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1832 Cherokee Country
Draw Area Burke County
Georgia Land Lottery
aka Georgia 1832 Gold Land Lottery
Format by Charles Barnum
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Draw Area Last Name First Name Middle or (Burke Co.)
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Allen A. Y.J.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Allen Sarah    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Almond John James  
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Almonds John James  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Anderson Elisha   orphans
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Applewhite John    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Atkinson Robert R.  
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Attaway Jesse    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Attaway,Jr David    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Ballard James    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ballard Mary    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ballard William B.  
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Barley Celia    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Barley John B.  
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Barrer Isaiah    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bass John    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Bates William C.  
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Bell Jordan   orphans
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Bennett William    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Berrien Thomas M.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bornett Joseph    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Boyed Elijah    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Boyt Benjamin    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Braxton David L.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brinson Jason    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Brock Benjamin   orphans
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brown Elizabeth    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Broxton William W.  
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bryan Ann    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bryant James B.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bryant Jane &Win. orphans
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Buckelew Joel    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Bulloch David M.  
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Burch John    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Burke Thomas S.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Burton David V.  
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Byne Henry    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Carruthers Samuel    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Carruthers Samuel    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Carter Isaiah    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Chance Jeremiah    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Chandler J.   5 orphans
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clark William    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clark William    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Coleman Jesse    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Coleman Jesse    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Coleman John    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Coleman Milley    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Collins Jacob    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Comoham Thomas    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Conyers Jehew    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Cook Arthur S.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cook Mary Ann orphan
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Cooper William    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Corken Drury    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cowart Azariah    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cox Seaborn    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Coxe Moses   orphans
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Coxe William   orphans
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Crews John    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Cross Aenon    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Cross Sardis E.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cumbaa Gordan M. orphan
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Davis Charity   orphans
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Davis Rhoda    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Davis Samuel    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis Thomas W. orphans
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Davis William W.  
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Dennis Lewis   orphans
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Dickey Patrick G.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dillard A. &S. orphans
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Drake Elias   orphans
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Dubose Sarah    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Duke Martha   orphan
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Duke Reuben    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Duke T.   orphans
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Duke T.   orphans
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dunn Ann H.  
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dye David O.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dye William    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Evans Jacob    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Famell Theresa    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Farmer James   orphans
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Farmer James    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Farmer Mary    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Farrow James H.  
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Finley John    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ford James    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Francis Thomas    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Fryer Alexander G.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Fulgem Hardy   orphans
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Ganas Benjamin    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Gardner Benjamin    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Garlick Juda    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Garlick Samuel   orphans
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Gilstrap Benjamin E.  
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Godbay Godbay   orphans
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Godbey Godbey   orphans
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Godbey James F.  
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Godby Drucilla    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Godby Stephen    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Godby,Sen. Henry    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Godfrey William   orphan
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Golding Isaiah    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gordon John    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Goulding Peter J. orphans
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Grant Daniel    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Greene Eliza    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Greenway John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Griffin George W.  
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Griffin Moses    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Griffin Stephen    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Grumbles George    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Grumbles George    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hall Joshua    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Hardwick James    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harvey Galphin   orphans
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hayman James    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hayman Stephen    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Heath Moses    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Hill John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hines John    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hines Mary T.  
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hines William    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Hodges Benajah    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holland Holland   orphans
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holland Joseph    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Holliday Dennis L.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Holliday Firney    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holliday Joseph   orphans
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Hughes Edward    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Humphrey William   orphans
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hurst Charles B. orphans
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hurst Hurst   3 orphans
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Hurst Willis    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Innman Jeremiah    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Irwin Elizabeth A. orphan
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jackson James   orphans
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Jeffers James D. orphan
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jeffers Jonathan    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jeffers William    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jenkins Samuel   orphans
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Jenkins Starling    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Johns Jonathan    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Jones Thomas   orphan
10th Dist, st Sec. Kees William   orphans
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Kersey Joseph    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Kidd Edward    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Kirkland Sion C.  
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Knight William W.S.  
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Lamb Mary    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Lambert John M.  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Landing John H.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Leverett Leverett   orphans
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Lewis Elbert    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Lewise Abel    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Lindsey Margaret   orphan
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Liptrot Jesse    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Lively Jesse H.  
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Lively Jessy H.  
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lively Lewis    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Long Elizabeth    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Lumpkin Philips    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lyons Benjamin F.  
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Magness Lely    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Magnor Willise    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Marsh Mulford    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Martin William    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Maynor Willise    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. McCollum Jordan    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. McCroan Eli    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Meadows Daniel    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Milton Charles    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Mingledorf John    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Mitchell John S.  
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Mobley Benjamin E.  
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Monroe,Sen. David    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Moore James    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Moxley Eli H.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Moxley Matthew M.  
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Moxley Matthew M.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mulford Thomas    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Murdock Henry ThomasJ.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Murphree James   orphans
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Murphree Malica    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Murphy Alexander    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Murray Dempsey    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Neyland Mary H.  
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Neyland William H.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Nicholas Andrew   orphans
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Nichols Henry    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Nosworthy Harris    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Oats John    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Oliver Benjamin    
10th Dist, st Sec. Owen John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Owens John    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Paris Francis   orphans
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Parmer Edmon    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Parsons Thomas A.  
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Patterson Robert J.  
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Pearce Britton L. orphans
10th Dist, st Sec. Peaterson Seaborn H.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Perkins John S.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pierce,Jr Thomas    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Prescott James    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Prescott Mary &Henry orphans
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Prescotte Benajah    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Pryor Edmund   orphan
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pryor Robert    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Red Dudley    
10th Dist, st Sec. Red Noah    
10th Dist, st Sec. Reddick John   orphan
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Reese Wesley W.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Reynolds James    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Reynolds,Jr William    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roberts James    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Roberts Jefferson    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roberts,Sen. William    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Robertson Turner    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Robertson William   orphans
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Robinson James    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roe Hilliard J.  
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Roe Joseph    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Royal Moses    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Royal William T.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Saxon Joshua    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Sconyers Elias    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Scott Andrew    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Seal John    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Sharp Bedy    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sharp Starkey J.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Sharpe Starkey J.  
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sheppard George F.  
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Skinner Jacob    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Skinner Jessey    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Skinner John R.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Skinner Uriah    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Skinner William    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Skinner,Jr Uriah    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Smith David    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith James B.  
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith John    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Spear Spear   4 orphans
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Spence Mary    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Stephens Hezekiah    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Stephens Sarah A. orphans
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Stephens Sarah    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Stewart Rutha    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Stocdale Nancy    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Strange John H.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Striner Celia    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sturges Rachael    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Sturges Samuel   orphans
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Suggs McKinley    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Summer Elizabeth    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Summer Summer   7 orphans
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sumner Holland    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tabb Edmund    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Tabb Sarah   orphan
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Tarver Etheldred    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Taylor Robert H.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tendall William B.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Thomas E.   orphans
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tilley George   orphans
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Tilley Joseph   orphans
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Tisdell William H.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Tower Allen    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Turner John    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Tutte Robert    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Urquhart William    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Vallotton Hugh    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Vann Seaborn J.  
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Vaughn,Jr John    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Walkins Elisha    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Walton Hugh    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Ward James    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Warnock Ella    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Warnock Simeon    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Watkins John    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. West Gibson    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. West Gibson    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Whitehead Elizabeth M.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Whitfield Bryant    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Whitfield Nancy    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Whitfield William   orphans
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Wiett Lewise    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wiggins Jesse    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Wimberley Isaac   orphan
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Woods Archibald    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Wright John   orphans