court dockets were important that month!
    "court attracted a large crowd to town yesterday and today"...
  • Col. W.E. Steed, leading attorney in the case of Dr. F.C. Johnson vs Central Railroad of Georgia....won $16, reaching a settlement. Dr. Johnson had been injured in a wreck at a switch one mile above Howard.
  • JINKS Church is mentioned
    April 11, 1899
    Rev. Thomas F. Drake, pastor of Bethel Circuit, to state that his appointment at Jinks Church will stand for the 3rd Sunday at 3pm.
  • Humorous piece:
    Tough on the are just like hogs.....
  • Obits
    • William Hart, Sr. near Wilchar Level
    • Mr. Jordan S. Moore (Ozark, AL)
    • Mr. W.J. Boland (Ellaville)
    • Joseph, infant son of Judge and Mrs. J.E. Devant
    • James Harmon
    • Mrs. Mary Shelley (daughter of Mrs. Elisha Waters)
  • Minute of the Taylor County Society March 16, 1999

March, 1999 Issue

  • Featured with photographs: Crowell Methodist Church
    • Report of Fire damage (1999)
    • Membership List 1869-1877
    • (Crowell Building Fund donations: TCHGS P.O. Box 1925 Butler, GA 31006)
  • 100 Years ago in Taylor Co from Butler Herald (Mar 1899)
  • Amerson-Gaultney Wedding
  • Willis Academy across from Crowell Church
  • Photo of Farm Bureau Meeting
  • Obituaries:
    • Nelson Gray (1899)
    • Mrs. Julia Garrret (1898)
    • Mrs. Rosalie Bonifay (1999)
    • Mrs. Leila Belyan
  • Marriage of Geo T. Spears and Maude Dawson
  • Belyan children sent to Orphans home at Macon
  • List of new members of Society

February, 1999 Issue

  • Country Stores of Taylor County
  • Jarrell's Country Store
  • Amos' Country Store
  • B.F. Moore Store
  • McCants Mill Store
  • Five Points Store
  • Jesse Byrd Store
  • Mauk Community Stores
  • Crowell Church Fire
  • 1899 Newspaper Abstracts
    • Hiram Delacy Tragedy
    • Death of child, Johnnie Lemmon
    • Death of child, Lum McCants
    • A.S. Dix, new pastor
    • Death of Jake Cromer
    • Death of Richard Jones
    • Wandering Coin

January, 1999 Issue

  • Postal Service History (mainly Butler) (More to come in future)
  • Ordination of A.S. Hix (Baptist)
  • Obits of Charles C. West and Mona Childs
  • Oliver P. Jones Acquitted
  • John Ham Escapes in Sumter
  • Tom and Frank Kemp found guilty
  • Arrest of Homer Bradshaw in Upson County.
  • Grand Jury List for Mar 8 1852 (First Grand Jury)
  • First Petit Jury in Taylor County
  • 100 years ago in Taylor County
  • Photo of Flint River fishing speared with pitchforks!
  • Report of last Society meeting. (This is a delightful account, and you'll feel like you were right there!)

December 1998

  • Rev. Jeffrey C. Lowe is working on a new edition of Letters to Amanda ( a collection of 101 letters from Sgt. Major Marion Hill Fitzpatrick during the War Between the States. Many people from Crawford County are mentioned. Rev. Lowe will speak at the January meeting of the Society.
  • DUES FOR NEW YEAR!! Don't forget to send in your dues for 1999. We need to support the Society and the wonderful work they do---especially with the Taylor County Tracer.
  • Story of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Mr. Adams provides some history and welcomes any material or church member names that you are aware of. They plan to celebrate a Homecoming in August 2000.
  • 100 Years ago - 1898 Butler Herald News Items
  • Obits Rev. Wm M. Waller
    Mrs. Ella Jinks Wilchar
    Mrs. Rebecca Kendrick Trussell
  • Map showing dispute of County Line between Taylor and Talbot Counties Shiloh Church and Horeb Church and Horeb-Shiloh Cemetery are just over the Talbot County Line.
    "The county line had been moved from the front of Shiloh Church to behind the church and cemetery. The road in front was at this time called Fort perry Road. Today it is called County Road".

November 1998

  • Happy 100th Birthday Mrs. Laura Wynelle Pope Amos
    • Family history
  • Who is Emma Jane Gray? (wife of Nathan O. Glover) Photo
  • Items from Newspaper Butler Herald Nov 1898
    • Death of Mr. Willis Whatley
    • Residence of Mr. T.F. Layfield, destroyed by fire
    • Rev. Ed F. Cook Hotel Adventure in Howard
    • Death of Miss Lizzie Garrett, 24 years old
    • Death of Betsy Willis Champion
    • Death of Mr. Joseph Jackson
    • Death of Mrs. Rebecca Trussell, aged 95
  • Obituaries from The Gospel Messenger
    • Sarah McKenney (Mrs. B.G. McKenney)
    • Mattie Parham (Mrs. L.E. Parham)
October 1998
  • Samuel and Vashit Branan Montgomery family
    • Family photographs, Bible Records, family history
  • Deaths
    • Mr. John A. Cameron
    • Mrs. Mary A. Williamson
    • Infant of Mr and Mrs. Eugene Smith
    • Mrs. Freeman Mathews
    • Mr. Ben Gaultney
  • Items from newspapers, Oct 1898
September 1998
  • The Battle-Shee Families
    • Beginning with Joseph John Battle (born 1786-died 1858), it not only traces the Battle family history, but also the churches where Elder Battle was active....outlining the Apostolic Primitive Baptist Association of 13 churche (1837).

      Mr. Battle married Rhoda WHITEHEAD, and their descendants are also traced.

      Missouri BATTLE married Daniel SHEHEE and their family Bible is listed.

      Also listed is the Shehee Family Cemetery located near the old Bateman Mill. Photographs of Missouri Battle Shehee, Daniel Shehee, and Ayels Shehee.

      Several other obituaries on the Battle family are included.

    100 years ago (September 1898) abstracts from Butler Herald....numerous names, events, deaths, marriages.
    • Blanche Lamb (5 months) Mrs. I.C. Eubanks (Harriet Griffith Eubanks)
    • Mrs. E.A. Bates
    • Mrs. S.S. Carson
    • Mrs. W.M. Goodwin (Dora Adams)

    August 1998
    • Covered Graves of Taylor County
    • Bio of Persons Walker
    • Butler Herald Abstracts (Aug 9, 1898-Aug 30, 1898)
    • Obit on child, Annie Belle Gray
    • Death of Wilburn Jinks
    • Death of Milton Carr
    • Wedding of Maggie Grubbs and Perry Adams
    • Murder in Crawford
    • Wedding of Lucy Brantly to Mr. J.C. Davis
    • Death of child Beulah Lee Philmon
    • Death of child Mona Clarke Marshall
    • Deaths of Mrs. J.D. Russ, Mrs. W.H. Fickling, Elder J.R. Rowe and Mrs. Will Goodwin
    • Death of Miss Eliza Whittington
    JULY Issue
    Congratulations to Mr. Adams! The Newsletter just won 2nd place in The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library newsletter contest.
    • Taylor County Jail
    • Sheriffs of Taylor County
    • Marriage License Tax of 1898
    • 100 yrs ago in Taylor County
    • Marriage of Hon. George M. Hines
    • Obit Richardson Montfort (1832-1898)
    June, 1998
    • Marriage Mr. Edgar J. Thompson to Miss Eva L. Ogburn
    • Marriage Miss Lillian Stewart and Mr. P.C. Jone
    • Obit Mr. Richard Montfort
    • Membership List - surnames researching
    May, 1998
    • Battle of Fort Pulaski - Letters of Lieut. Monfort, 1862
    • Rufus Stewart death and tribute
    • Jack Joiner death
    • Mr. J.A. Emerson death
    • Dr. F.P. Singleton death
    April, 1998
    • Theodore W. Montfort
    • Newsome-Taunton Family
    • Abstracts Butler Herald April 5, 1898-April 26, 1898
    • March, 1998
    • Obituaries from The Gospel Messenger
      • Mr. J.H. King
      • Deacon Levi Wheless
      • Mrs. J.T. Norman
      • Mrs. Lenora Flewellen McGee
      • Mrs. Mary Julia Cox McMichael
      • Mrs. Sarah Ann King Cox

    Taylor County Tracer February, 1998
  • The Gospel Messenger Obituaries
    • Nona M. Childs
    • Z.T. Adams
    • Brother David Leach
    • Mrs. Melissa McCorkle
    • John W. Abercrombie
    • W.L. Jackson
    • Rochard Morgan Dodson

    January, 1998
    Layfield family cemetery
    Mrs. N.V. Murray
    Mrs. Mary R. McFarlin

    Taylor County Tracer December, 1997
    Mrs. P.E. Norman
    Sister Minnie McDowell
    Mrs. Nancy F. McCrary
    Taylor County Tracer November, 1997
    Issue devoted to Taylor County Veterans

    Taylor County Tracer October, 1997
    Timothy and Elizabeth Bloodworth
    Miss Sallie Wilson(d/o A.L.N.Wilson and Lucy Wilson)
    Bennett Stewart

    Taylor County Tracer September, 1997
    McKenney, Mrs. Alice (wife of B.G. McKenney)
    PARKER, Mary W. (wife of Stephen Parker)
    WHELESS, Stacy (wife of Levi Wheless)

    Taylor County Tracer August, 1997
    ANDREWS, Mary J. (wife of Bro Jno A)
    Bayne, Minnie Voletta
    CALDWELL, Joseph
    ELLIS, James Parker
    FOWLER, Zephaniah A.
    HANCOCK, Clara
    HEATH, Jeremiah
    McCorkle, Matilda
    MURRAY, John
    Taylor County Tracer July, 1997
    BARTLETT, Mrs. Barbary Ford (wife of Ed J.)
    DICKEY, Mrs. Louisa M Respess Woodard
    McDOWELL, JOHN M. Dr. (husband of Minnie Respess)
    McCRARY, William (husband of Nancy F. Cox)
    MIDDLEBROOKS, Mrs. Mattie Ingram
    MOORE, Mrs. Frances Ann Trice
    PHILLIPS, Dr. John H. (husband of Elizabeth Clopton)

    Taylor County Tracer June, 1997
    ALLMON Family - Prosperity Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
    (includes allied families Shepherd; Brewer; Holt; Benton; Windham;Elliston; Brewer)
    BAZEMORE, Mrs. Sarah L.
    BAZEMORE, Madison and Elizabeth S (Renfroe)
    BLACKMON, Mrs. M.H.
    BURNET, Eli W.
    COLLINS, Willis S.
    HEAD, Mrs. Sallie R & T.J. Head
    MATHEWS, J.Nelson

    Taylor County Tracer May, 1997
    COCHRAN, Benjamin
    BRYANT, Cullen Andrew Jackson
    INGRAM, Mrs.Sarah--

  • children: John E; Mary Ann; Benjamin F; Martha (sp. J.R. POWELL)
    POWELL, Martha Ingram --children:Sarah E.; Hiram B.
    INGRAM, George W.
    INGRAM, Charles T
    POWELL, Hiram and Pennina

    Taylor County Tracer April, 1997
    Allmon, Mrs. Malinda
    Bigbie, Ariadne
    Bloodworth, Seaborn J
    Batchelor, Miss Elizabeth
    Cameron, W. Asa
    Cameron, Mrs. Thomas
    Carithers, Robert
    Carter, John C.
    Cloud, John C.
    Ellis, Sallie
    Fagan, Thomas V.
    Fowler, Charles (son of Capt J.B. Fowler of Butler)
    Grant, David Wright
    Garrett, Samuel
    Gresham, Deacon George W.
    Hays, Levi (son of Rev James Hays)
    Mobley, Burrel
    Snelson, Matilda
    Shepherd, Mrs. Sarah
    Stephens, William M.
    Whatley, Mrs. William
    Whatley, Mrs. C.J.D.
    Watkins, Matilda (wife of Zachariah Watkins, d/o Gideon/Nancy Yelverton
    Wilson, Mary Juliett (infant of Mr & Mrs. Robert E. Wilson)
    Wilson, Mr. Robert E.

    Taylor County Tracer March, 1997
    (Years 1888-1893) The Gospel Messenger
    ALLMON, W.G.
    CARTER, JOEL (husband of 1)Millie Ann Bentley 2)Elizabeth ROE)
    EDWARDS, Mrs. L.R. COX (wife of Snow M. Boynton 2)Charles Edwards)
    GRADDICK, Mrs. Nettie C. HAMMACK
    GUNN, Mrs. Eliza
    HAMMOCK, W.J. (husband of R.V. HOLLIS)
    HUGULY, Mrs. Mary HOLMES
    MATTHEWS, Joel (husband of Morning TRICE)
    PARHAM, Mrs. Laura A
    STEPHENS, Charlie (husband of Harriet JONES)
    WATKINS, Zachariah (husband of Martha; father of Mollie BLOODWORTH)
    WATSON, William (to be included in Mt. Carmel Church Minutes)

    Taylor County Tracer February, 1997
    (Years 1885-1888) The Gospel Messenger
    ALLMAN, Mrs. Mattie Watkins (wife of Benjamin F. ALLMAN)
    BATTEL, WARREN L. (Elder) 1) Lizzie COTTLE 2)? WHITTLE
    BUSSEY, Nathan (husband of Lucy BAUGH)
    BLUE, Martha (husband Simon BLUE)
    CAUSEY, Narcissa L. Fowler (1) Samuel GLOVER 2) E.M. Causey)
    EVERITT, James (Elder) (husband of Sarah H. ENGLISH)
    FLETCHER, Mrs. Mattie Mathews (wife of J.T. Fletcher)
    HALL, G.B. (included in Bethel Primitive Baptist Church History)
    HOLLIS, Mrs. Rhoda S. (wife of Joseph HOLLIS)
    HOLMES, Mrs. Matilda (widow of Jonathan HOLMES) JACKSON, Mrs. Matilda ROWE (wife of John Jackson)
    SHEHEE, Dannie Isola
    JACKSON, Mrs. Mary Ann McKindley (wife of William B. Jackson) LLOYD, J.E. (husband of E.J. Sherrad)
    MILLER, Mrs. Caroline E. BENTLEY
    PICKARD, Mrs. Mary A. (husband J.H. Pickard)

    Taylor County Tracer January, 1997
    (Years 1880-1885) The Gospel Messenger

    BAILY, Virginia (daughter of late Dr. Charles & Amanda)
    BARTLETT, John W. (son of Deacon William and Ruth BARTLETT)
    BENTLEY, Sallie (daughter of Elder Samuel BENTLEY)
    CALDWELL, John H. (son of Creed)
    CALDWELL, Mrs. Rachel (wide of Elder Creed Caldwell)
    DEAN, Cinderella C. (wife of Charles DEAN)
    GASSETT, Elizabeth A. BLAND (wife of Charles M. GASSETT)
    HOWE, Mrs. Ella V SHEHEE (wife of Robert R)
    JOHNSON, James (husband of Sarah OGBURN)
    JOHNSON, Sarah OGBURN (wife of James)
    McCRARY, Mrs. Nancy (widow of Deacon Mathew McCrary)
    MARKETT, Deacon John F. (husband of Sarah BOZEMAN)
    MOBLEY, Burrel H. (buried at Butler Memorial)
    MURRAY, James Davis (inf son of Deacon James W. MURRAY)
    MURRAY, Mrs. Mary (wife of Daniel MURRAY)
    OBGURN, J.D. (wife of MaryE. GLOVER)
    PHILPOT, Mrs. Theresa Mariah BENTLEY (husband of Dr. Philpot)
    RESPESS, Robert William (missionary son of Elder John R Respess)
    TENNISON, Elder James D. (husband of Simma Zinno HORTON)
    TURNER, Job (husband of Mary A. ROYAL)
    WOODALL, Sarah (wife of Clement Woodall)
    WYNN, Mrs. Temperance HUFF (wife of Harrison WYNN)

Fire Destroys Records

The fire occurred Thursday night, September 18, 1997 in the brick building located on Highway 137, west of Butler. Many county records had just been inventoried by Diane Renfro and moved there in preparation for microfilming.

Even the inventory list was lost in the fire, but some known burned were: 1964 Tax Digest (although a duplicate is in the Courthouse); Civil Dockets 1863 & 1868; Criminal Dockets 1870 & 1872; Complete Records 1910's; Book of Notaries 1930's; Generaly Exec Docket 1940's; Ledge 1890's. The oldest known records were from 1838.

After the fire the books and loose records were very wet. A freezer truck was rented and all records were frozen to prevent further damage. The County sent 358 books to be cleaned on Oct 13, plus a stack of maps from the Soil Conservation Service.

In three years, tropical storm Alberto and courthouse fires in 1995/1996 put county records at risk.
This grant and matching funds from the county of $13,648 will provide a total of $21,648 for records inventory, processing and vital records program analysis and planning.
Winston Walker, Archivist, from Upson Co. will act as consultant.
Diane Renfroe. "Taylor Co. Tracer" May, 1997

Virginia Crilley.

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