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1832 Cherokee Country
Draw Area Harris County
Georgia Land Lottery
aka Georgia 1832 Gold Land Lottery
Submitted by Charles Barnum
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Draw Area Last Name First Name Middle or (Harris Co.)
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Adcock Anderson W.  
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Adcock John    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Alexander James M.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Armor Richard W.  
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Bachelder Josiah W.  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Baird John L.  
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Barker William    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Barron Thomas    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Barrow Haywood    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bass Edward   orphans
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Bassett,Sen. Richard    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Baxley Job   orphans
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Beddell Pendleton T.  
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Berry Jesse    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Bibbv Nathaniel    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Bidell Absalom    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Blackman Burrel    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Blackman William    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Blakey Churchili    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Booth William S.  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bradford Reuben W.  
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brantley Larkin    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bray Thomas H.  
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Brown,Jr Ezekiel    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Brown,Jr Ezekiel    
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Bruce Spencer    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Bruiser Sheriff    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Bunn Marcus L.  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Burkhalter Jeremiah R.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cadenhead John    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Campbell Griffith    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Canaday James    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Cato James W.  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Chappell James G.  
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Chatham George K.  
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Clark Daniel M.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Clark John    
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Clay Samuel    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Cleveland Benjamin F.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Coleman Richard B.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Collier Richard   orphans
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Collins Eli    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Collins Joseph J.  
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Collins Riley    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Colton Anna M. orphan
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Cooper Joseph M.  
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Coothen Hiram    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Cotney James    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Croft Ralph    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Davidson John    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis Gabriel W.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Davis Jones    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Davis William C.  
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dennard Jared    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Dowdell James    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Downs Crawford    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Downs William J.  
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Duke,Sen. William    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Embry Joel    
122nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Fleming John A.  
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Fletcher John IT.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Fortson Richard    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Foster William    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Franklin Benjamin    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Frazier James W.  
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Fuller Arthur    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Fullwood William E.  
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gammill Benjamin    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gammill Jane    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gardner William    
5th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gernett Nancy D.  
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Gibbins John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gibson Sylvanus    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Gilbert Ezekiel    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gilbert Jourden    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Gilmore William M.  
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Glover Allen    
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Graham Peter    
9th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gray John C.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Green John    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Griffith John    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hadley Thomas    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hall James    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Hall Jonathan    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Hardridge Starland K.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Harris Jesse    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harris Jesse    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Harris John N.  
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Heard William    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Henry Kissa    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Herman Elizabeth    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Herren Abraham    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Herren Abraham    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hicks Frederic    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hicks Thomas    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hicks William    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hightower Thomas A.  
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Hill Robert    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hines Elias D.J.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hingson Richard    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Holland Robert R.  
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hollis James    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Holt Jesse    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hopkins Bedford    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Hopkins William    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Hopkins William    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Houston George W.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Houston John    
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Howard Solomon    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Hudson Mitchell G.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Huff Andrew    
26th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hunt Daniel H.  
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Ingraham Thomas    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Jackson Owen F.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Jarris Jesse    
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jenkins William    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Johnston William    
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jones Moses    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Jones Moses    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Jones Thomas    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jordan John C.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Jordan John D.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Jordan John    
15th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kelebrew William W.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Kenemore John C.P.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Kinks Levi   orphan
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Kinsey William    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Kirk Rebekah    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Langford George W.  
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Lasley Thomas    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lee Henry    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Linch Asa    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Lowe Henry H.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lyons David    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Manley Fleming    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Martin Thomas B.  
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Martin Thomas B.  
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Martindale Mary    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Massey Alston S.  
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Mathews Eliocnai    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Matthews Henry    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. McAfer Morgan W.  
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. McCain Hugh M.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. McCowen Mary    
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. McLeroy Nathan    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. McManus John    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Meaks Shadrick    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Miles Elijah    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Miller Jesse    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Mitchell William    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mobley Reuben R.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Morgan John    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Myrick William    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Narrimore Sylvester    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Nicks Joseph R.  
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Norris John M.  
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Norton Matthew    
23rd Dist, 2nd Sec. Nunn Samuel    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Oates Richard W.  
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Parham John    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Parham John    
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Park Moses    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Parker Reader   orphans
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Patterson P. W.  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Payne Elisha   orphans
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Peel Jonathan    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Pennington James    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Pipkins Jane   orphan
25th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pogue Azariah    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Ray,Sen. John    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Robinson Elizabeth    
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Robinson John    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Ross Mary    
23rd Dist, 3rd Sec. Rowls William    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Sanford James M.  
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Satterwhite David M.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Satterwhite James    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Scott James    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Shepherd Benjamin P.  
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Shepherd Benjamin P.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Shepherd William    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Sholars Lewis    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Simmons John    
8th Dist, 1st Sec. Smith Griffin    
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith John T.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith Samuel    
12th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith Thomas M.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith William D.  
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Sperger Reddle   orphans
7th Dist, 1st Sec. Stallings Sampson    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Stallings Samson    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Stedham Leanah    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Stewart Joshua    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Story Thomas    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sullivan James C.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Sullivan James C.  
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Taylor George M.  
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Taylor George    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Taylor William A.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Thedford Thomas    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Thomas Richard    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Thorne Hezekiah    
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Thornton Henry   orphans
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Thornton Henry   orphans
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Thornton John T.  
80th Dist, 2nd Sec. Thornton William    
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Tidwell Riley    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Todd James E.  
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Turner Stephen C.  
8th Dist, 4th Sec. Turvin Churchill    
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Venable Abraham L. orphan
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wade Jamey    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Walker Henry   orphans
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Walker Walker   orphans
19th Dist, 4th Sec. Wansley John    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Watson Gilbert    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Watson Thomas   orphans
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Watts William    
13th Dist, 4th Sec. Weldon Joseph    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. White Moses D.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Whitehead Elizabeth    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Whitehead Thomas    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Whitehead William    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Whitney Carleton    
14th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wilkison Reuben    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Benjamin    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams Bennett    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams George    
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Willingham Archibald    
128th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wilson Daniel    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Wynn Thomas H.  
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Zellner Mary