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1832 Cherokee Country
Draw Area Glynn County
Georgia Land Lottery
aka Georgia 1832 Gold Land Lottery
Submitted by Charles Barnum
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Draw Area Last Name First Name Middle or (Glynn Co.)
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Abbott Mary &Ann orphans
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Baisden McGregor    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Blue,Sen. Daniel    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Brooker Joseph L.  
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Button Walter    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Campbell Couthvy   orphan
127th Dist, 2nd Sec. Couper James H.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Covert Isaac    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cowper,Sen. John    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Delarouch Amie    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Demere Demere   5 orphans
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dix Gabriel    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Franklin,Jr John    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gould Horace B.  
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Higginbotham Sarah    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holland James    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Holmes Margaret   orphan
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. King Thomas Butler  
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lamb John    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Mitchell Joseph    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Nicolan Joseph    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Norman James L.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Palmer Martin    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Palmer Martin    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Patrick Joseph    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Payne Sarah    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Penton Thomas   orphan
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Pindarvis Richard L.  
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Poncil Michael    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ringgold Sarah    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Rump Jacob    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Scott Mary F. orphan
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Timmons Zachariah    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Turner Matthew    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Whitamore William   orphan