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1832 Cherokee Country
Draw Area Habersham County
Georgia Land Lottery
aka Georgia 1832 Gold Land Lottery
Submitted by Charles Barnum
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Draw Area Last Name First Name Middle or (Habersham Co.)
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Abernethy Buckner    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Adams George G.B.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Adams Nancy    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Adams,Sen. Henry    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Alexander Matthew    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Allen Carter    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Alley William C.  
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Anderson Anderson   orphans
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Anderson Aramanors    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Anderson James    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Anderson John    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Anderson Joshua    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Anderson Vilinda    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Arnold Whitlock    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Arnold Whitlock    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Arthur Matthew    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Ash Henry    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ashly Susannah    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Auders Wiley    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Ayers Baker    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Ayres Baker    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Baker Charles    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Baker Silas S.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Barkesdale Mary    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Barksdale John A.  
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Barlow David R.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Barnes John    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Barnes Solomon    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Barr Sidney    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Barton Willoby    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Bates Francis    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Bates Francis    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Beard Isaac    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Beard,Sen. James A.  
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Beaseley,Jr John    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Berry George    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Berry Little    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Berry Martin W.  
10th Dist,1st Sec. Bishop Wyley F.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Black Govy    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Black Mark    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Black Sampson    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Black Susannah    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Black Thomas    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Blair James    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Blair James    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Blythe George    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Blythe George    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Bole Hugh C.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Boling Martha    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Bowen Richard C.  
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bowen,Sen. Andrew    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Bowman William O.  
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Bowman William O.  
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Boyd John    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Bradford James    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brady Hiram    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Brady,Jr Enoch    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bramlet,Jr Enoch    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Branam James    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Branch George C.  
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Branham James    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Brewster James    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brock James R.  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brock James    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Brock John L.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brock Reuben    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Brock Reuben    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Brooks James    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Brooks William   orphan
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Brown Hugh    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Brown Hugh    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brown John Y.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brown Stokely M.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Brown,Jr A.    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Brown,Sen. Ambrose    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Bruce Abraham    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Bruice Aquilla    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Bruner Jacob    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Bryson Daniel H.  
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Buffington E. A. orphans
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bugg Anslen    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Bugg Robert C.  
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bullard Jonathan    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bullard Shadrack    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Buller M.   orphans
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Burgess Edward    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Burt Oliver S.  
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Byers James K.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Byers Joseph    
205th Dist, 2nd Sec. Byers Robert    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cain Benjamin    
6th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cain Elizabeth    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Candle Bennea    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cannon Byrd    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cannon Elizabeth    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cannup David    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cannup Thomas    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Cantrell Moses    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Carr Kintchen    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Carr William M.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Carroll James    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Carter John C.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Carver Henry.    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Catr Kinchen    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Cavender William    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Chalmer Samuel    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Chapman John    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Chastain Abner    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Chastain Benjamin F.  
6th Dist, 2nd Sec. Chastain John    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Chastain Joseph    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Chastain,Sen. Benjamin    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. chil. R. Brown  
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Chitwood Richard    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Chitwood William    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clark Benjamin B.  
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clark Thomas    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clay Green    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Clayton Balaam    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Cleveland William    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Cochran William   orphans
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cochran,Sen. William    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Cockran Hezekiah    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Coffey Lewis    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Coggin Richard    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Cole Henry    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Coley John    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Colley James    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Collins John D.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Collins Nathan    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Collum David M.  
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Conner John    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cornwall Martin    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Countryman Elias M.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Cox Eli    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Cox John    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cox Mordecai    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Craven Isaac N.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Craven Thomas W.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Crawford George W.  
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cronan James S.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Crow John    
135th Dist, 2nd Sec. Crumby John    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Crumby John    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Crumby Thomas    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Davidson James    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Davidson Solomon    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Davis Elisha K.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis Jonathan    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Davis Milton    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis Thomas    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis,Sen. John    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dean Robert    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dean,Sen. John    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Defoor Andrew    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Denman Johnson W.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Denmer James    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Denmon Blake    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Densmore Abner Y.  
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Densmore Samuel    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Desheroon Samuel    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Dickinson Jane   orphan
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Dickinson Martin    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Dickson Enoch    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dickson Martin    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Diele Jacob    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dobson Henry    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dodd Lemuel    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dokens Alfred    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Dolton George    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Dooley William    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dorset' Andrew    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Duncan,Sen. James    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Dunn John M.  
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Echols,Jr John    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Ed Thomas    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Edge Ezekel    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Edge Pinkney H.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Edge Thomas    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Edge Thomas    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Edge William    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Edmundson John T.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Edwards Enoch    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Edwards William    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Eliiott Eben T.  
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Elliot Samuel N.  
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Elliott Larkin M. orphans
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Elliott William W.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Ellison William    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Elrod Newberry    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. England Margaret    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. England Martin    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Eperson Thompson    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Etris Henry    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Etris Samuel    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Evett John    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Fain,Sen. Ebenezer    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Farmer Jacob    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Fergurson Hugh    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Fields Aaron T. orphan
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Fields Robert M.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Finley Hezekiah    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Fisher John    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Flannigin Thomas    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Flowers Peter    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Ford Merick H.  
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Forester William    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Forester Williamson    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Forties Jarkin &Tabitha orphans
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Free Simeon    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Free Timothy    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Freeman Barney L.  
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Freeman Jacob    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Freeman Needham    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Gaddis,Sen. Archibald    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Galey Andrew    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gamell Stephen A.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Gathwright Miles F.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gentry Cornelius    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Glaze Jacob    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Glaze John    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Goode Noah    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Goodson Goodson   4 orphans
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Goodson Jacob    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Gordon Thomas F.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Goss Riley    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Graham James    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Grant Thomas J.  
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Greenwood Cary    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Griffin Leonard V.  
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Grindle James    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Grizzle John    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gullett Mary    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gurley John    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hagains James    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Haines John L.  
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hamright Lawson B.  
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hamright Lawson B.  
10th Dist,1st Sec. Hamwick Landoni    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hancock Isam    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hancock Isam    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hancock James    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Hancock William C.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Handy Nathaniel    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harbin Thomas    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Harkins John    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harper Hiram M.  
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harper John J.  
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Harper John    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Harper Thomas    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Harper Wm. M.  
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Harshaw Moses    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Haye Mary    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Haynee Stephen    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Haynes Henry    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Heath John    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Helton Jacob    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Henderson James    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hendricks John J.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Herndon Jacob    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Herndon Jacob    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Herrin,Jr John    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Herrin,Sen. Thom    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Herron Seaborn J.  
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hicks Alfred    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Hicks Alfred    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Hicks Jonathan    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Higgins John J.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Highfill,Jr Hanson    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hill Robertson    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hobbs Margary    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Hodge James    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hodges James    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holcomb Anson    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Holcomb Charles L.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Holcomb Sherwood    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Holcomb Theophilus    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Holden James    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Holden Joseph    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hollingsworth A.   orphans
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Holmes Gideon V.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Holt Ausbern    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Hood William    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Horseley Theophilus T.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Horton Abraham    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Horton Samuel    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Horton,Jr Charles    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Horton,Sen. Charles    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Hudgins James    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Hudgins John    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Hudgins John    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Hudgins Philip    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hughes Goodman    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Hughes John W.  
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hughs Willis    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Hunt Helm    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Hunt James    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hunt Thomas    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hunt Thorns    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hunter Moses    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Ivens John    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Ivie Willis R.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Ivins John    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jackson Brinkley    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jackson Jehit    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jackson Levi    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jackson William    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jackson,Sen. William    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jarrad Thomas W.  
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jarrard Josiah    
78th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jeffreys Drewry    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Johnson David    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jones Lewis    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jones William    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Jordan Reuben    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Jordin John O.  
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Kaykendall Alexander    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Keele William    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kendall James Key  
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Kendall Jas. Key  
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kendall,Sen. Jesse Key  
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kennamore David    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Kensey Mary    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kensey,Sen. Peter    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kiker Benjamin    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. King John    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Kinkle George    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kinsay Roland    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kinsey Thomas    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Lamaster James R.  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Lamaster Ralph    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lawless John    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Lawrence Rhoda    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Ledford Curtis    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Leonard Wilkes T.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Link Moses    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Little Lard    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Litton John    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Lovelady Abner    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Lowe Abner   orphans
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Lowrey Nathan    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Maloy Jane    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Martin Absalom    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Maxwell James    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Maztin Absolem    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. McCanless John    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. McCanless William R.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. McCollnm William    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. McCollum Daniel    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. McCollum Harvey    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. McCollum Joab    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. McCollum William    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. McCoy Daniel S.  
19th Dist, 4th Sec. McCravey Ezekiel    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. McFarlan William    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. McGaher Josiah    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. McIntire,Sen. John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. McKinnee William   orphan
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. McMillian Drury    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. McMillian Henry    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. McMin,Jr Robert    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. McMinn Jane    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. McMinn Jesse    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Meeler William    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Merdock A. H. 2 orphans
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Merritt James    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Miles Thomas    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mincey,Sen. Aaron    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. minors Uriah Minter  
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Montgomery Hugh    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Moore Robert W.P.  
10th Dist,1st Sec. Morris Andrew M.  
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Morris Gabriel    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Morris Groves    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Morris John    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Morris Temple    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Morris Temple    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Moseley Garland    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Moseley Garland    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Moseley Theophilus    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Mott William    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Mouldin Jeremiah    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mulkey James C.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Mullens William    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mullinax A.   2 orphans
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Nablet John    
56th Dist, 2nd Sec. Nichells Thomas    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Nicholson Joshua    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Nunley Reuben    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. O'Kelley John P.  
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Owdonis J.   orphans
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Owens Elijah    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Owens Owen    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Oxford Jacob    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Oxford Jacob    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Palmer Aaron    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Palmore,Jr Solomon    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Paris Jane    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Park Richard M. orphans
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Parker Squire    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Parker William    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Patterson Hiram    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Pattison John    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Paxton Milton    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Paxton Milton    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Pearce James J.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pearson Evan    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pelpy John    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pence Elizabeth    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Perkins Hiram B.  
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Perry Philip    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Petterjohn Abraham    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Pilgrim Michael    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pitchford Lewis    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Pluute Jason    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Poe Thomas W.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Popham Emeriah    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Popham John    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Potts David    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Potts Hiram    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Potts John    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Potts John    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Powell Abraham    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Powell Ranson   orphans
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Powell Richard L.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Prince James    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Prince John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Procton Richard    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Purcell,Sen. John    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Purdon George H.  
6th Dist, 2nd Sec. Quillian Henry K.  
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Quillion Henry K.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Raper Delilah    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Raper Henry    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Reddew James    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Reddew James    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Reed Toliver    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Richards John    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Richardson Jesse    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Rider,Jr Christopher    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roach John    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Roads Josephas    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Robberson John    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Robertson Andrew    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Robertson David    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Robertson Sutherland W.  
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Rolston Edward S.  
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roman Peter   orphans
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Russell Benjamin J.  
193rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Russell James J.  
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Russell Miles B.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Russell Perry G.  
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sanford Jesse    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Saterfiold Edward H.  
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Satterfield Arthur    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Satterfield James A.  
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Satterfield Larkin    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Satterfield Theaford    
214th Dist, 2nd Sec. Saunders John C.  
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Scalf Joseph    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Scalf Martin    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Seabolt Abraham    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Seabolt Solomon    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sealf Lewis    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Sergeant John    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Sewell Christopher    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Sharley John    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Shelton Ephraim    
218th Dist, 2nd Sec. Sherby Charles S.  
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Sherley Abraham    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Shipman Wilson    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Shoffut Polly   children
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Silton William    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Simmermon Jacob    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Sisk Elijah    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Sisk,Jr Gabriel    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Sisson David    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Sisson Richard    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Six William Kinsey orphans
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Slaten George    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Smart Daniel    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith Archibald    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith Elijah    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith Elijah    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith Elijah    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith Giddien    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith Larkin    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith Rev. PatinP.  
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith Sarah    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith,Jr Gideon H.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith,Jr Jesse    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith,Sen. Alexander    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Snelgrems Gasaway    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Snellgrove Eliz.   orphan
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Southerland Daniel    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Sparlin Hugh    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Spears Hezekiah    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Speers John    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Spurlin Hugh    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Standridge Samuel    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Starr John H.  
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Starrell James    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Stephens Allen    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Stewart Milly   orphan
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Sullivin James   orphan
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Sumervill James    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sutherland John   orphans
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Sutherland Mallindy    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Sutherland Martha    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Sutton Joshua    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Tankesley Charles    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tary Lewis    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Tate Jonathan    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tate Perryman Mackey  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Tate William    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Taylor Abner F.  
170th Dist, 2nd Sec. Taylor Abner F.  
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Taylor Abner    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Taylor Spencer    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Taylor,Jr George    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Taylor,Jr Jer.    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Thomas Christian    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Thomas George   orphans
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Thomas Hannah    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Thompson Anna    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Thompson Asa   4 orphans
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Thompson Jethro    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Thompson Lydia    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Thompson William    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Thompson William    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tilley Burgis   orphans
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Tipton William L.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Tomlin Isaac    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Turner Elias    
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Turner Henry    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Turner Hiram    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Turner Robert    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Vanhorn Philip    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Vichey,Sen. Samson    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Vickry,Jr. Sampson    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wade Henry    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Wafford Benjamin C.  
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Waldrup Joseph    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Walker Hardage    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Walker Joseph    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Walker Joseph    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Wannack Jesse    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Ward Mary    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Ward Richard   orphans
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ward Solomon    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ward William    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Warmack Jesse    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Warren Charles    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Warren Charles    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Waters Clement    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Waterson George    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Watkins Beverly    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Watkins Elias    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Watson Elizabeth    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Watson Robert    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Watters Sebastion    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Watts Levi    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Weaver John L.  
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Webb Jonathan    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Weems,Sen. John    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wells Sally    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. West Jepthah    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Westmant Nicholas    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Westmoreland Ribeas    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Wheeler Charles    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wheeler John    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Wheeler John    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. White Luke    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Whitemore Hugh T.  
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Whitfield Ray    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Whitham Nicholas    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Wilkinson Mary    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Williams Absolem    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Alexander    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Benajah    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Williams Benjamin F.  
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Crawford B.  
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Williams Crawford B.  
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Williams Edward    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Isaac    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Williams James    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams John    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Williams Leroy    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Williams,Sen. Sol.    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams,Sen. Sol.    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Wilson George    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wilson George    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Winters Paley    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Wofford John    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Wood John S.  
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wood John   orphans
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Wood Nancy    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Worley Silas    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Worley William    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Worley,Sen. Pleasant    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Worley,Sen. Pleasant    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Worly James H.  
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Worly Silas J.  
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Worsham John S.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wosham John S.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wosham John S.  
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Yarbrough Elizabeth    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Yarbrough Isaac    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Yarewood Birde    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Yates Presly    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Yearwood Jerry    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Young Daniel    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Young Lanson    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Young Philip    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Zarraw David